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Her breath catches with each infliction. Her pain their addiction. She wades water in a sea of strife. Her day, her tomorrow, her animosity toward life. She allows them passage only  to feel their sharp talons once again grab hold. Softly she cries love can not be bought bartered or sold. Bleeding from their pain she limps onward. Her heart broken down yet her gaze upward.  Hope remaining intact for you still hear her heart beat. Her destiny her future her fate has never been exact surely one day they shall all meet. So broken down, bleeding, and crying. Oh their stubborn blindness. Quietly you can hear her praying Father please save us.

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2017

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As his heart beats

As I lay listening to the steady thumping of his heart,
I can't even begin to explain how much he has become a part
Of me of my life of my heart
It began at the very start
My mind drifts away 
When we first met on that day
His eyes his smile his outspoken yet quiet way
God I love him what more can I say.

Time has passed altho still only a bit
My heart beats for him louder and doesn't quit
Sometimes my tummy still gets butterflies fluttering in it's pit.
I'll love him forever you can 
believe that .

I was so guarded so leary of feeling
My heart was on the mend but still only slowly healing
Little did I know it wouldn't be long and that heart he'd be stealing
My love would be showing brightly revealing

Tonight as we sit here in our home peaceful and content
The days roll by the happiest I've spent
No limbo no drama no one hell bent
Breathing deeply thinking how blessed I am that this is how my life went

After all my struggles and setbacks
The sleepless nights and all that my day lacked
I'd change nothing from this day back
For life wouldn't be the same my heart  would still be black

My days are now some of the best I've had
Even the ones that border on sad
I wake up each mornibg now happy and never mad
Life is will remain good to hell with  the bad

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2018

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Dense love

Days are slow nights so peaceful
The hate is leaving not quite as vengeful
The hurt remains as scars always do
Ur image fades the longer I go without seeing you
The apprehension of speaking what I use to feel
Is fading for you no longer seem real
Your love was smoke in space and time
Was never true and contained too much grime
Your lies altho they stung gave way to a lesson
That love so dense when gone is a blessing

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2019

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Some get cookies and milk

Twas the nite before and all through the house, everyone lustful even the mouse
I in my towel and her in a thong
No way in hell this night could go wrong 
Then out in barn there arose such a clatter
Boobs and nuts flying we went to see what was the matter
And what to our lustful eyes do we see
But eight naked women with a santa hat just for me
So sat down i did filled with such pride
If only on me they all wanted to ride
With a titty here and ass over there
My girl with her thong yea i didnt even care
So as i settled into what i believed was a dream
With a smile that was brighter than the brightest light beam
Now you wonder what could possibly happen to make this any better
Although i got harder she got wetter
Let me enlighten you for much to my dismay
The next instant i was bound and forced to watch them play
My dick rose quick i must admit
But not one came over and offered to sit
As i was fixin to complain in my most persuasive tone
I saw my girl and the toys she was being shown
Her eyes lit up and she made her choice
Next all i heard was an odd strange little voice
Next to my ear was whispered watch as she enjoys
Watch as we stretch her with those enormous toys
Then what in this fantasy dream of mine would happen
Those eight naked women were between her legs lappen
Stroke for stroke they each shared equally 
I came so fast yet they never even touched me
Finished with her they start to come my way again
 And Just as my luck would have it i chose to wake up right then
So now each christmas eve i close my eyes tight and fast
Thinking maybe the dream would return and i wouldnt cum so fast
Every christmas morning turns out sadly the same
I wake up still horny with no one to blame

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2016

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A Kiss from Heaven

Moments to remember come so fast
Memories hold them so they will last
I will tell you of my first special one
The birth of my first born son.
On this day bright and sunny
I woke up feeling kind of funny
It was time to have my bundle of joy
My very first, a baby boy
So on this day that would cause great pain
Happy tears flowed down like heated rain
Months on end I carried you inside of me
I promise it wasnt so very patiently
Although I felt you bump and bang
The day I first held you my heart sang
It wasn't anything I had felt before
I loved you straight to my very core
But you came out of me a dangerous blue
I held my breath thinking I had already lost you
Hating myself thinking I had failed
I watched devastated as your dads face paled
Then the heavens opened up and sang
Through the room your cry rang
That very moment that very breath
I knew how it felt to love someone to death.
I felt happiness take off an soar
No one could ever love you more

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2015

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Cancer to Blame

To have the greatest family ever known
After so many years you stand here alone.
You try to grieve and let go, after all life isnt forever
But each time the heart crumbles screaming "No never!"
Still years pass just the same
Ignoring the hurt, closure never came
Afraid to accept it and where thier memory may go
Alone and lost, not wanting vulnerablility to show.
Knowing each night as you look up at the stars above
They will forever be remembered because of your love.
You spend your nights and days hating the cancer that took them away
Someone finding a cure is all you pray
Wanting only to be back in the comfort of days gone so long
Hopelessly lost nowhere to turn nor to belong.
Yet one foot keeps being set in front of the other
I carry on regrettably missing the best brother, sister, and mother.

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2015

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Hidden New Blood

Hidden within the dark shadows of night
A dim flicker where once was a bright shining light.
Awaiting for someone who with curious intentions
Brings out desires too hot to mention

It seeps from within and the fire awakens 
The wind picks up its pace and the ground is shaken
All else leaves but two hearts pumping
The mind is lost, the body is humping

Each on a path to different ends
Where it leads all depends
One wanting to feel alive
The other only to survive.

Giving and taking what they desire
Soothing the struggles, igniting the fire
He leaves relieved and feeling quite right
She relaxes knowing all is ok for at least one more night.

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2015

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A Lustful Storm

He enters, she feels the tension, the heat,
Knowing eventually thier bodies must meet.
Both hearts start pumping,
Desire builds you can almost hear it thumping..
Both know that soon there will be no more waiting,
Closer comes the explosion from mating.
Her hands, her body tingles as he moves near,
the thunder rolls and the lightening bolts appear,

His body hard, rigid, blood running  hot
An intense storm growing in this very spot,
Her eyes gathering lustful clouds, her body giving off sparks
With hearts racing, thier bodies melting, heat keeps building til finally electicity arcs.
The explosion is swift almost bitter sweet,
Toes curling on both thier feet,
A kaleidoscope of color so immense.
Burden and stress no longer intense
Laying spent with chests heaving
Niether one looking forward to leaving
Comprehending only what thier bodies are feeling 
While passion and lust covers what they dont want revealing

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2015

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An Empty Soul

As the time creeps near
Hold back your fear 
Swallow that lump
Did you hear that bump? 

Creeping creeping creeping ever
so close
No one recognizes the danger, no one knows
A chill runs up your spine, fear 
Ice in the air as the wind blows

Barely holding strong, pushing down the scream
Solid darkness not a single sunray nor light beam
Knowing its so close you can taste its stink
Quickly over taken you no time to think

Fear collapses your legs, dead stops your feet
You know for sure this time its death that youre destin to meet
The lump in your throat impossible to swallow
Finally you lay yours eyes on those that will always remain completely hollow...

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2015

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As the journey flows

A burst of bright light
The kind that leaves an eternal glow
A path that feels quite right
Watch how fast i will go
An end within sight
The distance finally does show
To advance with out fright
Is impossible i know
But forward with all of my might
My advance will not slow
Never stopping the fight
That within me did grow
Because from this very night
My eyes cast upward never again will my chin hang low..

Copyright © Rose Henderson | Year Posted 2015