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Best Poems Written by Val Sotnikova

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I am a tiger caged in a zoo
Where loaf and yawn is all I can do
People pass by, they stare and they cheer
The cage is what expels their fear
They all think I am their friend 
Though I would kill them in the end
Devour their flesh and leave only bones
I belong in the wild much like kings in their thrones
Yet I lay in the cage and I must behave
Sweet freedom is what I truly crave

Copyright © Val Sotnikova | Year Posted 2013

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A Broken Soul

Sadness, anger
Feelings that I hate
But now I see it’s late
I see there’s no way back 
Because strength is what I lack

My soul…it screams, it aches
It fights and it breaks
It breaks into millions of pieces
If I could
I would have fixed this

I sit under the dark sky
Only one word I whisper
The voice of nature echoes it…

I feel the darkness 
The silence
Rise among my eyes
And suddenly I realize
I’m in a pit of lies

Copyright © Val Sotnikova | Year Posted 2013

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I am often told that ignorance is bliss
That one can still be joyful whilst everything’s amiss.
But what they do not tell you, friend
Is that a life like that soon tends to end

Why not explore the world of erudition,
Where glee, indeed, is an omission?
There is no reason to be fearful
The journey there is quite delightful

You then perceive that there is beauty within chaos
As you slowly pluck the feathers of the albatross
As the boundary between black and white just… dwindles 
And the tender sorrow in you kindles.

To think that splendor comes with goodness
Is a mistake we barely notice
Within the world of blinded thrill
Where wits are stocked into a hill.

Tell me, friend, do you know love?
Have you explored its darker section,
Where man can choose to snuff
In the flames of his affection?

What I am telling you, my reader
Is that with bliss there must be sorrow,
Or you will wake not in the morrow.

Copyright © Val Sotnikova | Year Posted 2014

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I lay on the sheets, wrapped in her warmth
I stare at the walls and ponder my oath
She whispers sweet nothings to soothe my aching heart
Her arms enclose around me to prohibit my depart

“Where were you all along?” I ask
She hid her smirk behind her mask
“I was always present, love
Watching you from high above.”

When things went wrong, she’d help me cope
She would tell me there’s still hope
And in her arms I shed my tears
She fought away my dreadful fears

At last, her act came to an end
I realized she was no friend
Horrified, I tried to flee
But she had taken over me

She told me there was no way out
“You thought you would go? Out and about?
No, my dear. A price you will pay
Before I let you go away.”

And so, my friends, I warn you now
Do not succumb, do not allow
The darkness to obtain your core.
The price is death. That I ensure.

Copyright © Val Sotnikova | Year Posted 2013

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Sorrow’s child weeps within the forest
Craving back her blissful days of rest
She breathes her hatred for her mother
For she knows there will be no other
She will always be a as lonely
There will be no one and only

Copyright © Val Sotnikova | Year Posted 2013

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Opinions always will differ
A bowl of arguments they stir
Beliefs have always ruled our brains
And they have been the cause of pain
If one believes that he is good
All those around will make a blur
Upon his mind, his eyes, his soul
They will create a deep, dark hole
And in this hole a new world forms
Filled with hurricanes and storms
The sacred ashes of one's joy 
A small memento of their toy

Copyright © Val Sotnikova | Year Posted 2013