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The windows shiver
Under the heavy winds
Helpless the curtains fail
And the house is exposed
A table by the window
The cloth over it resists
But is defeated
And then the wood
Lies uncovered
The showers moisten 
All of the exterior and 
Despite the struggle 
Of the windows
Gradually enter
The house with force
The windows drip
Along the wall
The floor gets wet 
And so does the table that
Lies changed forever
Unable to move
Entirely wet
And happily naked.

Copyright © Mrunali Damania | Year Posted 2016

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Like There Was No Yesterday

An August Sunday afternoon
Clouds captured
The lands of the sky
Rain decided to reign
A loud sound was heard
Followed by silence
Fans froze
TVs fell asleep
Roads became rivers
Parks turned into ponds
High waters and low batteries
Nothing to do and
Nowhere to go
So she sat 
By a window alone
Gazing at a puddle 
And at an old man
his way through it
Evening fell and a knock
At the door was heard
Not a familiar sound
She draped a scarf
And opened the door
To see a familiar face
Not seen once
Since March
When they parted ways
Lips broke into 
A habitual smile
But questions peeped
Through her eyes
She offered him
A towel
His clothes from her cupboard 
And a cup of hot chocolate
They sat by the window 
And looked at the skies 
At the trees that swayed
And then at each other
Tears fell and 
were accompanied
By answers composed
Of not a single word
And they had
A conversation long overdue
Speaking entirely 
With eyes and hands
Lips so quiet 
That all was heard
The rain fell like it had
Nothing to hold back
The rain fell like there
Was no yesterday
She dropped the scarf
He drew the curtains
And at last they spoke
In the language of love
And told each other

Copyright © Mrunali Damania | Year Posted 2016

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It was quiet
So quite that she could hear
The beating of her heart;
The clock ticking in the next room;
The winds knocking at the windows;
The Arabian waves 
Rising, crashing and rising again.

And all of a sudden
There was a spring of sounds
The heavens opened their gates
And showered the lands with so much Love
That she could hear the earth 
Singing songs of joy
Ecstatic the air played the flute
Silent roofs transformed into drums
Droplets made little Tablas 
Out of all the pebbles they touched
And the mud filled with love
Smiled, jumped and danced 
With every single drop
All sight was art, all sound was music
Everything was in synchrony

And after that it was quiet again
So quiet that she could hear
The beating
of the heart
That was one and everywhere.

Copyright © Mrunali Damania | Year Posted 2016

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To my Bestfriend's Baby


My best friend's new-born baby,

One day you'd grow up 

And I would tell you

That the hypothetical you were mentioned and empathized with as we teased your mother while we were in college

That I jumped out of bed when your mother shared the best 'good news' in the history of good news

That I loved the way she would glow like the morning sun while she was both her and you

That your first photograph had me in tears that flow when the eyes do try to smile

That just the memory of your tiny, pink face is enough to light mine up like a firefly glowing in the dark

That I will, forever, be nicer-than-usual with people who have the same name as yours

And as you go through life you might forget all of what I might have to say

But promise me, my sweet little child, that you will always remember the one thing that goes without saying:

I love you.

-Aunt Mona

Copyright © Mrunali Damania | Year Posted 2018