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Pecking its way out of the golden light
Songbirds arise non-feathered when they hatch
Feathered wings lift them high in upward flight
Crested larks lay colourful eggs that match 

Aeronautical flying birds in love
In the air, romancing like Valentines
Returning to where they were quite beloved
Where their hearts weren't always undermined

I know you do verily love the uplift
Even when your spirit flies to the bayside
Where imagination soars adrift
While I'm trekking on with my mighty hindsight

Bright light flies from the summits each morning
A reddish glow adorns those summits,  recording:


Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Generous One, My Life

Evoking the oak tree with a
Thank you for the stupendous day
So simple, yet, so profound
No need to do anything extraordinary

Because the universe resides simply
With White Wagtails residing in my mind
Your hands working like magic field birds
Warbling as you go

Let's create the countdown to amazing places together
Be my beloved even when your heart aches
Because we reside in the northern side of the divine
Mindset where simplicity prevails and entails 

All I couldn't do without you
Nobody's going to be like you
On the bright side of the night mind
Where starlight ignites your kindness

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Desiderata in Juxtaposition

Younger, brighter, and more luminous
Than before, in an evolutionary process of happiness
Knowing you, communicating with you
Just being there

Paradoxical life holds many juxtaposed nuances
Whereby the truth rests in between the parallel
Waves that flow out from the organic forms
Of human dance

Just knowing you in time and space
Heals the pain that intertwined with
The pleasurable waves 

When I dreamed of the future that would come
I hoped you would have lit the candle
By the time two chords would have been wound up
Into one colorful, twisting rope
On the day of our reunion

Desiderata, with her nuances,
Will have represented those desires that we all have,
Those of the wisely chosen love pangs,
Those of the spiritual chords that intertwine
Across space and time

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Kiosk Now

My infancy was the time for imagining your unique beauty
As the saprophyte danced in the magical fountain of ambiguity
You ingenuously stole my pulverized heart with your duality
Your ironware, I mean those muscles, were more than fruitful

Just like inner potency to inspire my spirit; they were my infinity
Because the dancing spirits obliquely touched me as I sat there in a tree
Dacoity imbued their roaming minds until they were ultimately free
And once I became as diametrical as the tides, I traveled across the sea

Let's take a kiosk to the dutiful trees that enchant me
Otherwise, the spirit within us will conically
Travel to an extraterritorial place which has yet to be freed
Like the uncombed hair of an angelic weeping willow tree

With its wild gamekeeper who keeps score of my latent thoughts
Such maundy ways will never cease to amaze me verily
It's better not to be complacent about the future that humans will face
An annuitant flower bud will grow and expand our shared, ancient garden 

Such flowers will invoke the threader in our imaginative minds
Your skin silkily makes everything resolve itself for me so that I finally smile
And you make peace with the challenges that prevail all the while
Because you're the one I love, the one whom I'd not beguile.

Your name evokes perfection
All the while, my beloved connection

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Kisses by Sunbeams

Earthly, floral morn
Sunlight's breath expands outward
Angels kiss sunbeams

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Leap Year Beckons Women to Propose

The newest Leap Year beckons women to make a heartfelt move
while promising to be true to the soul and actions
I have knelt down because it's time that I propose to you, 
even impromptu, promising to say "I do" with Celtic words: Aoibhneas, Baile.
I love you for your distinct virtues. Please, do not misconstrue this vow that I now renew.

You're likely to be amazed by such words of praise coming from me
But you should know that I love you verily; I've reappraised the situation, 
And I'm all aglow when I think of the stargazed dream 
Such a marriage could set us free and raise our expectations, we who are Vikings!

If I don't take the chance to propose during our dance, four years will pass again with less romance; thus, it's best I write these words of confession to you with my own pen rather than to keep them suppressed, all the while, 
Promising that my vow will be acknowledged by God above who blesses our love, still expressed while un-professed 

My mind reaches out to you, boundlessly and timelessly, no matter what you say or do, thereunto, without any borders to keep my love away; I invite your imagination to fly with thoughts of the magnificent adulation and how I'll reveal my heart to you, going on a mountain rendezvous, with vegetables overgrown in your garden where they thrived,

Undervalued for such a long time while nature embraced you in a breakthrough,
Growth arose with the sound of bells nearby--chiming, dancing, and chanting in rhythm, the mountains, all the time, dipping into the valley to meet you in peace.

This year will be Leap Year, it's true, and all I want to do
Is marry you. No more, no less, only to achieve heartfelt happiness.
I'll view you through the misconstrued residue of my own true love.

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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The Miracle of Your Sweetness in Seedlings

Tranquility from your eyes, so golden
Panoramas in orange with violet clouds
Those magnificent dreams still unfolding
Secrets fill the skies with spirits aroused

While the mountains embrace the green valley
Your softness and sweetness evoke my thirst
You snuggled up in my arms with many 
Thoughts that the love birds do verily perch 

Mindfulness is wrapped in your kind nature
Lovable hugs that you give away free 
Like a white flower blossom in nature
When your hands work at liberating me

In our center circle, we play our parts
We're seedlings gathering our sunny hearts

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Transformation in Northern Italy

Joy's living everywhere with high stature while
Angels peek down from their graceful cathedrals
From their nests in this homeland so graceful

Where angels have their own legislature
Together with the flowers that shed their magic petals
Life's dancing everywhere in green rapture

I see Monte Rosa with her pink features
As an imagined woodland, gleeful, yet, unsettled
A monument to God's hand so plentiful

From the view of those heights I'll be nurtured
With the snow-kissed mountains nourishing the soul
Our hearts are blessed joyfully by nature

Those northern trees, reserved but grateful
Bestowing graciousness, even in upheavals
I'm going home to that land now nestled 

Restful, where I feel snuggled by nature
With some delicious golden, Italian rice and grapes
My mind dances everywhere with rapture in its hands
With grand dreams in this land so blissful

The clouds kiss the peaks
Woodland trails remain restless
While sun sprinkles happiness

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Resonance Through Time

I wonder if those same bells still ring each day
Or whether they have ceased to play. 
When I was young, similar bells chimed
From the church not far down the hill
Only a block away.
It is doubtful they would chime nowadays
More than once or twice each day,
No longer upon the hour.

Will the bells continue to ring across the globe?
Will I have absorbed their vibrations from
The passage of time right after
I will have been meeting you in the dandelions?

Bells possess resonance
They are symbols
They're ringing somewhere now
I've appreciated the sound of them
I've continuously enjoyed their chatter
Music is emanating from bells
They've been changing my world, 
Keeping this young mind entertained

Bells stimulated our brains
Bells were creators of waves
That were changing the quality of life
After we had accepted them
We had been living our lives in wondrous
Ignorance of the rhythmical sounds of nature
That will fill our spirits until we will be longing for more
The chimes will have sounded by noon, 
A few hours after they will have been finalizing
The wishes of our ancestors.

To partake in the absorption of bell sounds
Invites our playful spirits 
To return to childhood once again with
The ancestors who are now in the wind
Their gentleness forever ascending
Their love unending

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016

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Sailing in the Alpine Breeze

Early morning seedlings
The thoughts of a new day
Sprout from my mind
And travel up your way
In northern Italy
By train, by plane, by mail,
By digital rails
My spirit to you sails
And my heart for you prevails
Completely unveiled
Forever in the gale
That ebbs and flows aloft
These alpine mountaintops

February 2016, by Laura Gail Sweeney
b. Asheville, NC, USA

Copyright © Laura G Sweeney | Year Posted 2016