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the brave

Blood of the brave
More you grow, the more you seem to stay the same
See the time mows you and your aims feel the same.
Folks come and go; they don't seem to give a damn
You would sell your soul to not be the kid of shame.

Time passes and exhausts you, your soul is dying
You feel the burn of misery and your heart weeps
Your dreams are fading, yet you try
Somehow, to overcome pain and its whip…

And you live day to day
Search in vain a way
Between an unchanging past, a present of damages
And the hope of a better future, my Homage
Here comes the day.

Be my hero, the man who started from zero
To showing the way of not being a social zero
From the huts and the wood that forge you brain
None of your suffering will be in vain

Weave your dream nest and wait

Copyright © ibrahima diaby | Year Posted 2015

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Waking up with the demon digging your bowels
Imagining other marvels, your mind on a different level
Hit the streets with a system in discomfiture
Nose in the air as to flatter any future

People look around without seeing, eaten into by sins, remorse or even longing for a better being.
People got sores they can't heal, come across each other and can't feel.

I walk, ma mind away, and feel nothing
Nor the fresh air that I breathe, nor the fresh breezes from the beach,
I am digging a gap between my life and I, not even hearing the honking.

For I am dating with a siren
She’s sucking blood, killing my soul and drying my heart up
She extends my agony in silence

Depression is getting our life sucked up
Survival trauma,
Hatred, cost of living, pressure, consistency of need, incertitude, ignorance in all its bliss
Our life, a daily drama.......

Copyright © ibrahima diaby | Year Posted 2015

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Like when you raise a ship and be the first to feel its butt
You can so be the victim of the beast you took from huts
You’ve smiled, made love from time you flirted
 But now the eyes are open; he'll start t hurt
 Hurt you
Hurt your feelings
What you've been through
Hurt your spirit
Destroy your living
Shatter your life and everything that has a meaning
This is the meaning of good did in the world we live in
Grown men stand for what they believe in
Not walk along blinded by their feelings
Love is the shit, the bone to cause all this killings
Life is a stinking pit in which we swimming
So don’t be surprised of the stinking' shit you see happening'
So don’t catch a piteous glance when others are drowning'
Life’s that thing
life's anything but a golden casket
Though it's a thing

Copyright © ibrahima diaby | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ibrahima Diaby Poem

For the braves

Struggle is a rythme we dance to
Never be a pushover they run through
Rather be a protector they run to

You've got to be strong to move mountains
Be strong enough to worth something
Live will leave no handouts
Better snatch yours and run out.

Copyright © ibrahima diaby | Year Posted 2020