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Thank's Soupland

Sunday morning coffee
attracted to this screen
soupland is my toffee
my java needs no cream

Where we all chew on our pencil's
our pen's no longer quill's
we hack this keyboard wonder
exciting mental thrill's

We read eachothers thought's
emotions never drought
constant rain,a train of verse
I find myself immersed

Sharing our complaints and want's
but never do we point or taunt
we may occasion disagree
but that's what makes you,you,

Freedom of expression
with a touch of cool discretion
allows this site for us to write
feeling neither wrong nor right

I enjoy my time spent sharing
even if it might be much
but if I might be daring
on subject's lightly touched

So to all my friends at soupland
I say thank you,extended hand
a place where we grow together
and weather this world's whatever's......

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2007

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Fantasizing a little one on one

There's a certain somebody out there
i'd rather not name......
showed a little interest , at playing a game ,
she's bold in her talent's ,
say's she'll put me to shame....
such big talk , from such a tiny frame....
smiling inside , being challenged by this dame
a fine lady , no doubt , but game is not lame
you're quite the find  " BABY " , I'll give you your fame........
until then , i must warn you , this game won't be tame !!!!!

                        { ciao bella }

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2007

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A rose is not just a rose...

In morning's glory forms a dew
upon petals sweet,opened bloom
previous nights fevered mist
now greet the sun's golden kiss

Symbol of love rose's flower
from deep within' feelings shower
every hour of every day
we make it happen in every way...

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2007

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Infinity and I...

Infinity,an ongoing paradox
there is no end,without a beginning,
no center without circumference,
primordial matter the ancient ylem
or...are we and the other orbs,just
ganglions in the almighty universal mind?
light charged signals of transmission
transient thoughts with a purpose,
...maybe a supernova isn't the end,
could be the spark of a new idea
radiant particles splashing 
the fabric of space,like
an artist would on blank canvas...

Infinity...whispers to me,
as I gaze continuously,and says
"the depths of you,is as deep as I..."

and with a sigh...I wonder,
will I ever be able to touch such depths...

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2010

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U-R the calm to my storm...

Unrest is the tempestous,
world seems out of favor...
malignant beseem the superflous,
sour,ill-tempered neighbors...
The grass is always greener,
at your side of our choosing...
you've made me a believer,
love's hallmark unites fusing...
You are,
The soft to my hard
a sheath for my sword,
like whisperings of a bard
you are the calm to my storm....

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2008

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What did we know...

We were so young,way back when
barely out of the arm's of love
our sense's rushing madly again and again
running feverishly,into eachother's arm's because
we just knew we'd walk eachother through....

How naive we were,way back when
so unsure of ourselve's,
barely able to walk this life alone
yet,we believed we knew what love is
until our bodie's stopped talking

Probably should have learned to crawl
before we decided to walk,then maybe
we could have ran together
then maybe avoid the fall's....

The hurt and all the stinging pain
memorie's of a clumsy beginning
what we could'nt learn from eachother then
we sure helped eachother discover another

We may not be together now
to laugh and cry at what and how
another love seem's out of the question
but,what did we know of love,way back when....

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2007

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The Bloodstone

How would the world react,
too the verity of Al-'Alaq?

Would the unbelievers believe,
would the dissenters assent,
would combatants humble thyselves?

I've seen the bloodstone,
i've held it many times...
i've written about it...discreetly,
in a short series called,Laskrizon,
many have quested,many have questioned,
but,the one thing you cannot doubt,
once you behold it's wonderful uniqueness...

*sura 96

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2011

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Starcrossed Love Affair....

Path lost...starcrossed
on the wings of an albatross

Flying through such stormy weather
battle elements,but not together

Sun setting....upsetting
deprived of love they should be getting

Alone they walk on different oceans
stormy seas disrupting motion

Soulmates....never too late
two lovers fate as must they wait.... mind gets ahead of me
since you're the only one I see....

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2007

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Retort to the Devil...

They call you the fallen one,with short tuffted curls
the one responsible for the chaos in the world
you may be the cause,as we live the effect
but your time is near,as you continue to infect

Like an invisible predator,you prey on the weak
like a pride of lions,you pounce on the meek
false pride as it is,your rebellious tirades
the lamb shall arrive to expose your charade

You've enjoyed this sadomasochism way too much
mad puppeteer with an unseen touch
unconscionable,incorrigible,shameless you believe
disgraced by your own doing,from tricks up your sleeve

There are some whom believe,even you have a purpose
hard to conceive,as you delight being murderous
ravager of souls and the misled conscience 
fantasy and fallacy are amusements fictitious

But I...

Sheathed in light,resistant to your malice
filled to the brim like a holy chalice
illusory charms deflect from the scene
impermeable am I,to your vicious deeds...
how you conduct your kangaroo court......

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2010

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Just a Thoughtful thought

Congenial spirit,

Lavish me with overflowing waters,
...fill me with a love indefatigable
O' the bliss of feeling,never falters,
supersensual of the unexplainable...

Indwelleth understanding's tears of joy
like luminescent layers of a pearl,
gently clothed by an heavenly envoy of love to be,surreal.

Congenial spirit,
soothe me with angelic gentleness
eternal bliss with everlasting happiness...

Copyright © jay del fierro | Year Posted 2011