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Wings struck in the cement

In the midst of detritus ,rubbles and silt,
dirth powder flaring along the wind,
lashings of cement neath the tin,
were drawn two fingerprints.

A red cap moved from pillar to post ,
Jumping and squeaking among log woods,
Streaching his arms and bending his limbs ,
Twirling his lips to make sounds of air wings.

Quick he ran from place to place,
Came down instant moving with some pace,
ran from the door towards window pane,
Forming a real superjet plane.

"Don't you disturb run from here"
said his mother daunting him with fear,
straight he went towards the fields near,
sat down crouching and shed a tear.

"Crash down my dreams,resolve my fate,
Labour like dad , carry family trade
No pen and diary , no future plane
Your absurd wisdom mom , will possess only a minage".

"She sent me to dad to help him then,
Again excited i got viewing a book and a pen,
Daily wages he scribbled unclear of words himself,
Quickly I wiped all thoughts and intent,
Knowledge is not acknowledged by my kin itself".

Copyright © Prerna Sharma | Year Posted 2015

Details | Prerna Sharma Poem

Girl Child

Cried she concealingly in her heart,
felt lone and heavy,
disconcerted she was from her graceless life ,
Waited for the support of someone's hand,
and his courteous voice.

Shoddy reason it was which her family verbalised,
downhearted she felt in her mundane life,
she burked her feelings and tried to take a breath,
But found it effete tto restrain her mind and flesh,
and died with the charge of annihilating oneself.

No one knew that her parents cursed her,
None knew how gravely her thrashing went on ,
Nobody knew that she was treated extrinsic,
Not any soul knew ,
That she was tormented so hard.

Her body was thrown into a stream nearby,
Not a proper burial was given to that innocent child,
and twenty two she was with a beautiful smile,
but was only tortured,
B'coz she was born as a 'Girl Child'.

Copyright © Prerna Sharma | Year Posted 2015