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For Andrea

In breath-taking elegance, the "Cinder Girl" walks
she was the moon once, but now a frightful dusk.

A grave message through "Fire and Ice"
mortals must learn to sacrifice.

pulsating everywhere, before the dawn of man
that is "How Poetry began."

darkness was adorned by moon-rays bright
"Come out and play, you creatures of Night."

The sun refused to shine, as evil shadows around them crept
That was the day, "When the Heaven and Earth wept."

...and thus she spins her endless tales
that spreads forth in the winds and dales.
A deluge of emotions mix and blend
creating miracles,I don't know to what end.
may almighty watch her from above
as she spreads her muse and love.

Copyright © Miraj Raha | Year Posted 2016

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Utopia - Silent One's challenge

It was the hour of their glory
harps tuned,they bravely stood strong
their path to salvation,cried for sacrifice
as a storm loomed,with their rhapsodic song.

Forced to live a life of misery
these calloused hands took many lives
but now the Lord smiles upon them
their last act, the sweet sacrifice.

A few yards away,the militia stands
eyes locked on the crowd of madmen
but the dulcet rhythm 'midst the battlefield
was slowly driving them insane.

The piano spoke, the violins yielded
their voices echoed deep in the winds
the ballad cried out an endearing felicity
washing the souls of those who have sinned.

“Together we stand this day
making a statement of love
let the men pull their triggers
our song will chastise our blood.

To Life we cry,with a broken voice
take up the gun,if you have no choice
as the muzzles flash, let the world see 
salvation is ours today,have no mercy."

And so the wind spread their voice
with the depth of sevenfold moons
silence pervaded this ruthless battlefield
bodies aflame,but hearts in swoon.

The passion of battle was burning among the soldiers
their gun spoke in mocking reply
bodies fell,but the song continued
for today, death is a barrier to deny.

With steely-eyed purpose and passion they sang
Harp and flute gave them ear to the call
Then the storm reached crescendo with the thunder of drums
crying, “This day The Rain must fall”.

Louder still,their voice resonated
with the torrent of the cleansing storm
the soldiers stopped in muted wonder
seeking penance,of some fashion or form.

Then miracle started evidently
as plethora of soldiers dropped their guns
retreating with guilt-driven madness
repenting of what they’d just done.

Rushing at the covey of souls
their hatred lasted one evanescent moment
and in the act of profoundest love
tears spoke out years lament.

the years of suffering have come to pass
enemies now have become friends
tears are transformed now from sorrow to joy
they did not know to what end.

They looked in idyllic gaze,eye upon eye
and readied themselves for to greet
the soldiers who joined in the Paradise song
their soul salvation complete.

The rain began its heavy downpour
and gave bloom to passionate life
In this glorious day,a brother hugs brother
his sin washed away with his strife.

The chrysalis broke to reveal the heart
of radiant men who forced the change
The sapphire sky now gifted a rainbow
the blessed talisman is now well within range.

Copyright © Miraj Raha | Year Posted 2016

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The Titanic that survived

It started it's journey with grace,
venturing into the ocean formed by
droplet of happiness,sorrow,good,evil,
love,wisdom,birth,death,to be ultimately
called by one single name,The Ocean of Life.
Packed with boarders who were beautiful poets,
this majestic Queen had one little difference,
the boarders were crew themselves,who with their
constant individual effort kept this vessel moving forward.
It was all going well,until in some unfortunate way,
petty differences proliferated almost amongst the entire crews,subliminally
perceiving themselves as boarders,they
forgot their true roles and unconsciously steered the
vessel into the perilous region of the iceberg.
The fateful day finally arrived,when the collision occurred,
the distress signal was about to be given,when
some brave crews proclaimed their intention to steer
this vessel to the nearest land,inspired by this act of
courage all the others joined in putting aside their
differences and somehow the vessel survived.
Still recovering from the effect of the collision,this
injured Queen is repaired by the same old crews and some
fresh energetic new ones,but suddenly the same old problems
have crawled out again,exploring the history of the past incident,
a lonely crew somehow notices them and decides to share his warning message.

Inspired by Sir Dementrios's excellent poem "In the name of God"
I would hate to see this pure poetic sanctuary be tainted by some petty wars among poets.Please poets cast aside your differences and inhale the scent of the heavenly breeze that flows in this place.

Copyright © Miraj Raha | Year Posted 2016

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A Prostitute's Tale

Her broken voice
Gathered the strength
To sing again, but tonight the
Rough winds restrict her effort.
Nor she could fly away to a faraway
Land, for her wings are severed too.
Bruised and defeated she lies perched
In the low branch of stolen freedom.
Yes, stolen it is, for whatever be her
Triumph in the past, she knows that she
Cannot escape her own shadow; a mocking
Rebuke of a proud arrogant bird.
In the past, her song would lighten up the
Glade as the dryads danced to the heavenly
Euphony she created, but the king of the jungle
Grew tired of her juvenile voice and instead
Forced her to sing songs that would summon
The wolves and hyenas, and so her song matured
Into a lustful cacophony that tattered the
Heart of the forest. She had choice then,
To fly away to another land, for she had
Wings, but Alas! She was also starting to
Enjoy her newly found freedom.
Then one night, after her song had finished,
The hungry king decided to feast on her
Little body to get whatever source of flesh
He can muster. She somehow survived  the attack,
And now she lies perched on the low branch
Bruised and defeated. She is the nightingale
Of the forest.

Copyright © Miraj Raha | Year Posted 2017

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Reasoning Sorrow

She'd been lately drawing dead trees,
on asking her the reason, she told
she's interested in its state of decay.
Dead on the inside, but still standing
firm like a silent guardian refusing to
submit to death.

Much like her, to be true
After 10 years of contemplation,
a fresh bud started sprouting
from her branches of hope.
But a cruel hand of fate
plucked it off her tender body.

...And now she stands dead
in the stillness of winter,
but yet she stands, tall and straight
braving the howling winds
and the cruel storms
as an epitome of determination
far beyond all expectations
after suffering an incongruent miscarriage
like a dead tree.

Copyright © Miraj Raha | Year Posted 2017

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Sunshine to an early Violet

O Winter, please cast your icy shadow
my violet will bloom with passion
let your onslaught freeze her body
when she dares her bold expression.

For my violet is hope's last dew
sturdy she clasps to her tenuous grasp 
and bloom she will till her breath commands
till death's requiem goes on a timeless lapse.

Stillness reigns on the frozen earth
but still my violet tames her pain
the icy breeze carries her poetry
whispering till I am renewed again.

My love for her is undying
Spring; and we will unite
violet on orange, will embrace
igniting hues on souls betide.

sorry for the quality, writing after a long time.

Copyright © Miraj Raha | Year Posted 2018