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A Little Snowflake

There once was a little snowflake
that was beautiful, cold and white
He was created up high within the clouds
during a storm one winters night

There were millions and millions of other flakes
but, no two that look alike
So, every snowflake received a name
and, his given name was Mike

Now as long as the wind was blowing hard
the more Mike hung around
But, it made him large and heavy
For, now he's heading towards the ground

There was Susan, Steven, Jimmy and Kyle
There was Sally, Kim and bill
They all came down together with Mike
as they landed on a sill

Of a cold and frosty window
on that stormy winters night
They gathered all together 
as they waited for morning light

The sun then rose above the horizon
it's light...lit up every flake
The colors that came from all Mike's friends
a rainbow it did make

The beautiful snow lit morning
left Mike nowhere else to roam
But, he was happy to be there with all his friends
as he made that sill his home

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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The Flight of Bebo

Bebo was a bird
who could not fly
He kept flapping his wings 
'cause he knew he must try

There were two other birds 
that were laughing at him
As he was jumping and flapping
up high on a limb

It must be so hard 
to be stuck in a tree
Said, those two silly birds
That were laughing at me

I do not like you
get out of my tree
Don't you have somewhere to go?
Don't you have somewhere to be?

Bebo then said
let me get back to my endeavor 
Or, I'll be stuck in this tree
forever and ever

He knows he's a bird
he eats worms and sings
He just needs a good breeze
to get under his wings

Bebo worked hard all week 
to get into the air
Then he started to cry
Yelling, this isn't fair

With tears down his cheeks
Bebo looked at the sky
He said, I know I'm a bird
so why can't I fly?

The wind then spoke out
and said, It's not how you try
You must climb to the top
You must get really high

Then open your wings
and face into me
I will help you find flight 
just get up there, you'll see

Bebo went to the top
of his lonely old tree
He opened his wings
and, waited to see

The wind then picked up
and, carried him high
Bebo was laughing with joy
'cause now he could fly

From that day on
Bebo was happy with flight 
He said goodbye to his tree
and, then he flew out of sight

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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A Pocketful of Dreams

I have a pocket Full of dreams
that, I carry wherever I go
I wonder what dreams I'll dream tonight
for I never seem to know

I closed my eyes to drift asleep
as I reached in for a dream
I grabbed one tight within my hand
then, flying became the theme

Now, I'm in a dream and flying
and, this feeling of flight is grand
I have no wings to fly at all
Yet, my feet lift off the land

I used my mind to fly around
such freedom I can feel
For, deep down in my heart I know
that flying can't be real

I woke with the dream of flying
And yet, it's never as it seems 
But, I know I'll dream this dream again
from my pocketful of dreams

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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I am The Wind

I am the wind, I am the breeze
I can move really fast with nothing but ease

I can move any cloud while crossing the sky
I can send it down low, I can send it up high

And, when I'm happy I'm calm and proud
But, boy when I'm mad I can get really loud

I can blow really hard until the time's done
I can then bring you smiles, I can then bring you fun

I can blow on your sail, I can blow on your kite
I can lift it up high 'Til it goes out of sight

I whispered real low as a little boy grinned
Just remember, I'm here 'cause I am the wind

Note: I feel my poem is special because I wrote this for children and it allows them to wonder.  My poem may not be deserving but children's imaginations are.

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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A Friend

A friend is always there for you
when you need them most
A friend will give the last they have
and, never brag or boast

A friend will always love you
just the way you are
A friend will come to visit you
no distance is too far

A friend will give you the biggest hug
on those days you need to cry
A friend will always go with you
and, never ask you why

A friend will always tell you
all the times that you are wrong
A friend will tell you..if you can't sing
when you try to sing a song

A friend will argue and make you mad
`til  you can't see their face
That's when you both..go away for a while
and, give each other space

It's such an amazing thing in life
to have a wonderful friend
Who will share the good times and the bad
until the bitter end

I dedicate this poem to my best Friend 
Greg Stack
May you rest in piece
Feb. 14th 2015

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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Alone on Christmas Day

I knelt down by my bedside
then I bowed my head to pray
I ask the Lord, why must I be
alone on Christmas day?

I have no children of my own
I have no loving wife
Why must I be alone like this?
why must I live this life?

A life lived mostly by myself
at one time felt so grand
But, now I'm so much older
and, I just don't understand

Why it is...that this must be
for I love me so
Please answer me this question
'cause I have a need to know

I thought I'd be alone this day
Then, I heard the church bells chime
That's when I realized, I was never alone
'cause you've been with me all the time

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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My Loving Angel

There's beauty in your eyes and smile
every time I see your face
It makes me feel all warm inside
as it sends me to a place

Where life around me comes to a halt
as everything slows down
I only seem to get this way
whenever your around

I love the times you talk to me
it makes everything feel new
I wish I could tell you just how I feel
But, It's very hard to do

You are my loving angel
that came from up above
For you emptied out my loneliness
And, replaced it with your love

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013

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Just close your eyes, just go to sleep
and let the peace begin
The serenity you seek is with you now
for it comes from deep within

Put on your smile with loving grace
look forward not behind
Have complete repose with relaxation
of your senses and your mind

Then open the door to tranquility
where stillness and calmness wait
Don't worry if you're too early
Don't worry if you're too late

Our love will carry you when ever you go 
just call out His name and you'll see
You will find the peace you've been looking for
the peace of serenity

Dedicated to my Mother 9/01/2014

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2014

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The Beams of Our Moonlight

Underneath the many stars
within the moonlit air
Is a great big face looking down at us
for, It seems to sit and stare

It walks across the sky so slow
that, it's hard to see it move
I wish it could be here every night
for it's light I do approve 

There's a saying the moon has magic
that, flows down through it's beams
It enters our minds while we're asleep
and, enhances all our dreams

I don't really know if this is true
but, I know it just feels right
To dream a dream that was sent to us
through the beams of our moonlight

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2014

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To Gods Ears

From my lips, to Gods ears
I bow my head and pray
I ask Him then, please grab my fears
and, take them all away

Please give me strength to carry on
when the days aren't going right
Just take these worries away from me
let me sleep throughout the night

I ask you Lord to walk with me
on this journey I'm going through
I am really, really tired
please show me what to do

I love you Lord with all my soul
so I'll try to do my best
But,  I'll always need some help from you
'til they lay me down to rest

Copyright © Roger Horsch | Year Posted 2013