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Look: a shooting star,
Writing poems in the sky.
Just shadows of dreams.

Copyright © catalin stefan | Year Posted 2013

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Lifeless thoughts stream to me
Maybe I keep bad company
Maybe it’s just that I’m growing old
Maybe it’s something that’s never been told

Memories of you are haunting me
I want to forget, but they want me to see
Our whispers of love, the stars and the sea
Mysteries of life, mysteries of you
Timeless nights, lonely paces
We always die alone
We always die alone

Godless days will follow
Dusks and dawns
Springs and summers
The world’s lost its meaning
And now you are only a word.

Silence would do, but then silence is death
I still love you, but this does not mean a thing
I don’t know where to go
I really know nothing

Sometimes we do try and we do fight
Sometimes we think it is worth a while
But we always lose and we always get lost
No lighthouse 
Just the remote skies and the dying birds

Copyright © catalin stefan | Year Posted 2013

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A Thought

Slowly bring the pencil to a piece of paper.
Write the first word that’s comes to your mind,
Or, better still, draw something:
A tree, or, maybe, a forest.
Near the forest, a lake and a cottage.
Or better still, listen to the forest,
Listen carefully until you can hear the music of the woods.
Or better still, forget all these
And look upon the stars.
And count them, from the left to the right,
Or from the right to the left, 
Or in zigzag.
I know you cannot, 
But you have to try;
That’s how it feels when you’re playing with the infinite.

I’m lying to myself and keep telling myself I can.
It’s just my own way of saying “I love you”.

Copyright © catalin stefan | Year Posted 2013

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It’s you,It’s always been you,
Lovely as always,
Just sitting there, saying nothing at all,
Being just the way you are.
It’s your eyes that make me go slightly insane.

It’s been all these years,
Like sailing away adrift,
Going nowhere in particular,
Just away from you.

It’s my thoughts of you stampeding in my mind,
I’m not missing you, I keep reassuring myself.
Now I know: it’s not you,
It’s my memories of you,
It’s probably my destiny to be lonely.
You are only a word
And I don’t know what you mean,
Not any more, not any longer.
I’m not old, I’m probably dead.

Copyright © catalin stefan | Year Posted 2013

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A Lady's Visit to My Life

Your silence hurts.
It’s a thought that I don’t get,
Known only by you,
Lost through the labyrinth 
Of your insanely beautiful hair.
It’s too late for words.
We told the wind everything
It had asked from us.
Behind petals you are hiding,
Your mystery’s the beginning of the world.

Not a kiss, not a word.
We are perfect strangers.

Artful gestures conceal your thoughts,
You’re smiling,
But your eyes betray you:
You are far, far away.
I will suffer again
In endless nights
And cold rains of fall
And devouring memories
Of you, my dear lady.

I can still see your face,
White butterflies are flying wild
Like then when I was a child.

Copyright © catalin stefan | Year Posted 2013