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Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem


Pinioned to   my   world of ambivalence.
I cry,
I   sob,
It will   not let go.
In me it rises like the sun.
I   stare still.
Like a burden I   barge of its   weight.
The bidding always whispers,
Don`t   let go,
Let go,
And I   shall not let go.
I  do  it  at  ease  but  regret  with  grim  pain .
Vent the feeling but the worry shall blossom.
My mind shall burn.
My heart will ache.
Tears will trickle,
But   with a smile.
Sit on the king’s   throne,
Wearing a crown of thorns.
The world of regrets will always shelter me.
Like a dodger tricks my weak heart.
Like wind,
blows  away  my  wishes  for  the  good .
Forever it is the prison of   my   good heart.
With vigour in my   heart I   pursue it.
But with a   weak despondent heart,
I am bound to regrets.
The will   is not in me,
but  the compulsion  whispers  in  my  world  always .
What matters won`t   matter until I have done it.
What   doesn`t matter matters after I   have   done it.
The will of my heart,
Never compromise with the will of   my flesh,
It seems unbridgeable.
When  I   say  no  I  go  weak  and  lonely .
When  I  say  yes  I   sink  in  pain .
Maybe   agree.
Maybe   disagree.
Bitter - sweet   never sweet.
I   own the keys to these fetters,
But I shall unlock them.
Bound to it I shall   not let go.
Who then shall   set me   free?
I desire   it!
I   despise it!
Living in these two worlds.
What  I  truly  want  is  not  what  I  do .
What  I  do  is  what  I  don`t   want  to  do .
I know no understanding   of what I do.
The motives and the emotions of mine,
Shall never agree.
This friend I love to hate,
Hate that I love.
You are my comrade to my ending,
but  my  enemy  at  my  ending .
My heart knows,
but still I hate to   hate   you.
Nestling on my soft spot,
Drives   my   emotions and reactions,
to the land of worry.
But  still  I  bow  down  to  your  decoy .
Understanding   nothing of mine.
Who am I?
Where to?
Maybe it is a weakness in me.
For  long   I  shall  run  away  from  my  shadow ,
Being a stranger in my own life.

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem


It might be poem number one
Or just story number one
May be I don`t really know,
much about poems and stories
But what I know is,
When I am with you I am me
Now I want to write in bright colours
For the world to see
May be yellow and red
May be pink and blue
May be purple
Now I want to perform for the world to see
May be an action movie
May be a romantic drama
May be just a love poem
To show the world how happy I am!

Right now I feel sleepy, tired
But my mind is thinking of something
My fingers are nibbling scribbling something
Some few notes for you
Because yesterday you asked,
“Silence, what is love?”
I will try to answer you in these early hours
Maybe love is a term defined a million times
Still it remains meaningless
May be love is a term abused a million times
But still remains precious
May be it`s when making someone happy
ceases to be your choice but your purpose
May be it`s when you longer miss the one you love
But miss being loved!

You asked, what I want to do for you
Now imagine this, 
You are in a boat, sailing above the ocean waters
And you are sad
A tear is rolling down your cheek
It falls into the ocean
I will be there to jump into the ocean
Ransack the ocean
Until I find that tear, bring it back;
I will no longer do it the easy way
I will no longer do it the possible way
I will do it the hard way
I will do it the impossible way
All just to please you!

You asked,
“What do you see when you look at me?”
Now, imagine me as a painter
In place of your eyes
I will paint a picture of the rainbow
In place of your smile 
I will paint a picture of a million sunsets 
In place of your laughter
I will paint a picture of a million flying butterflies
In place of the whole you
God will provide us with a picture of paradise
You are beautiful!

I remember you asked,
“If you love me promise me something”
It`s like this,
I will not promise you diamonds
Because I am not that rich
I will not promise you the world
Because I am not God
But love you are assured
Because I am your lover!

You asked, 
“After all what do you want to do with me?”
Now know this,
I want your lips to be stamped
With the words I whisper for you
Softly I want to stroke your skin 
Like a homemade ukulele
Until we sing a song only known by us
I want to ……..
May be now I am talking of the forbidden love!

You asked,
How I felt when I fell in love with you
Now know this,
Before you came my life was black and white
Now you are here
My life is splashed with rainbow colours
Loving you was like coming home
To a place I already knew!

Note this 
This is only the beginning 
Tomorrow I will continue
Because true love is endless! 

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem


The  climbing   earth  meets  the  alighting  sky ,
Trying  tirelessly  to  douse  its  ball  of  fire ,
But  only  dims  it ,
As  it   shrivels  with  a  secretive   queer  whisper ,
only  heard ,
and  known  by  tens  of  trailing  nomadic  birds .
It  is  their  calling  to   their  destiny ,
embedded  in  the  horizon .
They   shall  fade  together  in  alfresco .
But  for  the  eyes  of  many ,
it  is  a  flower ,
denuded  of  its  petals .
But  not  forever ;
Tomorrow like   a bud it shall blossom.

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem


Whenever   I  see  you ,
Naively  I  giggle ,
just  like  an  excited  toddler.
When  I  sleep  ,
I  only  hold  a  single  dream .
In  that  dream  I  see  you  smile .
I  smile  back .
When  you  are  happy  ,
I  feel   fulfilled .
When  you  ask ,
I  feel  that  I  have  to  give  everything .
When  I  am   with  you ,
my   heart  carries  this  certain  feeling .
I  feel  as  if  I  am  about  to  do  something .
Something  precious .
As  if  ........ ,
as  if  I  am  about  to  fly .
Sometimes   I  feel  as  if  I  am  about  to  win ,
a  trying  race ,
against  a  million  challengers .
If  I  am  alone ,
I  go  back  to  the  last  hour  I saw  you .
Alone  I  smile ,
and  search   everywhere ,
as  if  I  have   lost  something .
As  if  I  am  looking  for  something  .
Something  precious .
It`s  like  I  am  happy .
Maybe  I  don`t  know .
I  guess  I  like  you .
I  don`t  really   know .
Maybe....... maybe ,
maybe  I  know ,
I  think  that ........ ,
I  think  ,  I  love  you .

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem

90 years younger

As my old eyes search for the setting sun,
My mind is at work,
Mending the million fragmented memories.
The long arm of my mind,
Retrieves the first dusty diary,
from the tallest of shelves.
Now ninety years have passed,
My  weary  body  struggling  to  stand  on  its  own.
But the strength of the heart is always unfading.
Now it is stronger than it was before,
It stands on its own,
as it searches everywhere for your voice.
My treasure chest is full,
of  the  dozens  of  letters  you  wrote  for  me .
Every time  I  read  them  my  memories  grow  young,
My heart was ever well living in the velvet of this love.
Then came our first night together.
Lonely in love, I could not wait for you,
to rest your head on my chest,
 under the full sight of the moon,
You  reading  from  the  book  of  your  future  and  dreams.
I feel now the night we first made love,
It all started with a quiet conversation in a candlelit room,
I didn`t want to let go,
The glow of your beauty,
Eclipsed the light of the candle,
The flame of our desire flying.
Now  I  watch  the  candle  come  to  life  in  the  night,
Its flame gives the reflection of your beauty,
I carry the immortal faint smile,
Watch it until it dies out.
In my salad days,
I saw a lot of beautiful girls, but none compared to you,
It really made me dig deep in the mine of my emotions,
For that something I only found in you.
Sometimes I play some old love songs,
And let my mind quietly wonder,
In the forest of the lost memories.
I  try  to  bring  together  the  million  pieces  every  afternoon .
But as the sun sets,
the almost complete mirror falls to the ground,
to a million pieces again.
Because this is the most precious of the times,
we spent together,
Gazing with relief and sympathetic eyes,
at the tired setting sun,
It was romantic like a poem,
A tuneful song.
I see the young generation of   today,
They try serenading.
But  their  songs  are  not  as  deep  as  ours .
Not everlasting as the ones we sang.
They also talk and walk,
The Romeo and Juliet way,
But it is not as old and untamed,
As the original by Shakespeare. 
The way you talked, smiled,
and sometimes remained quiet gazing, defined art.
In your own way you were a magician,
Everything you touched turned gold,
You touched my heart,
Now care more about your grandchildren. 
You etched something,
On the deepest part of my heart,
Every day I fall in love with you.
It is as if I am sad now.
It  is  just  that  I  want  you  to  know ;
I am the luckiest man on this world.
May be  I  just  want  to  get  hold  of  something ,
Something more than memories.
Even though you are now gone,
As I promised;
I will jealously hold on to these memories.
To this love, old and deep.
I hope there is place up there,
Where we can hold each other again.
I am not grieved.
No hard feelings for Mother Nature.
She gave us more than she can take from us.
It seems I am now waiting for death.
I hope you carried those cherry moments with you,
Because soon somewhere we shall meet,
And fall in love again.

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem

stand by me

Like a breath,
So short is the life of man.
Shall   you make this little time of   mine worthwhile?
I know nothing,
Will   you teach   me?
Shall  your  patience  not  run  out  in  my  presence ?
I always try,
Shall  you  endure  and  your  smile  egg  me  on ?
When my vulnerable heart is hurt,
Will   I see your tears?
When they see   me fall,
Will your hand raise me?
They  never  gave  me  a  chance  to  express  myself ,
Will you   let me be me?
Like seasons mistakes always fall upon,
the life of every man,
When I   confess,
Will  you  find  a  place  in   your  heart  for  me ?
Life is all about trials,
If   I fail,
Shall your   cloth wipe off my tears?
With every effort,
Will I make you proud?
They always tell me I am nothing,
Am   I something   in   your   presence?
When the shadows of death surround me,
Shall I   see daylight in your eyes?
When I call   out,
Will you be the first   to answer in the morning?
If   I win,
Will you be my first embracement?
In my despair,
Will you still care?
When I am homeless,
Will your heart be open for me?
When they blame me,
Shall my objection stand by you?
In my struggles,
Will you be my hero?
My lonely heart,
Will its void be filled with you?
When about to fall,
Will   you hold on me strong?
When they see darkness in me,
Will you see light somewhere?
In chaos,
Will my heart find peace in you?
In my absence,
Will you feel lonely?
When they ask,
Will you be my answer?
When I am hopeless,
Will you be my hope?
Will your prayers mention my name?
Will I be the weakness of your heart?
Will your heart choose me always?
Are we to see tomorrow together?
Will my happiness be your happiness?
Shall   my sorrow be your belonging?
Are we to share the same world?

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem


I am at a distant, I stare at you bloom,
My heart is eager to smile,
But my memories and my present sight,
force not to.
You need broad shoulders because the rains shall rain.
I want you to know;
They will whisper into ear something you despise.
They  will  touch  you  where  you  don`t  want  to  be  touched .
Choose for you who to give your heart.
Because of their eye,
Happiness and us we are strangers.
You are born strong, I know,
You will put your best effort on everything,
But there will be no lion share,
For the one who fought like a lion,
They say they are the best.
I was once there.
I saw the rain raining,
The sun rise,
And the full moon melts,
But  I  never  saw  them  smile  with  me .
When they smile I cry.
When I smile they are hurt. 
My scars reveal my struggle,
The struggle which swallowed me.
You will shed tears,
Someone will hear your cry,
But none will say no.
They say it is the only way,
“So go with the stream,
Surrender yourself to it,
This discretion is the better part of velour”. 
They know you are vulnerable.
They keep on making for you.
With fake colours they will lead you to the land of regrets.
Try to always remember;
A circus lion dressed in jewellery,
Still feeds on meat.
They will say;
I will build you castles in the air,
But have you ever seen castles fly?
Others saw all this but they remained mute.
It shades hope, it hurts.
At night alone, I wish to nurse my aching heart,
But I am always in fear,
I know;
What strikes today with ease,
Will do so tomorrow with pride.
I  wish  if  I had  a  basket to  save  the  leaves ,
They are shedding from your tree of hope,
But my heart is so small,
I cannot hold all of them.
I see them fall and rot, my tears flood.
Sometimes we open our arms,
At everything thrown at us,
And it finds a home in us.
Fake a smile,
And say we have adapted to the struggle.
But the tree knows the state of its fruits,
We cannot throw dust to the inside eye,
Deep inside our hearts are weeping,
We are in pain.
The  writing  is  on  the  crown  of  the  tallest  tree ,
For  all  to  read  and  for  us  to  chew  its  bitterness .
If the commandment they set and believe in,
Is not revisited, 
We will march on but struggling, ploughing sand,
My enemy will be your enemy.
I  wish  I  could  run  with  you  to  "another  place".
But they seems to be no this “another place",
Because they say this is our home.
But  this  is  only  our  house  ,  not  our  home . 
My dear, 
You are my daughter,
I am your mother,
But they forget with such ease,
We are their mothers,
They are our sons.

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2013

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem



It has been long,

I wish for your voice once more.

I   write this letter to tell that;

Sometimes the sun does shine,

But things will never be the same.

I am still keeping your favorite suit,

Hoping  that  one day  you  will  come  to  wear  it ,

To show me how well it fits you.

I am still keeping your black shoes,

Hoping  that  one  day  you  will  come  to  wear  them  on ,

for  that  journey  we  had  planned  that  day .

I am safe keeping your favorite novel.

I   read it always,

And every day it is a fresh story.

I  always  read  those  letters  you  used  to  send  me .

They hold a lot of memories and secrets.

You were such a naughty young man!

Every  night  I  hold  your  pictures  before  I  go  to  sleep .

I  smile  and  hope  that  you  will  smile  back .

With  a  fake  smile  I  gaze  at  your  empty  seat .

I try to appreciate each new day.

But things are not the same anymore.

Everything pleasant I want to share it with you.

Everything good makes fonder. 

Do you still remember that snake trail,

we used to amble secretly together?

It has not been used   for years,

And is now hidden in tall grass.

That tree which covered us when we sang together,

 died last year.

I  have  now  figured  out  the  right  tune  to  that  song ,

we composed together.

But  will  you  be  able  to  hear  how  well  it  sounds  now ?

I try to sing it alone,

but it fails to burn.

Sometimes it does sound good,

but I end up crying.

I  wish  you  were  here  to  hear  me  sing  well .

Yesterday I saw your friends.

They caught a big fish together,

They were all thrilled.

Peter is now able to swim.

Sam is building a new house.

By  the  way  ,  they  told  me  that  your  team  won .

They   were happy for you.

I wish you were here with them,

Boasting about how strong our love is.

Do you still remember our neighbors, Mary and John?

They did wed last month.

I couldn`t hold back my tears,

when they made their vows.

I  was  hurt  when  the  bridegroom  kissed  the  bride .

I remembered our own wedding,

Our own true vows,

That passionate kiss in front of our parents.

But now who will touch my lips?

A  lot  has  changed  on  this  side  since  you  left .

New things were born.

It is now beautiful.

I try to smile but   it`s hard.

I no   longer watch the setting sun,

Because it refused to carry me were you are.

I no longer gaze the moon,

Because it has never told me were you are,

and how well you are coping. 

I never talk to the stars,

Because  they  refused  to  bring  you  back  to  me .

Yesterday I was preparing dinner,

I did forget of   your absence.

I  did  light  candles  and  placed  two  dinner  plates . 

I always prepare your favorite meal,

Hoping  that  it  will  lure  you  back  to  me .

Today  in  the  morning  I  called  your  name  merrily ,

when  I  heard  the  morning  bird  sing .  

Oh it was such a melody!

I wanted you to   hear it also.

But latter I realized that you couldn`t.

I just wished you could.

You know what?

Today I am wearing your favorite pink dress.

I  wish  you  were  here  to  tell  me  how  beautiful  I  am  in  it .

I  know  you  always  loved  me  to  wear  it ,

 That is why I did so today.


Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.

I am holding our wedding photos right now.

Your mother passed by.

She tries very hard to be strong,

but her eyes are always wet.

Even  though  she  told  me  never  to  cry  but  to  remain  strong ,

She has never been the same since you left.

Last night I had a terrible dream.

I wanted something to hold to.

I  ended  up  holding  dearly  to  my  pillow .

I wish you were......., you know,

Someone to hold, 

Someone to calm me down,

Someone just beside me.

Your son is right here.

He said I should tell you that,

He loves you and he misses you.

I  wish  you   were  here  to  see  how  well  he  is  growing ,

He would have made you proud.

He is now a big boy.

Every night I tell him our story.

I always comfort him that one day,

we will be a family once again.

He is such a marvel to watch.

He makes me smile,

But I end up crying. 

Everything about him resembles you.

Every day I am with him,

he makes me remember you.

I sob,

I whisper; 

"Death is not fair my love.

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2015

Details | Silence Zvaraya Poem

to the messenger of love

I heard that you have made a lot of dreams come alive,
And you have taken a lot of errands only to bring smiles to a lot of faces,
I heard that with loyalty you have made realities which are better than dreams,
Now hear me loyal messenger,
I have written a small note to someone you know,
read it for her, just like that old fairy-tale love story,
I want you to bring out that lovely after ever part, I hope she will smile,
I want you to use that soft voice of yours that I heard you have used to convince a lot that there`s actually true love out there,
I want her to feel it like cold water running down her bare back to give her that chill, those goose bumps, that feeling, that feel to make her smile for no reason: to give her the urge to find a quiet place where she can whisper to the heavens, whisper my name as if it is the only word her lips are able to utter,
Tell her of the place where silence is the loudest kind of noise, the place of untamed purity where she can find the truth about true love,
Please read it for her slowly so that she can realise how long true love can last,
Read it with that smile of yours that I heard is as bright as the reflections of the morning  sun rays scattered  on the morning dew, so that she knows how revealing true love is,
I heard that sometimes you carry pearls along with you, but please don`t give her, she might lose them , instead  just find that seed of a rose , plant it in her fruitful heart, soon it shall blossom in her every day never to be lost,
Tell her that I am the sea and she is the shore, no matter how hard the wind tries to blow me away I will always try hard to kiss her as long as there`s a molecule of oxygen in my lungs and a drop of blood in my vein; she is the earth and I am the sun, no matter how many times I die every night, I will always rise every morning just to shine for her,
Please try to make her smile, you  will never forget that view, you will notice the doors of the heaven open in the radiant  stars, if you stay focused you might hear the angels serenade,
Show her the letter so that she sees my mark,
I want you to say these words as if I`m there and I`m actually speaking to her; I just wonder what you are thinking every time you look at me and smile; you made me not just a man but the happiest man; I do make mistakes but loving you is not one of them; please don`t let me sing sad love songs ever again,
Please Mr Messenger Sir, don`t forget to tell her that she is the reason I`m smiling right now.

Copyright © SILENCE ZVARAYA | Year Posted 2014