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Best Poems Written by Welsonn Goh

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Th’ night sky dyed a berryblue hue,
Beneath th olive river blackening,
Her breath rich with grape nectar,
Her hair a nebula of lime & pumpkin.

Orange peels by th curbside,
Yellow pulp by th curbside,

Old Greek sidewalk lemonade.

Rose apples sitting with th china pear,
Sweet lust littering her secret ivy thoroughfare;

Moonlight pink upon her blushing bosom,
Th Universe in trapped in her ocular dew,
Cosmic sailors lost in her white coconut ocean,
Pleas forgotten as she raptured through. 

Lead her not to temptation,
For she has found it herself;

This is th Love Fruition.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2015

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Goodbye to Grandma

I stepped out into th Monday morning rain,
'Cause where else can she be,
But in th rain;
But on my skin.

I'm at ease,
I'm home,
Where my heart is.

She's at ease,
She's home,
Where her heart is.

Always will be,
Evermore with me.

My pain,
Like th rain,
Comes to a drizzle

But my love,
Like her love,
Goes on forever.

I look'd out into th Monday morning rain,
'Cause where else can I find myself-
But in th rain,
Under my skin;
I'm at ease.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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Paper People

Hills crowd close yonder, 
My cries echo back & forth-
Th' void in my heart.

Blameless Sunday night,
Punished nonetheless: by your
Selfish Monday gloom.

Love does not live here,
Not anymore; ever since
We became brothels.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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Winter's Blood

Nature's dust,
Caking softly white
Silver rust,
Upon globes of grapes. 
Wit' her moon powder, of
Autumn's gift:
Her purple sugar.
Aching heart!
Poison'd blue & red,
Nature's blood,
Seal'd in winter's grape.

Hide away here her endless vine,
Her infinite potion of crimson wine.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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Your Moment to Keep: Your Courage to Hope

Restless morning rush,
   A sour hurry to wait for
   Th day be over.

A treasure by day,
Trash'd after six-thirty news:
Pink lottery ticket.

Drifting dinner thoughts, 
Plenty done & said-- none felt.
    "O th morrow's madness"!

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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My Miracle:

What am I,
But falling leaves, in
Autumn's rust,
And all that has passed?

I am here,
Born again,
Of shrivelled gardens-

Wellborn lives,
Of numberless worlds,
Noble deaths,
Through eternal time.

Ere seasons,
Before summer; before spring,
White silence, 
I have been.

Why I am,
But to vent their love,
Their goodbyes, 
Hello again, Life!

Every flitter,
Every blossom,
Every dive,
Every motion.

Every scrabble,
Every cry,
Every struggle,
Every fight,


Every breath, 
Every life,
& every fair death.

All that I wasn't;
To become all that I am,
Just to say thanks.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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Warmth of Feeling

Fair lady be not austere,
Adorn thyself with rich dressings,
Take care thy salad days gone afore,
Where thou ballet with twist and zealing.
Mayhap just one, i should hope,
Oft would burst forth such soft light,
Basking in such besottedness, par amour.
Salvaged from th' ravages of thy plight.
Lackaday, too many held too frail,
Now no more to nurse and thrill.
Ifsoever thy come forth willing,
Come prepared not, come undone,
Revel in this warmth of feeling,
For th' good of lovers; prithee, just one.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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Green Thoughts

I am a spaceman,
Sailing through th wasteland, 
Litter'd with plastic stars,
Bitter'd by silver dust.

I am a cosmonaut,
Swimming across th cosmic sea,
Life anchor'd by a breathing rock,
Set silent, timeless & free.

I am in a magical place, 
Dreaming your beautiful face,
I have lost my way,
My will to go nowhere, 
Time has gone astray, 
Too high in space, too high to care.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013

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Concert Night

We were there for th wind ensemble,
There was where I met you,
My senses traversed through
'          ` th geography of your body,

Then, th first song.

In th expanded moment,
Tubas transformed into windmills,
Trumpets moan and yearn,
My senses never left
'          ` your cotton-covered hills.

Golden canaries flew out of clarinets,
As bell flowers bloomed from th horns,
I glanced to you when it was th solo sax,
And imagined children when
'      ` th percussion frolicked and fawned.

Then, the last song wrapped.

Encore! Encore!

Just one more: One more, I begged.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2016

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A Letter


He really misses you:

Those days I were cloy'd with sickness, my every breath seized with torment- he conjured a black delirium: th weightlessness of death. In those lonely morning possessions, he missed you.

Then there are those days I ran mile after vapid mile, till my nauseated lungs wheezed for air; till I surrendered to th tempestuous seaside affair- to find my whole again. Those freedom nights where most his fears were assuaged, he thought of you fondly too.

Unaware of th moment anymore, I have traveled th expanse of space & time alone. Whilst he- my lapsing soul- prison'd indefinitely in th enamored romance that once was; bobbing in th middle of th Pacific Blue that stretches out as far as th sun-baked eye can see: an endless world of ocean & sky with nothingness in sight- no reference points to tell him he has gone nowhere ever since. Not that he cares, really, as long as you are there with him. He misses you every day. 


Th grid on which he hangs.

Copyright © Welsonn Goh | Year Posted 2013