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Details | Michael Coleman Poem


           To these snakes who think that their not seen well I've got another thing for you to dream. visualizations of a wired grey steam and images of a black shadow passing by the   screen.

but beyond these false laws of your reality lye's grater forces like the law of  gravity,gestation,and the law of attraction witch states upon the contemplation is the cause to the reaction to this attraction in-witch you seek like in gestation when all things have reached its peek,

and how so weak for you to think that i don't know that through the vibrations all truth will be shown.pass the grass and before me do i see these snakes throughout society rioting and running a muck these silvery snakes oh shucks.

Well good luck cause i can see you there on the floor sliding through the cracks of an opened door.where inside the people have no idea of whats in store for them cause little did they know that beneath the tail on witch they stand upon the ground it is DECEIT!!! that rumbles between their feet.

probably have yet to meet with this brutal truth of reality.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem


unification is the domination of nations
unification is to come together when theirs no were to hide
it is the unification that passes and cross the line that pulls the rip
together to join life on the other side.

unification is something hard to hide it take a bullet 
to tear us a part because we are unified all as 1in from the inside 
so give it up and give into the change.

cause its unification that sends the vibrations to keep us alive 
like the first time u meet you say that guy had a good vib.

vib is what u get when you feel all the time that you are ment
to be around cuase you known to life sprites up.

so unification is one thing that never gives up.

unify,unity,and then become unified.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem


                                  Born with a hart of gold but this isn't
                    the story you've been told .Feed lie filled with deist
              and manipulated to feel the defeat.yet here it is that you 
       weap and walk around and sigh such emptiness is not that easily
to hide.you walk around all day in a daze confused  trapped  and a  maze  and  refuse
      to  face the fact that the people you need are now those you lack.
   there gone to late to get back like a bridge that shouldn't burn are the 
people you did not concern to learn them to have a nack so why not try and just 
get along with society by your side can be no way you can feel so alone and out of 
wack and its been so long seems you've lost track,and its at this process we live 
thus the end of time where all souls meet and are filled with happiness of all kinds
something longed for in a life time surly has been hard to find.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem


    We all long to be rich, and live a fancy
         to not know the meaning of self sacrifice.

To live without the worry of ''O'' how will I pay 
next bill? All wanting feel, to be touched,and some ways or another !
To defy the saying of ones own mother with such an ego you couldn't think twice now from a where there is no nice a world we are leaf to fight our way out of the meaning life!where the people have lost their ways to turn your back on the next man defines the meaning behind the rhyme of every man for him self. 

To have been rich and have lost your wealth among the commoner to reimburse all that you have taken away from their shelves
and live stock.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem


By Focusing on what you want.

                         .It pays for what you want!

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem

Out of this world

Out of this world are my thoughts you see cause they are filled with and vitality 
infinite minds roaming these galaxy's exploring space and time vertures of all kinds.

finding mind blowing super nova that still await to be discovered,
and seen by man kind and to become known impious as if this kind
of existence was never before what that you hear is a knocking on the door.
so open up to reality and you will see that the truth his been hidden from humanity.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem

The Finest Love

How may we definethe finest love
a love so sweet that could have only come 
from above.

Yet such a love has blown into my life it 
knocks me over and now makes me think 
twice.its like a knife stabbing at my soul 
without a love like this our storys untold.

you see these are two lives that are 
intertwined like deeply rooted grape vines 
along the lines of this page can not simply 
define an ever sweet love like mine.
its like a sip of the finest wine no fee 
words describe this kind of love I feel 
inside with no escape one can not hide 

from this the finest Luv.        M.C

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem


Long going and everlasting is my suffering you see while I've waited upon the hands of destiny 

walked on faith and not by site along the lines of the enemy is where i shall rest for he is with me,and as the story goes he will lead me and to there i shall go where ever it is that he delegates me to be and at the right moment.

you'll see me walking into your life so look out for me and remember to think twice
because walking in the will of the lord could lead you a many places,and although long suffering seems to be the way an endless journey is what your and a home with 
                                                    god to stay
                                                            keep going.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem

The Struggle

    Life is like a sentence with no one to blame when you become a victim at playing your own game. didn't ask to be here so you don't understand the meaning of gods logic and the purpose behind his plane.

To ask why is to defy never state the question looking into ones own reflection trying to escape the ridicule of rejection despite the worlds deception exception that feeling is a must.

Hear these words in god we trust to lead our lives into a divine grace 
in  such a magnitude you were unsure that could exist unfathomable 
is this bliss.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013

Details | Michael Coleman Poem


Trying to find where i belong has been my objection to long.
casted out by a socity and kicked to the side came face to face
with betrail from my own kind.

Held captive behind enmy lines against all odds determined to be excepted 
dispite the past rejections in search of love and effection Wanted! thats where i wanna be surrounded by a people with an affinity to me.

those who will openly embrace me and take me for who i am and will judge the not for where i have been,and once upon a time i had came across a man,a man of wisdom
and as i stood on the side of this wise man he lent me a gife though few understand.

He said Gods kingdom is more than a bunch of words its power pure divinity in the darkest hour.To see a devine light within the wilted flower for behind blind eyes lyes lifes discie and to say yes is to simply ablige to obide by the rules of this unseen gide line and to find peace within ones self and to except the help thats given when feelt
''Glown upon your face inside your hart is that place''.

Copyright © Michael Coleman | Year Posted 2013