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Oh let me be Eve,
And make me forever live
In this heavenly place of a crib.
And let me be taken from Adam's rib
On this day when he embraces sleep,
And also my eyes keep
From the starry face of the evening,
Ceasing my infantic ears from listening
To the unending flow of the Euphratic stream.

And please let it all be a dream,
That Adam acting with chariness,
Toppling my own attitude of coyness,
Decides to go and mingle with Shark,
And I to Cedar to tend her bark.
And while I admire her establishment,
Serpent arrives, brimful of blandishment,
And in his most dictumic way,
Makes me to the tree stray.
And not halting at my tabooed satisfaction,
Offers Adam some to relieve his trepidation.
And while checking out our sanity with doubt,
Wondering why we have it all brazen out,
Arrives God suddenly like a cataclysm.
And we at this moment aware of our chasm,
Flee to Fig with furtive,
Feeling for the first time like fugitive,
And not even Adam's casuistry,
Returns us to being God's emissary.

Oh let it be a dream still,
That Adam and I leave with nil
The treasure trove that had been home,
And not even the Millennium Dome,
Could have been to us a better haven,
Like Eden that feels like heaven.

Let it be that I'm turning on my side,
That the one I call my child,
Takes out his anger on his brother,
And his children kill one another.
That my daughters die at child birth,
And my generation create their death,
All for this dude that I never knew
While I lived, but now becomes new
As each cursed day passes by-
My children only living to die
For Money, brow beating one another,
Not even leaving out their brother.
And at the end, they all hasten
To do nothing, but me chasten.

Now let Adam surprised at my sight,
Wake me from this slumbering fright,
And this time casting my coyness aside,
Ask him to always be by my side.
And if Serpent decides on my way to come,
We will step on his crooked head with aplomb.

Copyright © Temitope Ojedele | Year Posted 2013