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Details | Lillie Williams Poem

Sometimes Sorry Is Not Good Enough

Maybe I hurt you and
Caused you to cry
I know the pain went deep
And this I won’t deny
I know I am to blame for
All your sleepless nights
The things that I said
I know it wasn't right

I never meant you any sorrow
And I never meant
 To make you cry
I am the cause of your pain
I accept all the blame
I called you cheap words 
And a lot of other stuff
Sometimes saying I’m sorry
Just isn't good enough

Somehow I felt what you
Felt deep inside
So much hurt and pain
Like a reflection in your eyes
Every breath you took
Filled with deceit and sorrow
Maybe your forgiveness
Will come on tomorrow

I can’t expect you to push
This all away
Maybe another time,
Another hour in the day
If I could take the words back
That caused you to cry
I would do it in a heart beat
And you know it’s not a lie

Nothing I can say right now
Will keep your heart still
I’m sorry, I apologize for
The way I made you feel
Even a broken heart is
One that’s hard to mend
This will follow me 
Until the very end
In your eyes I am the enemy
And you have to do what you must
But sometimes saying I’m sorry
Just isn't good enough

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

My Name Is

My Name Is

I am the reason people
Lie to one another
Hatred, jealous, and envy
Toward their brother
I will make you cry
Don’t care how you feel
And if you are not careful
Your very life I will steal
My name is what, and
Who you think it is
I am the big dog
The one and only thrill

I am known to cause
Confusion on the spot
I been chased many times
But never ever caught
I’ll make you do what 
You never thought you could
I am bad, I rule this hood                                                                            
Don’t take me lightly or
Say what I wouldn't do
Anything is possible when
I choose to do it to you

All this time and you still
Know not my name?
When bad things happen to you
Tell me who do you blame?
My job is to keep all of you
From reaching Heaven
I bet you know me now
My name is the devil
I cause wars and fights
In every single town
I stick out like a sore thumb
I am easy to be found

When a person pulls a trigger
And takes someone’s life
I made them do it;
I brought hatred in their sight
I told you to leave your wife
And your husband as well
You love what I offer you
I make great sells

It’s easy to plant a seed
In most people head
Some people is easy 
Prey to be led
Once you open up and
Let me inside
You will repeat all kind
Of jokes and lies
I love it when people let
Me have my way
I dance you like a 
Puppet on a string
And there’s nothing
 You can say

My name is, and always 
Will be
Mr. devil to you
Hey! That’s me                                                                                          
I am cunning, and come
In so many forms
If you are not a child of God
My spirit you fail to learn

I am a peace breaker
I hate to keep things together
Continue to do what I say
We can spend eternity
In hell together
So the next time you are lonely
And crave to do wrong
Call me on the phone
Or visit my home
I live between purgatory
And the inferno in hell
If you forget my number
You can send me an E-Mail

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

In Search Of Me

I awaken from my sleep one morning
In search of poor old me
Where have I gone?
Where shall I be?
I walked over to the mirror and
I couldn't believe my eyes
There stood a selfish woman
With unspeakable pride

I went in the living room and
Jealously walked out of the kitchen
Something is terribly wrong; because
Hate was washing the dishes
I went in the bathroom
I just knew I was in the tub
I raised the shower curtain and
Stupid was making suds

I said excuse me Mr., Stupid
I am in search of me
I have been looking and looking
But where I am, I cannot see
He said did you look in the closet
You are sure to find you there
Among all the clothes, the glare,
And the heart that just don’t care

I know I am in here somewhere
But where can I be?
So much stuff in the way
My eyes find it hard to see
Somewhere in the den I saw
Crazy hanging from the wall
And envy danced a jig
Walking down the hall
Judging sat on the sofa 
Making a phone call
While peace breaker laugh
And had himself a ball

My head hung in shame
No wonder I am lost
Backbiting sat in the corner
Eating cinnamon apple sauce
Oh my God! No wonder
My search is in vain
No wonder I am hid and
Can’t find a thing

I started out this morning
In search of me
Never thought I would find
So much junk to see
Now that I know what 
It takes to clear the air
Seven days a week in
My life will be PRAYER!!!!

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lillie Williams Poem



Yesterday I felt that I
Could soar up high
Today I feel down
I really want to cry
Yesterday I thought the
World was in my hand
There is so much pain today
I really don’t understand

Waking up today from a
Restless night of sleep
Only to find that yesterday 
 Has fallen down on me
Yesterday I had peace
And a warm gentle smile
Today I wear a frown
And nothing seems worthwhile

Yesterday I thought that
I could win this race
Today I find that things are
Thrown back in my face
If I could take yesterday
And switch it for today
The frown I wear upon my face
Would be a smile today

Yesterday I visualize the
Perfect life for me
Today my vision is cloudy
And there’s nothing left to see
Why is there so much pain
Traveling through this world?
What part of my life 
Can I rely on love?

I cannot bring back yesterday
Because today is gone
Why did it leave me, and
Left me here alone?
Today on my bed
A lonely person lay
But I will still be trying
To bring back yesterday

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2012

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

Planned Suicide

Planned Suicide

Lying on the bed
Crying for help
The only other option
Is a slow painless death
She picks up the telephone
Talking to a friend
My life is useless
It somehow must end

There’s no joy in 
Her soul today
Visions of suicide in
Her head do play
When she needed someone
To just be there
They turned their backs
They just didn’t care

She went into the bathroom
And looked into the mirror
Heart broken, lonely,
Sad and teary
No one would answer her
When she calls
No, not a soul,
Not anyone at all 

She held up her arms and
Said, my life is a twist
Seconds later she
Cut both her wrists.
Laying on the floor
In a puddle of blood
Crying, and sad because
No one gave her love

While slowly closing her eyes
One more time she cried;
It’s over for me now
No more hurt inside
Before she planned 
This selfish act
She wrote a note
And explained the facts

The note said I’m leaving
Not that anyone care
When I needed you the most
You were never there
You can’t find my life
Because Now I am free
No one ever cared what 
Happened to me
I don’t have to hear 
Or put up with lies
No one made me do this
It’s a planned suicide!!!!!!!

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2012

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

A Higher Power

A Higher Power
Things go wrong in our life
And we know that they will
We find our self-struggling
Climbing steep hills
When we find our-self low
Reaching for the sky
Afraid to smile
Because we have to sigh
The cares of the world
Pressing us down
The mountain gets
Higher round by round
Life amazes us with all
Its twists and its turns
There’s a higher power
We seems to learn
We try so hard in life
To just stick it out
The burden gets heavy
And we often doubt
Sometimes we often wonder
What is and what ain’t
Not knowing that our victory
Is closer than we think
Faith and failure
Walks hand in hand
The little things in life
We find hard to understand
Trouble seems to find you
No matter where you go
And you find your-self sinking
Much deeper than before
You count the time of rescue
Every second in the hour
And now the day
Seems brighter, Thanks
To a Higher Power
There’s a lesson we must learn
When things turn inside out
Trust in the higher power,
And just stick it out!

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2012

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

Pieces of a Letter

Pieces of A Letter

Tonight is tonight that I
Find out where I stand
I’m nervous, shaking
Trembling in my hand
You kept telling me that between
Us things would get better
If this being the case
Explain these pieces of a letter

I found it on your night stand
Next to your bed
When I read it, it gave
Me a pain in my head
This guy said that with you
He had a good time
He made it sound sexy
And tried to rhyme

As I read these pieces
Of a letter
It hurt inside
Because I knew deep down 
To me you had lied
You made me feel alive
And always charmed
I have always kept you safe
And secure from harm.

It’s hurting me inside to think
Of you and him as being a pair
And the running of his
Fingers through your hair
When we were walking 
Barefoot through the sand
You could have told me
You had another man

When you tore up the letter
And left it by your bed
Did you do it to play me
And mess with my head?
My love for you goes deeper
Than the bottom of the sea
Now your lies and letter
Have all but destroyed me

Did you plan these pieces of
A letter so I could see
That all your life you
Wanted to be free?
I guess it’s over and
Nothing left to say
I guess I’ll move on and
Lick my wounds another day
You hurt me real bad, and
These tears I cannot hide
But at least I know now girl
How you really feel inside

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2012

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

That's What Friends Are For

That’s What Friends Are For

I let you rest on my shoulder
All the nights you cried
I spent many hours wiping
Tears from your eyes
I couldn't stand to see you
Hurt so bad inside
But you are only human
She never realize

Now you feel like your
Whole life has fail
And if you’re going the
 Right direction
Your heart can never tell
My friendship comes free
It’s clearly not for sale
I am your pillow of strength
I promise to do my best
Try me, believe in me
Put me through the test

Lay your head in my lap
We both can concur
I’m trying to be your comfort
But it’s her that you prefer
I’m crying and hurting with you
This is what friends are for
Sure she broke your heart
And left you standing alone
It’s tearing you apart because
You realize that she’s gone

I’ll stay close, as long as 
Your heart wants me to
I can feel your hurt, and all the
Things she put you through
Let me help you;
And face whatever
Problem might occur
After all my love;
That’s what friends are for

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

The Mind

The mind holds terrible things
We wish no one could see
It tells a flattering story
As flattering as can be
Deep dark secrets fulfill
This space of air
When we think we are loved
The mind says; I don’t care

In this empty space we
Somehow call our minds
Deceive a person’s heart
And somehow keeps them blind
We will never know
 The inner thought
Buried deep within
In a selfish twisted mind
That somehow has no end

In a quiet place is when
The mind works best
It always distinguish itself
From the boundaries 
Of all the rest
It sees things that ordinarily
Shouldn't be
It feeds on overload and
And why, we cannot see

You thought lies, envy, jealously
Always come from the heart
It always starts in the mind
The utter most selfish part
There are two things in life
You will never ever know
How the mind functions and
And how evil in the heart grow

You would be surprise all
The things the mind occupy
And all the dark evil to
The heart it can supply
It buries things you simply
Would never and cannot see
It’s like a silent hill and
A hundred year old tree
So never underestimate
 The power of the mind
It somehow brings out
The worst in all man kind

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013

Details | Lillie Williams Poem

Cheer Up

Cheer Up

Today is a new day and
The sun shines so bright
The smell of roses and
Everything seems right
Oh what a mighty color
Is God’s perfect sun
You should be outside
Having so much fun

Instead your head 
Hangs low to the floor
Sad, teary, feeling much
Broken than before
The smile you wear is
Turned upside down
Cheer up, be happy
Stop feeling down

You got so much to live for
In this dark but happy world
Take the time to look around
And simply enjoy the love
You think you are the only one
Going through many things
Cheer up and deal with 
The troubles life brings

You will see that the road
Is broader and wide
All the strength you need
You will find inside
Look around you and see 
That this is a good day
You can make it
If you only press your way

Turn that frown into a smile
Look up, live, and rest a while
Let everyday be brighter
And bonded together
With peace, and a smile 
That will reign forever

Copyright © Lillie Williams | Year Posted 2013