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Best Poems Written by Mustapha Mohammed

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Northern Slaves

In the silent breathing of night,
treading through 
the darkness and the hush
(A heavy band of slave)
like black ants snaking
through the forlorn distance.
Grieving with tears
Of yesterdays burning anguish. 
They hum a languid song
On the fragrant breath of wind.
A haunt that invades my trembling eyes 
With a thousand boundless tears
That quivers through the night.

The dreaded echoes came down the black pathway
Like a thousand men 
Galloping through the sultry breeze
(Were the heartless whips that toiled)
With dumb hands,
Feeding paled pink flesh 
With endless stings of cruel misery.

The stars curled around their naked feet
As they trampled the grass 
Wet with lurid dew and the masked
Beds of fragrant hues
Prancing in the hallowed night.
I could feel the storming of their sorrows,
The rock of their heart
Drooping with defeat.
Despair a master to their fading hope
That sailed across their faces.
Oh those foul notes budding with despair
Branched within their eyes.

The lulling whispers of their shackles
United with their treading feet like hooves
Cloaked with heavy weariness
(It surrounded the dead of night)

I hung up my fears
For I was bright with their pain
Oh I died that day 
Oh I died that day
While drifting to the helpless East
To that damp cold earth filled
With drowsy mournful Asters
Then the smell of dead men came alive
Black dogs clustered to the earth
Their children beside them with gripping hands!


Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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A Night At The Desolate Harbor

The ship in the habor on silvery seas Lay vacant outspread 'neath the glassy moon Drifting in cold whispers of the night Like a drunk man shriveled on clasping knees In the loud echoes of the crawling winds The brave ship nods its old head Restless on the empty stage of the bay When lonely stars bleed their light On what was once earthly sublimity Now silence and haunt lingers there A graveyard of bones and sadness Beside the desolate harbor Rustling in the cold distance Laboring with a haunting melody That invades me in shivers of night. Sadness defeats The happy spaces of my mind Then your sweet kiss would descend Oh... your sweet kiss would descend As a fragrant memory Thawing the pain In the frost of my heart. My soul beckons your presence But silence became my loyal friend And Emptiness - The sorrowing of my hours That slithers through the night As the brave ship nods its old head Crackling and desolate In silvered breaking waters 'Neath moon's limpid eyes My hands descend With crimson buds of April's flowers To rest upon your tomb Of eternal silence.
''Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.''

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2014

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The Enchanted Dream

How sweet the soothing songs of May Reposed upon the fragrant breeze The comely songs were Seagulls play On the lulling trembling seas. That dissolved the traces of your feet That lingered in the distant sands While the sultry beams unite to meet The carnal rosebuds of your hands. That blush in light the morning spray Descending warmly in your eyes Who knew the light of love this day Would lift me up to a new sunrise. Yet in the sunless fleeting hour I would hold you in my smile Or steal a kiss from you my flower In this languid scented isle. That quivers in the blue distance When tender birds are fast asleep When blazing stars of night entrance The lonely fountains glistening deep. I would hear your whispers by the sea On the soothing waves of night Its mellowed voice would comfort me When the winds would take to flight. To the starry distance and empty spaces That holds the night sky of your hair On hallowed streets and sleepless faces It blows the Eastern dews most fair. And on the enchanted blossom rare That I'd finally pluck in spring To bow and give to you my dear With this golden diamond ring.

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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Behind These Prison Walls

I prowl the days within myself
To heal these battle scars
But days at times unwrapps itself
With binding sturdy bars.

That holds me back from freedom's grace
From the man I'd hoped to be
Often scans my troubled face
In search of empty glee.

All my days since life begun
The constant fight appalls
Often glows what strength has won
Behind these prison walls.

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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How I Miss You

I miss you 
With every longing breath
That pants in sweet silence.
With every insatiable spark 
that ignites my being
And with infinite tears of all my life
That glides down the empty spaces
Of my mournful soul.

For each lifeless day 
Seems like a thousand years
Of wondering hopelessly
On this cruel world
Without your tender kiss
That thaws the frost within my heart.

As the winds hold the last
Sweet myrrh of your lingering scent
That sates not this deep hunger
Crawling in my bones for you
Amongst the fragrant scarf
Of tomorrow's promise 
That you left behind
Imprinted indelibly
On the script of my heart. 

Each star becomes a diamond
Leading to your eyes
Each lilac wave draws a melody 
That inks my heart
With a memory of your love.
Life and breath has lost its meaning
Days are the footsteps to eternal silence
That invades me in shivers of night.
Amongst the mist of mortal pain
I've made my grave of sorrows
On every flowering field
That reminds me of your absent smile
Dawning warmly in my eyes
With a sweet descent 
That only heaven makes.

I cast a thousand tears 
In a silver bottle
On the wavering seas
That it would find you
Because I die! I die! I die!
In your absence
Because my dear beloved
I miss you....

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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Adieu, Adieu my love and friend At the sea we two must part Your love will burn until the end In the beating of my heart. Shed not a tear in silence Not a tremble to your breath As your tears are flowing I die a mournful death. Under moon's soft silver blush And in the creeping of the dew In sober breeze, in nightly hush Let us bade one last Adieu. When morn had burst the harbors With a burning sigh we knew A final whisper, the final words: Adieu! Adieu! Adieu!
(Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you Until we meet again!)

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2014

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Love is like a fire
It often expires
A comfort that revives
Your tender soul alive.

A blind joy soaring
The loveless signs ignoring
It rises high with freedom's grace
To spring a blush upon your face.

Love is sweet like antique wine  
It breaks the fetters of loveless mind.
Love is loving all the time
Love is a spirit unconfined.

Love is a constant kindness
A joyful untamed madness.
Love jealous not
Or is a selfish glut.

Love is a divine quality
Expressed in purity!

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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Verses Of Love

What pleasant dream may soothe my eyes
When autumn's breath may grace our days
Wondrous a dream in the blazing sunrise
That charms my heart in autumn's grace.

I've kissed a dream when I look into your eyes
That springs my face like vibrant flowers
In all the bright and sober hours
When the mortal breath of men may sigh.

Entranced within your loving eyes
While greyish skies grow young and fair
You threw your emerald eyes upon me 
That you may arose this tender tear.

The eternal rose of love I've found 
When all is lost and life is done
What perfect dream this life would crown
Dulce de las fuentes de mi corazón.

Your lingering scent bathes the empty spaces
When the silent pulse of morn would murmur
While melodies would draw its sweetest verses
To bless the earth on which you saunter.

Then the storming winds would pluck
The last of the fragrant roses
As to drift to you my dear beloved
When your gentle soul reposes. 

Beneath a naked tree nodding in the winds
At the threshold of the withering buds
As bright as the rays on the trembling seas
Lapping in the mournful distance.

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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Melting Into You

Come my darling with the nightsky
in your hair
And the rose buds on your lips
With eyes of infinite grace that
drowns my sorrows
As if eternity had lost my soul in its 
timeless beauty.

In a web of passion I'm entangled
by your love
By your silent breathing through
the helpless night
As if the moonlit sea was drifting
its sweet waves back to me.

Like the dew I melted into your
soft kiss
It was a sweet death I'd die
a thousand times
Never to be found again
For in your soul I breathe!

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013

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Give Peace A Chance

I see a world in a sea of peace
Cleansed by the waves of love
A sacred earth with love so pure
That are corals in our eyes.

Where mountains kiss the skies
And fulgent dreams upon a rose
Braves the weather of the skies
Where beauty never dies.

In a heart as pure as gold
In a pure undaunted world
Forged by the flames of peace
Where goodness never cease.

I see a world devoid of all greed
Embraced by the flames of equality
In every colour and in every creed
Men are armed with love's tranquality.

When not a hate,when not a war
Would blaze across our native lands
For nothing woesome,nothing impure
Would repose within our idle hands.

I see a world in a bond together
A lasting peace and love forever
When all existing streams meet
They become one flow,one heart beat!

Copyright © Mustapha Mohammed | Year Posted 2013