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My husband comes to me from beyond a curtain,
      His soul visits me, of that I am certain,
           For in a dream, I see his face,
       He comes to me only by God's grace.

          Albert has been dead for many a year,
 But soulmates aren't separated, that is quite clear,
          Neither time nor space can keep us apart,
           For we have been together from the very start.

           He came to me when I was near death,
           Only sheer will kept my Life's breath,
           He stood on a cloud, all fluffy and white,
           It would have been easy to join him that night.

       But something inside me made me scream "NO"!
       "My children still need me, I'm sure that you know,
        Losing you and then me, would be too big a blow,
         I'll be with you shortly, you know how time flows."

                      I loved that man, I miss him still,
                      He was so warm, always a thrill,
                       He was the "light" of my life and he still is,
                       I was his wife and will always be his.

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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Pastures lush and green,
Horses resting near the pond,
All the land at peace.

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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A Stranger at Twilight

He walked slowly by my house,
His face unshaven, expression cold,
It sent chills up my spine to look at him,
And then he turned and gazed at me with eyes so bold.

I wanted to run but I was frozen in place,
My fingers were tingly, my head spinning,
He came slowly up the walk, mouth grinning,
His face looked like a skull as he held up a case.

I could only stand and stare at him,
Wondering what would happen next,
Slowly he came up the steps, holding out his hand,
In those long fingers was a perfect, white rose-I thought I was hexed.

Then he spoke and I thought I would faint,
His voice was like music-melodic and sweet,
"I wanted you to have this was all that he said",
I never knew his name for he was back on the street.

I often wondered if I had seen an angel unaware.
Or if he had come in answer to a prayer,
One thing I know and this is for sure,
The rose that he gave me is still sitting here.

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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A calm fell over me as I arose from my birth,
A hush falls over the Earth,
As if God had, once more given birth to a new Universe.

I looked up and thought I saw, 
His bright smile reflected in the sun,
His angels were all dancing in glee,
Smiling and singing for you and  for me.

I felt His Presence,  oh! so near,
As if He was saying, "Oh my dears,
I love you so much I had to make,
New worlds for you to take".

And I thought, as His new day greeted me,
"What a kind and loving Father is He,
He greets us with a new World made from above,
 and all He wants in return, is our Love."

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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Doctor! Doctor! Come quickly-- please!
I'm afraid I have some kind of Dis--ease!
My head does ache, and I feel So cold---
But all I do is Scold! Scold!       SCOLD!!!

Doctor! Doctor! What shall I do??
Can you cure my feelings--oh, so blue??
For if this keeps up, I'm gonna get my gun--
And cure this ache so I can see the Sun! 

Doctor! Doctor! Save me PLEASE!
Make my body feel more at ease,
Use your shots or use those pills--
Do Something, Please! I'll  pay the bill! 

Doctor, My doctor!! I love you a Bunch--
But all you do is listen to me which means so Much!
A smile on your face, an expression so keen--
Sometimes I think you're just being Mean!

Then, all at once, you come sweetly to me-
You speak so warmly of love as it used to be-
You tell me how your love for me is so true,
Then there you go, humming and making me feel all New!

Oh doctor! My doctor! At last, at last!
The ache is gone!! Being married to you is such  a Real Blast!
All I can think about is being with-------YOU!!!

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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HUMPTY-DUMPTY(spoof on a nursery rhyme)

"Humpty-Dumpty sat on a wall"
Why would he want to do that?
I'm sure he didn't Want to fall,
Perhaps he was just looking for his cat.

"Humpty-Dumpty had a great fall"
The cat started looking for his master,
Meanwhile, our Humpty was trying to call,
But this only made the cat look faster.

"All the kings horses and all the kings men"
The cat stepped carefully toward his master, 
Humpty thought he was saved again,
But all it meant was a real disaster!

"Couldn't put Humpty-Dumpty together again.
The cat started to lick as it started to rain,
Humpty felt himself getting thinner and thinner,
As the cat had more and more of his dinner.

This is the story of our Humpty-the egghead,
Who fell off the wall and made a great splat,
He didn't know the fall would make him spread,
And make a great meal for his fat ole cat.

Poor ole Humpty-Dumpty !
 ENJOY everyone

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2007

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My Dad drove a big grocery truck,
An eighteen-wheeler it was,
It gave me a thrill just to look at that monster,
But to ride in it gave me a buzz.

Dad drove for the Kroger Grocery stores-
He drove all over the state,
Sometimes sixteen or eighteen hours a day
Just to give people the food which they ate.

I will always have a soft spot in my heart-
For the guys and gals who drive today,
They have to go to school for a start-
Then drive long hours for their pay.

My Dad was a very careful driver-
He only had one accident in sixteen years,
He had driven for fifteen hours with only two hours sleep-
Then dozed off at the wheel which was always something to fear

My Dad worked hard all of his life,
My respect for him grew and grew-
Then as I became older-I realized
What it really meant to be a truck-driver's daughter.

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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I Stand in Awe of Nature

The power and beauty of Nature fill my heart,
Sometimes, gazing at a mountain's grandeur make the tears spill,
Thunder and lightning at eventide, give me a thrill,
Yes, I stand in awe of Nature.

A bird's sleepy chirp at twilight makes me take notice
As I think of the hard life they lead, but still they're happy,
The clear, blue water of a lake gives me a glow,
Yes, I stand in awe of Nature.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes all speak of Her power--
Then I watch a horse  trotting around a track, and I think
"What raw power and yet what beauty we live with"
Yes, I stand in awe of Nature.

If you ever watch a sunset over Earth's waters,
Or listen to a tree whispering to another,
You can't help but feel the power And the love of our planet,
And, like me, you will stand in awe of Nature.


Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2008

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The Albino(HAIKU)

A horse of pure white,
Wild as a November storm,
Running with the wind.

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2006

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A man kicked my dog
A neighbor without a heart
God's law is his judge.

Copyright © Patricia Leonaitis | Year Posted 2008