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Grading on the curve

I’ve been told, I deserve so much,
for the work I've done, for the lives I touch.

I would like to say, my dear friend,
what I deserve, is a bitter end!

I have hated, I have snapped,
people I love, I have slapped.

I have lied, I’ve also cheated,
believe it not, I have mistreated.

I have envied, I have stolen,
and many promises, I have broken. 

I’ve been selfish, and I’ve been greedy,
 too many times, I have been a bit sneaky!

I’ve wrongfully punished; and wrongfully accused,
plus for my own gain, I have spitefully used!

I've been so angry, as a sailor I've cursed,
 to be brutally honest, I have done much worse!

I’ve been encumbered, I’ve been a drunk
oh yes, my life was so full of junk!

Even though I knew that it was wrong,
all these things, I did to belong!

If you just met me, you’re probably in shock,
but in a sinful nature, yes, I sure did walk!

Then I met Jesus, I heard his good news,
and how for my sins, he was bruised!

how from the beginning, his love ran deep,
and for my own heart he did weep

For every wrong that I ever did,
he shed his blood, my sins he hid!

Now, I'm FREE; ACCEPTED; and thoroughly WASHED,
and that mean ole’ devil, is surly squashed!

Now he can’t touch me with a 10 foot pole,
for it is written, on God’s holy scroll!

Because faith in Jesus, I CONFESSED!

In my spirit, I have been CHANGED.

Now, this might sound too good to be true,
But that’s the GOSPEL, for me and you!

 You still say, we get what we deserve,
Well, I thank you JESUS, for grading on the curve!

Stacey Brown 2-7-14

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Grief and Anguish

Selfish pride and bitter feelings,
Tangled up in Satan’s dealings!

Alienation is just simply ruthless,
And will make one feel utterly useless.

When the vulnerable are left alone,
Their grief and anguish will cause them to moan!

Darkness becomes the abandon’s ark;
Fear and torment begins to embark!

The heart that lies within all men,
Needs true forgiveness now and then!

Apologies and gracious surrounding,
Will save a man from a senseless drowning!

Grace and love:  Christ is our example,
in each one of us, we have ample!

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2013

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What Am I

I am tender and moist,
Yet, I came from dry ground.
Though in sight there was death
There was life in my sound!
There is no beauty in me
That one would lust
I was plucked out in my prime
As those of unjust!

Despised and rejected,
I’ve tasted sorrow and grief.
Some did embraced me
While others clung to disbelief!
 I was taken from a prison,
As a lamb to the slaughter!
I uttered not a word,
I was given vinegar, not water!

Anger came after me
What followed was peace
Uprooted in suffering,
So all could increase!
Spit on like trash,
 whipped in the center of town!
Thirty-nine lashes,
I wore thorns as a crown!

People were longing,
for me to show up.
Yet, when I arrived
hate did erupt!
They couldn't see me,
For who I really was.
They didn't understand,
that love was my cause!

So I walked to my death,
In the midst of an on looking crowd!
As so many cheered on,
While very few wept aloud!
Nailed to a tree,
And mocked by some soldiers!
I gave up the ghost,
On the mount made of boulders!

As my blood poured out,
And my body grew weary!
 I gave you my life,
Yet, I’ve been called a theory!
One day all will know,
That I Am, that I AM,
And I came as man
I'm the Passover Lamb!

I did this for you,
So you could be set free!
I had not one sin,
So I took yours upon me!
What does that make me?
Yes, I do have a title.
What am I?
To know this is crucial, indeed it is VITAL!

Stacey Brown/ Written 3-11-14
Contest by: Poet Destroyer A
Contest: What am I

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Wonderful Women

Mary was a virgin girl:
With big dreams and aspirations!
An angel came to visit her:
With honor and salutations!
Troubled by his sayings:
She did not know what to think!
The angel said to Mary:
My dear, no need to shrink!

Mary you are favored,
Blessed among all women!
Ye shall bring forth a child:
A Son whom God is given!
You shall call his name JESUS!
To his kingdom there’s no end!
He will reign forever:
And from heaven he will descend!

Mary said to the angel,
How shall this come to be?
I have not known a man,
And with that he did agree!
With God’s nothing impossible,
So Mary did reply:
Behold I am God’s servant,
And his will I won’t deny!

To be so compliant;
Is just amazing in itself!
The disgrace of an unwed mother:
Could knock Mary off the shelf!
Her fiancé’ may leave her;
And her family may disown!
But Mary did not worry:
About who may cast a stone!

Seeing that she was chosen:
One might think her life was smooth.
But oh’ the lovely Mary:
Needed God to gently soothe!
From the birth of our Lord Jesus:
To the time he was crucified:
Her journey was very bumpy:
And many tears she softly cried!

Starting with a quest:
From Nazareth to Bethlehem!
A summons to pay taxes,
They set out, both of them! (Joseph and Mary)
Now Mary was great with child,
And her time would soon arrive.
With no place to deliver,
They would both have to contrive!

In a barn full of animals,
Hay, dung and fears!
Mary will now give birth,
In blood, sweat and tears!
Meanwhile, in a pasture,
Where some shepherds work a field!
Angel’s came a calling,
And our Savior is revealed!

Glory to God in the highest:
Angel’s sang, when baby breathed:
On earth, is peace, goodwill towards men!
The shepherds now perceived!
The angel’s ascend to heaven,
Yonder the shepherds go:
In her heart Mary pondered:
Of the things which God did show!

Just try to imagine:
Laying your baby in a trough?
And then fearing for his life,
While the king prowls and scoffs!
Well that is just what Mary did:
In that time and place:
When they had to run:
For baby Jesus, King Herod chased!

A king to rule over him:
He would not accept!
He killed every baby child:
As their mother’s wept!
I just cannot fathom:
What Mary must have felt.
Joy for her baby:
Yet, with grief she must have dealt!

Traveling home from Jerusalem:
After feast and celebration!
Mary lost her precious boy:
She could not find his location!
When he was discovered,
Frantic she did ask:
Son why did you leave us?
In sorrow we did bask

Every mother has known:
The fear of losing a child!
Mary was no different:
For three days her fear compiled!
I am sure there was weeping:
Praying with despair!
While Joseph tried to calm her:
With love and tender care!

She couldn’t apprehend:
What his life would turn out to be.
But, Mary as his mother:
Felt free to go and see!
She followed with his brothers:
And listen to him speak!
He spoke about family:
His family, he did critique!

Sisters and brothers:
And mothers we also see!
Are not bound together:
By a family tree!
From our Father in heaven;
Families are made!
Now, did Mary understand?
The price she had paid!

Mary’s little boy,
Was no longer her own!
He belongs to the people:
And as kin he is known!
Gripping at her heart strings:
Affliction had to arise:
As a mother of a son,
That might feel like my demise!

News of his capture:
Must have brought a scare!
How did Mary deal?
Did she run straight there?
When Jesus was beaten:
Did she watch all alone?
How did she refrain?
As he was whipped to the bone!

A crown of thorns:
They pressed upon his head!
He was dripping in blood:
His flesh was bright red!
Nails were deeply driven:
Through his hands and feet!
Crying out he said:
My God, why so discrete?

She stood by the cross:
And watch her baby die!
She pondered in her heart:
For the reason why!
Is it worth it?
Did Mary dare to ask?
For the love of God:
She must complete her task!

Yet, it pleased the Father:
For him to suffer!
To give his life:
For another!
To shed his blood:
Would only prove our WONDER!
JESUS gave it all:
Our sins to cover!

As my heart is wrenching:
I can’t help but wonder!
Did Mary even hear?
Those sounds of thunder!
The earth was shaking:
The rocks did rent!
The veil was torn:
And Mercy was sent!

With a broken heart:
Tear filled eyes!
Could Mary see?
Where his love lies!
Her baby boy:
Who brought some travail!
In the end:
Did definitely prevail!

Mary was chosen:
And highly favored!
And for our God,
 She willingly labored!
She had troubles:
Plus sorrow and grief:
Yet, she pondered God’s word:
This fought off the thief!

The wonder of this woman:
Is most definitely overt!
And your wonder is also:
So please let me assert!
Jesus arose:
Three short days later!
Redemption came:
And so did your favor!

God loves his creation:
A plan he has made!
He is not partial:
Nor, will he invade!
He leaves it to us:
To trust in his name:
So just like Mary:
Let his will take aim!

Now, ponder his word:
For it is real clear!
In Jesus we’re blessed:
Favored and dear!
We also have purpose:
Just like the Virgin Mary!
It is to share Jesus:
WONDERFUL WOMEN; don’t tarry!

No one can go to the Father:
Except through the Son!
And God uses his children:
To get the job done:
So if you refuse,
To share his love!
The world won’t know:
This Rock from above!

He is personal:
Yet, he is for all!
Proclaim his love:
It’s your curtain call!
Go into all the world:
And share his good news!
Mary’s child has risen:
It’s your turn to choose!

Stacey Brown

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2013

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His lovely wife is named Heaven
She scolds him seventy times seven
Yet, Big Joe just never really cared
In Heaven he lives happily, hearing impaired!

Stacey Brown 2-6-14
Dr. Ram Mehta contest
Husbands are in heaven
whose wives scold not

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Your kiss From Heaven

Your kiss from heaven caressed my cheek.
It made me feel safe, yet a little weak!

Confusing thoughts ran through my head.
Is this for real, or just misread? 

With the Risen Son, they claim I’m new!
But in my mind, I cannot construe!

I’m not standing on a small hill.
I’m still climbing, I just can’t be still.

That little hill became a mountain.
In my heart I cry out, shout’in!

“If the Risen Son has made me new:
Then why am I so sad and blue?

In the dawn of day, I just can’t see.
The dark of night won’t let me be!

This parched ground makes me athirst.
From whence will water be dispersed"?

With the Risen Son, newness falls!
And with it profound wisdom calls!

Your kiss from heaven is slowly fading.
In my mind, Satan is indeed raiding!

Oh my goodness what can I do?
I think I heard, spend time with you?

I just don’t have much more to lose.
I guess my bible I will use!

Many years, have since passed by.
But that kiss, still makes me sigh!

O’ that kiss, that touched my cheek:
Made me strong and not weak!

Because of it, inspiration grew! 
With the Risen Son, can I be new?

I know from heaven your kiss came.
And with it, you took all my shame!

I gave nothing in return
 Yet, for my heart, you did yearn!

In the Risen Son, I believe I’m new!
Could this really be my point of view?

Yes Yeshua, you have made me new!
Your kiss from heaven pulled me through!

You gave me strength within my soul.
In my life, I give you control!

I am now your devoted wife!
Jehovah, your kiss changed my life!

                                                                                                                                        Stacey Brown

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Light as a feather


Gam-ma and baby were spending the day.
Looking for ways to laugh and to play!

Baby said Gam-ma I want to dance!
Twirl me PLEEEASE, will you give it a chance?

Gam-ma said, “baby, it has been too long:
Since I have danced, let’s just sing a song”!

Oh twirl me Gam-ma, twirl me PLEEEASE!
Oh twirl me Gam-ma, just like the breeze!

You can sing a song as we twirl around.
Oh pretty PLEEEASE  Gam-ma, we won’t fall down!

So around and around, Gam-ma and baby twirled together.
Till the room was spinning, and they were as light as a feather!

Gam-ma stopped so that she and baby could rest.
But baby said “twirl again, oh PLEEEASE” she pressed!

We need to rest Gam-ma desperately said.
We need to rest, as she held tightly her head!

PLEEEASE, PLEEEASE, sweet baby cried.
Again and again, sweet baby sighed! 

So around and around, Gam-ma and baby twirled together.
Till the room was spinning, and they were light as a feather! 

While singing a song they both wiggled and jiggled.
Twirling around, Gam-ma and baby laughed and giggled!

Written for my sweet Karaline 3-30-14
Stacey Brown

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Oh’ poor Mr. Brown
His heaven, is the bar downtown
At home he wished it be
But much scolding, endures he.

Stacey Brown 2-5-14

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2014

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Rhyming Poem

A poem that simply does not rhyme: 
In my opinion, has no chime.
The bells and whistles of a rhyming sequence,
Is the kind of music, my ears need frequent!
 How I admire the writer, who rhymes a story, 
 with creative words and is explanatory.
 I am completely raptured by the rhythm of a speaker, 
as he unravels his epic, to the  hungry seeker.
I love those moments of anticipation, 
as words flow with perfect collaboration.

The tales may be true, fictitious, or blue:
about a horse, a dog or even a shrew.
A child, a man, a box in the attic,
pure love, or hate, and also pragmatic!
A saga, a myth, a cow jumping over the moon,
The spring, the winter, or a hot day in mid-June!
The element of immeasurable surprise,
may bring happiness, weariness,  or crying eyes.
You can’t put a number on rhyming possibilities,
There may even be some that bring severe hostilities!

I know there are those that think I am just silly,
 some may even call me a country hillbilly!
One can even assert, that I may be a bit slow,
 since at age forty-nine, Dr. Seuss still sets me aglow. 
For, when it comes to rhyming, I get frivolously delirious.
 I suppose I could add that I am really not that serious!
Now, whatever your style of poem might be,
 don’t for a moment, stop to think about me.
Just be creative with everything that you write,
 and know our God in heaven wants you to take flight!

                                                                                                                Rhyme, Battle

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2013

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Days of Remembrance

Funny how certain days spark our remembrance.
We talk of things with similar resemblance.

How about the runners in the Boston bombing:
The screaming children in Oklahoma sobbing!

That awful day when Pearl Harbor was attacked:
These were the days of infamy, that is a fact!

Then that time our men went to war.
Fighting a battle beyond our shore!

When they came home they were criticized.
Now why are these wars so politicized?

We now remember the towers of nine-eleven.
On that day there was a lot of talk about heaven.

Since these incidents are long gone:
The talk of heaven brings a yawn!

As for me I just don’t get it!
What’s the point, what’s the benefit?

In remembrance, have we learned?
Is our government even concerned?

Yes, I know they can speak a good line.
They’re ultimate goal is to confine!

Yea I think the victims deserve respect:
But what they stood for, many neglect!

Now please don’t take me wrong.
Those who fought were very strong!

Many lives were sadly lost.
And it came at a great cost!

Families mourn day and night.
All because of hate and spite!

Life is precious in God’s eyes.
Each loss brought so many cries!

Here’s the day we should remember:
It is that day in late December!

It shouldn’t be limited to once a year.
This day announced that our God was here!

In the midst of fear, it was a day hope!
The day gave vision, so no need to grope!

In Jesus’ death we witnessed evil.
But when he rose we got retrieval!

Evil can only bring us down!
Therefore, I look forward to my crown!

I know some will not agree:
But in Christ we are free!

Now, with all that being said:
Please don’t look back, look ahead!

Keep close to you his loving promise.
Don’t ever be a doubting Thomas!

When the time comes to remember:
Look for God’s bright and shining ember!

Days of Remembrance
By Stacey Brown

Copyright © Stacey Brown | Year Posted 2013