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To be of mind of eighteen years,
One does not expect to encounter fears.
Brazen, emboldened and headstrong,
You expect that nothing will go wrong.
It therefore is quite a shock,
When in your path you find a rock.
It cuts and bruises, and bothers you;
What to say, and what to do?
If at some time, your world falls down,
And from your head they seize the crown,
The best thing is to ignore advice,
And throw a tantrum not once but twice.
For never do we ever age:
We’re simply children from page to page.
And that is how it’s best to be;
Try new things to learn and see.

So there you have it, at eighteen years,
I have learnt to encounter fears.

Copyright © Molly Ross | Year Posted 2014

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The Sleeping Conscious

Awake and beating to the sound of the sky,
Through smoke the light rises,
Out and in the sound of vibrations,
Watching and listening from low, from high.

The darkness resonates around:
It follows and curves between and in,
It waits to see to start to begin.
Yet they are not in tune to the sound. 

Now you see that it has gone,
A time when all but one gets old;
Found then lost, the hearts will fold,
But now with you all is won.

The light drowns out all else but me,
The swirls dart and shadows flee.

Copyright © Molly Ross | Year Posted 2014