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Tonight, my heart paces
My head pounds
Like I downed a cup of coffee
I know what's right, but it's hard to do
Tomorrow is the day
                                   And I'm only ten min's away

I so wish it were
A moving melting mirage
That I couldn't reach or catch
But I'm here now, I dunno how
Did I pause praying?                 
                                   Or did I stop studying?

'Twas while working your vineyard
I got trapped in this love yarn
Am I at fault for falling over? After all 
I asked you take them butterflies away
Nay, King of kings
                                   You gave 'em extra wings

Now my mouth blinks
My eyes mutter
I stutter
Rehearsing my parting lines
Tomorrow must come, ain't no doubt
                                    I wanna do right. I want out!

©Chidiogo Ibe Radiant~ August 2014

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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Dreamland- An African Woman's wish

I'm in my dreamland
I wish I don't wake

It's here you look at me
It's here your smile I see
It's here I get your hug
It's here I'm not a bug

Blissful romantic tune
Lost in lust, high in the moon
Love life like Mills and Boon
I'm so not waking up soon

I'm in my dreamland
If I dare wake

I'll be back to dreams and bleak
I'll be back to hide and seek
I'll be back to hate and dread
I'll be back to beg your bread

I'm still in my dreamland
But I'm wide awake

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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Just Me

Just Me

There's nothing like good music in lonely moments
There's nothing like good food in an empty stomach
There's nothing like cold water to a thirsty soul
Nor is any like a phone call from your best friend

There are moments I cherish 
Moments I won't trade or rubbish
Moments of laughter, 'gisting', playing, taking pictures with my good friends
Studio sessions, making my songs
Quiet times when I pour my heart to God
Bible study at 'Kingdom Word'

There are things that give me a broad smile
Watching the page view count on my blog rise
Having time to sleep during my call
Reading lovely comments on my wall
Meeting people of similar interests
Watching pictures and recalling good memories

Yet there are things that make me sad
Falling into the hands of a bad producer
Falling in love with someone I can't have

And yet some that irritate me
Seeing DP's that make pun of porn
Guys that don't know the meaning of 'No'
And touts that think they can have everything on skirt

©Ibe Chidiogo Radiant~ March 2014

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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Hand work vs head work

Your leathery hands
With hairs like a wolf's
And nails disfigured
Remind me of a figure
Like the dew of the morning
Is the sweat on your body
With a thick repelling perfume
Of salt water and fumes
Day in day out
Is your hustle and bustle
Your huddle and muddle
Aluta continua
Some sit in seats pressing keys
While the surly sun kisses your bald
They work with their heads
You work with your hands
And they spend not as much your brawn
They live in big mansions
You live in big cartons 
'Cause you've spent not as much their brain

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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Big Brother

Sometimes, I just need a brother
And not a lover

Me to clutch
But not to touch 

To cuddle
Not fondle

To lend an ear 
Not pet my rear

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

To get it off my chest
Not take off my vest

To kiss my cheek
Not peck my beak

To give me a nod
And not his rod

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

To let me lie in his arm
And not fall for his charm

To guard me from hoodlums
Not leave me with huge sums

To lead me to my bridegroom
Not lead me to his bedroom

Sometimes, I just need a big brother

©Ibe Chidiogo Radiant~ November 2014

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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Love In Unexpected Places

Like caramel in a lion's cadaver
Christ in Majesty born in a manger
Shekels in a shark's braces
There could be love in unexpected places

Ever feel like the shit in the mud
Trodden, sunken, swept by the flood
Now in sight, unsightly, causing smirks on smiling faces
There could be love in unexpected places

There could be love in unexpected places
Like treasure veiled in uninviting cases
Thunderous victories in unprepared races
And in gifts as teensy as tiny shoe laces

Some seek love in lemon Lamborghinis
Others in blue perfumed bedrooms
I found it in the pain and punctured palms
Of a marred and mangled man

©Radiant~ December 2014

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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Here I am
loafing away
like a king
on the roof
when princes
have gone to battle
petting his senses
on a naked eve's navel

I do no evil
though, but idleness is evil
I can't be there
'cause I have to work
But now I stare
at an empty chair
with no one to clerk
Lab coat
and steth'scope
taking coffee

My crew's performing
I'm here sulking,
angry at my joblessness
and restlessness
Even the rain is at work
catering, cleaning, making music
I sprawl on my table
like one that's lost a gamble

This is solitary confinement,
lockdown, detainment
Who knew today'd be like this?
So sickness takes public holidays

They go on stage
while I'm in this cage
The world applauds
I bow and nod

Who is taking my character? who's
replaced my role?
I need a counsellor, there's
war within my soul
Should I leave this silent bird
to go nurse a wailing whale?
To be or not to be
That is the question

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2015

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Dirty was I 

Everlasting grace 
Found me
Groping in the dark and
Healed me to see
I am saved! 
Jabbed at his side 
Kissed to his death
Lashed the thirty-nine 
Mocked and disgraced
Nailed with my sin
Obedient unto death
Pulled to the slaughter
Quiet all through
Redeeming me from death
Saying "it is finished"
Transferring me into life
Uncovering my eyes from the
Veil that blinded me
Washing my guilt away
Yes! Jesus saved me
Zion has plus one

©Chidiogo Ibe Radiant ~ March 2016

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2016

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We'll spoil everything

Keep your hands off my waist
And your lips far from mine
Please do not be in a haste
Wait until I am thine
Keep your feet when we dine
And your legs please don't swing
Take heed lest we are drunk on wine
If not, we'll spoil everything

Keep your neck at it's place
And your fingers by your side
Let your eyes not leave my gaze
To wander on my curves or tide
Keep our nose bridge long and wide
But that of our hearts so thin
May our heads not hearts decide
If not, we 'll spoil everything

Keep your mind unto our talk
'Specially when we're in the sand
Pick the public for our walk
Lest you are tempted when we stand
Let shakes not go past my hand
And hugs not too long for sin
To find good room to us disband 
If not, we'll spoil everything

Touch not
We can, after the ring
If not
We'll spoil everything

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014

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The Day Before Valentine

I remember those days at 
secondary school
Hopes piled up to a mountain
Girls behaving
Boys repenting
On those days
Girls dreamt
Boys didn't sleep
Everyone frenzied about the 
Waiting for surprises that 
began at noon night
While hearts raced
And minds walked
People laughed
And some fought
All for a blessed day
Coming tomorrow
For some, love; for some, 
Known as Valentine

Copyright © Chidiogo Ibe | Year Posted 2014