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The Sage of Glasgow

~ I - I Arrive in Glasgow ~ When I arrived in Glasgow town I knew nary a soul So tired I's nearly fallin' down Yet I'd no place to go I wandered up Buchanan street In hopes to find a bed Or e'en a simple mat o' hey On which to lay my head Lady Fortune must ha' smiled on me For as I ambled up the road An elf-like fellow waved me down, said pray come in And rest your load Upon our hearth awhile Abby, fetch some haddock stew! For this establishment is meant for weary Travelers such as you A dram'll do ye just fine Let us turn now to converse I am Seumas MacIntyre Ye'll no yet heard of me of course ~ II - I Become Acquainted With the Sage ~ My family's been in Glasgow Since Saint Mungo was a bairn My Da he was a boatwright 'Twas a trade he had me learn Aye but I's a restless lad An' struck out on my own For nigh on two and twenty years The wide world did I roam I've stown away in oxcarts and Dined with Turkish royalty I've climbed glaciers o'er in Canada And sailed the Indian sea When I returned to Scotland I'd learnt a thing or two Would ye hear my admonitions, lad? Pray, tell them to me true! ~ III - The Sage Imparts Wisdom (As Sages Do) ~ Well first ye see, there's Confidence Ye must look a man in the eye And keep your shoulders squarely back This today's in scant supply A man's friends are his family Wherever may he be Though brothers ye may sorely lack A true friend's as good to ye Lastly be not in a rush to Leave thy mark upon the age For only two, three, four score years Have ye wisdom 'nough to wage ~ IV - I Meet Bonny Abigail ~ 'Twas about this time a-night A ruddy girl with auburn hair Drew upon our table and Sat down 'side MacIntyre Now must you so prater on, She said patting his head I'm sure our guest is weary And longs but for his bed The words she spoke were kindly Yet she had no Scottish brogue Miss, are ye not from Glasgow then If I may be so bold? You're quite the perceptive one Replied Abigail Though I've lived in Scotland half my life From America I hail For when I was but a young girl Not more than ten and three My dear Papa, a whalin' man Was lost upon the sea Having never known my mother I'd then to make my way alone Whilst trav'lin' Seumas found me and Kindly took me to his home He's like a father to me hence And in his Inn I serve Though I've a mind to strike out again One day if I've the nerve ~ V - Revelry, and I Take My Leave ~ Aye, America lives in ye lass Spoke Seumas with a grin A fine proprietor ye'll one day make Of yer own New England Inn But the hour has grown late, my dears And to rest 'tis nearly time So let us toast one wee dram more And sing of auld lang syne We laughed and drank and drank and sang We merry travelers three And I thanked my Lord, such friends to meet Though we must soon part company On the morrow I set out again and Bid a fond farewell To the one true Sage of Glasgow and The lovely Abigail
Oct. 2, 2017

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2017

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Ten: A Dark Love Story

I travel in time twenty-five years
And see my lover in the passenger seat
Shifting currents gliding us toward
The tangled fates that we must meet

So many reasons why to go 
But I can't see beyond these walls of stone
The oceans between us only grow
And who we are truly can't be known

You hold out a tattered glove 
And remember the coming winter chill
I scratch out your name on the wall
And meekly accept my morning pill

I will send you a thought like a butterfly
That at least we're both still alive
You will chase it away with a whispering hand
The very moment it does arrive

August 27, 2016
For "Rock 'n Roll Rhyme Fest" poetry contest

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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The Ballad of Poor Henrietta

Dr. George Gey from Johns Hopkins Hospital
Was looking for cells that would be reproducible
Of their own accord for the benefit of medicine
And lo and behold one day found the perfect specimen
And how he acquired it didn't rattle his conscience
Because there weren't any rules then that governed the science
So he made them immortal or maybe God did that
Then he gave them to others who sold them for profit
And the cells multiplied and aided discovery
And they probably will help cure cancer one day

But where did they come from, the specimen's human?
Those cells were extracted from a mother, wife, woman
Poor Henrietta or maybe Loretta
Was a work-a-day lady who hailed from Virginia
She married her cousin and bore him five children
Then after the war steel work took them to Maryland 
One winter's day Hennie felt her womb knotted
"Hennie," said Day, "we should go to Johns Hopkins"
"Henrietta, you're pregnant but there's something else growing
And what's in your system for sure we're not knowing" 
So commencing the testing and treatment for cancers
But for all of the prodding came not any answers

At age thirty-one Henrietta died painful
And to her baby Deborah she'd be a guiding angel
So imagine her shock when she learned about HeLa
The cell line immortal that came from her mama
As reporters and charlatans flocked to their family
Some of them claimed they could gather owed money
But more than the money was the need to acknowledge
What their mother had given and pay her due homage

So bear with me now as I offer this paraphrase
Of the beautiful refrain that her headstone articulates:

In loving memory of phenomenal Hennie
A woman wife mother who touched the lives of many
Here lies HeLa her cells helping mankind eternally
As the Love forever to you from your family

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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Los Angeles, time unknown

City across the water, night by violet aurora
Los Angeles, we're further south than I thought (than we should be)
I take a strewn-bark trail to get a better view
Hand me the camera, Polaroids in quick succession (when is this?)
It's not quite capturing it, never the depth of field we need

Daybreak (remembering, there's no bay in LA)
Scores of Chinese workers emerge from pores in pagodas
Hauling, cleaning, young mean men, old pig-tailed women, children too small to see clearly
Faces are rusty, resolutely worn
I can zoom in but can't get there from here

Night again, back on the trail
A man appears from the palm brush behind
Could pass for a 1930s Okie hobo; faded salmon shirt, crushed felt hat
Something in his beard
He just wants to feel the lights and see the palms

Gunshots, on my side of the water
Okie flees, I hear whispers, overlapping
This is good stuff, though unnerving
I should be writing this down
Ushered from the scene, to somewhere I didn't expect to be

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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The giants appear 
When winter skies clear 
To combat the march 
The battle is here 
Bearing the lance 
As the drive to advance 
Through the war of the floor 
And of four takes their stance 
And only one thing 
To acquire the Ring 
Of the giant that triumphs 
And calls himself King

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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Mr Baseball

You've been comin' to me live since I was six years old
Part of almost every single summer that I've known 
You tell us when it's Miller Time and that was just a bit outside
For almost fifty years and one hell of a ride 

You must be sittin' in the front row
Thank you for bringing us along
We're all sittin' in the front row
Get up get up get outta here gone

Beer made this city famous and our team's named for it too
But neither one would be as much fun if it weren't for you
Come on out you boys and girls while there's still some daylight
We'll roll out the barrel and make some memories tonight


Some will say our pastime's day has been here and gone 
One hundred fifty years of history tells me that they're wrong
So sons and fathers, moms and daughters let's all raise our glass
And toast to Mr. Baseball and tell them to kiss our {EDIT}


Opening Day - March 29, 2018

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2018

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Prayer for a Telephone Lineman

Each day I climb a dozen poles 
Or venture into underground holes 
To run the lines that carry tones 
Of voices into people's phones 
Protect me Lord as I climb high 
The poles that reach into the sky 
And please, Lord, catch me should I fall 
But better that not happen at all! 
And as I crawl through dark, small spaces 
Don't let me get stuck in one of those places! 
And Lord, give me a sturdy truck, 
And trusty tolls and lots of luck 
Because my job isn't glamorous 
Or thrilling, hip or amorous 
But it can be fun, though kind of scary 
Which is why I need you to be wary 
And make sure I come home okay 
At the end of every day 
And as I run each telephone line, 
I'll thank you Lord, for making this job mine

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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Tiny black crabs climb Up and down my arms and waist As I drink the humid air And taste of the salt That the heron also knows When she snatches at the clams That lay at my feet, Reflect color of my face In shades of black, red and white
July 21, 2016.

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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Dark Room

I done tracked you down now
To where you hidin' out
I know you'll be comin' soon
Down the hall of this house

And when you do, when you do
I'll be here waitin' for you

I set out to catch you
And earn myself fame
But all your escapin' 
Been ruinin' my name

I chased you through mountains
Here to this dark room
Now in these shadows
You gon' meet your Lord soon

And when you do, when you do
He'll want answers from you

But that's 'tween you and Him
I'm just playin' my part
¿Quién es? ¿Quién es?
I'm a bullet in your heart

And when you die, as you do
They'll call me murderer, too

July 31, 2016

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016

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Emerging from darkness 
Vanquishing foes 
Marching to victory 
Standing as heroes 
Legends of History 
Lords of the Fall 
Kings of the Diamond 
Gods of Baseball

Copyright © Andrew Jung | Year Posted 2016