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Facebook Cliche

I'm here writing something again 

I know what your thinking, here he goes once more

Don't worry it isn't for your eyes it's for fame 

This status will have love and so much more in store

If only I can think straight on what to write 

I bet I will get more than one facebook like 

You will see where my true talents lie

Omg last night I posted a status and got this many comments

I was like loling till I hurt my stomach 

I've seen so many selfies that i'm even part of that trend 

So many pics of couples in love or so they pretend

After the pic they go their seperate ways 

We all go on to post another day  

This is just my take on facebook cliches

Copyright © Arvin Rivas | Year Posted 2014

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Not here to beg

If the past had something and it didn't work 
oh well, I made amends

I took it all in and spit it out I was never the one 
to blame 

The chances you had it was you that fail to see

Our eulogy has played out and it's now six feet
under a tree

I'm not here to beg 
I'm here to say that everything is dead

You say I left, keep thinking that and keep crying
in bed

When you awake push hard forward for the coffin
you made will be there instead

Thank you very much for your own dismay 

I hope you have lots of fun where you now 

Copyright © Arvin Rivas | Year Posted 2014

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The Present Is Now

The past seems like a blur 

I still can't believe i am still here

When I was young I thought my life was 
in minutes

Hours pasts and turned to years now i'm writing 
these lyrics

Everything is so different now, wow

I'm still surprise the present is now 

Life goes so fast but while i am here i am
going to make it last
The present is now 
The present is now

Copyright © Arvin Rivas | Year Posted 2014