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Hey you

Hey you

Hey you, yes you standing there
Are you ashamed?
Are you afraid?
Do you even care?

Hey you, yes you, stop right there
I heard it all
I saw you there
Oh, how I wish I did not care

Hey you, yes you, don’t look over there
It’s you, you’re the one I’m talking to
You know me, yes you do
I sit above, high above your head.

I am your conscience
And as your conscience I cried
I cried for the barmaid that you had raped
I cried for the young girl you terribly insulted.

Hey you, yep I have your attention now
You see the barmaid, yes you have been reported
The young girl, hung herself last night
She died hanging on a rope.

Hey you, Yep now I have your attention
Do you care now?
Are you scared now?
Hey you, behind those bars, I am your conscience.

Lisa Duggan 17 August 2014.


Copyright © lisa duggan | Year Posted 2014

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Baptism, and the temptation of Jesus

Collaboration by Lisa, and Peter Duggan

Baptism, and temptation of Jesus

The Sun shone down on the river Jordan
As the Baptist John, stood there
He was a very holy man
Who spent his life in prayer
Today it was his day of days
The man from Galilee
He came he to that river Jordan
Our prophet then to see.

Our prophet John did baptize him
This Jesus, Gods own son
And as he came out of the water
And the deed it had been done
The sky did open up it seems
As the holy spirit came down
Like a dove the spirit came to him
And flew above the ground.

This voice from heaven spoke these words
“You are my own dear son
And I be so well pleased with thee
You be my own sweet one
And then that spirit bade lord Jesus
To go he to the desert
And there old Satan tested him
His power to assert.

Lord Jesus stayed there in this desert
Forty days and forty nights
He lived there with the wild beasts 
And all those angels bright
Took care of the holy son of God
Were with him all the way
And guided him through everything
Until the last long day.

Copyright © lisa duggan | Year Posted 2017

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Bang crash
hear that boom
wow, what could it be
It wasn't you, nor me

deafening screams
all around
no silence can be heard
no, know where to be found

people, chaos everywhere
blood and screaming
in the cold night air
my heart is racing

i look about
tears come to me
so many people in agony
im afraid, oh yes indeed

whats it like
is speed fun now
look around, take a look
the blood, the screams

i see your tears
they well up inside
sorry you say
so scared you are

six months on 
inside you're cell
one life broken 
to you its hell

Copyright © lisa duggan | Year Posted 2014

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When are you getting married
Why are you still there, at home
Don't you think its time
Time to toddle of you go

I hear those whispers, see those stares
look at her, she must be filled with such despair
look at her, she is all alone
Oh dear no, not a life they would call their own

Yes i hear you, all of you
Yes, i feel your judgements to
I see you staring, with pity in your eyes
You think you know, you don't know me

I am happy, oh yes i am 
Happiest i have ever been
My life, its where it needs to be
I am settled now, so happy and so free

Copyright © lisa duggan | Year Posted 2014