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A Sailors Farewell

Surrounded by angry,raging seas Under a shrouded midnight moon
I think about loved ones dearly missed
 I won't be seeing anytime soon.
Future plans come crashing down
 Under the heavy pounding waves
I've traded my warm bed and loving arms 
In exchange for an early watery grave.
Weep not for me my cherished children
For I could have been a better man
I just hope I will be remembered
 For providing as best for you I can.
Eternity now pulls and beckons me
 I must say my last goodbye with tears
To you my love, please forgive me, 
For not providing you more years.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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Passing the Torch

I used to be creative,
I was crafty with the pen
People liked to read my odes
And would praise me now and then

Yes, i would dive into the river
Where the creative juices flow
My pen would seize the moment
And take on a life all its own

I would scribble til the morning
And sleep would pass me by
But i had to react to my calling
Until it was emptied from inside

Some folks say i have a gift
And should sell a book or two
Ive never heard of a rich poet
Maybe when we die we get our due

So one day some years from now 
When my name is etched in stone
Perhaps my odes will touch one heart
And the gift will carry on.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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Open our eyes God

They kick God out of classrooms
And evil walks right in
Innocents are led to slaughter
Before their lives can even begin
Our jaws drop from the shock
We are appalled by such a crime,
But we voted for laws to kick god out
To usher in such times
I remember morning prayers in class
And a hymn or two we'd sing
We would join hands around the flagpole
A give thanks for the grace he brings.
This nation was founded on godly principals
And his blessings poured out each day
But we grew up trying it on our own 
And look at the troubles that come our way.
You dont have to believe me
And keep turning your head away
But the proof is happening before our eyes
And gets worse each passing day
Theres now a number of innocent children,
Who are sitting before Gods throne
And hes wrapping his love around them
Because this world has let them go.
How much suffering must we endure 
What will it take to make things right
We must allow God to rule our lives
Til evil is banished from our sight.
We can blame it on the monsters
Or some will  curse God for what was done
But we should look real hard at our own direction
If this battle is truly to be won

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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The Buck Stops Here

If it were up to me,
I would like to change the world's views;
On who it can afford to keep,
and who it can afford to lose.

If it were up to me,
People would pay dearly for their crimes;
Including many lawmakers,
who never obey their own signs.

If it were up to me,
not one child would ever die;
And I would raise them with dignity,
and teach them never to lie.

If it were up to me,
I'd make unhappy people smile all the time,
It just seems so much better,
than listening to them whine.

If it were up to me,
all marriages would forever last,
And people would kiss and make up,
instead of rehashing the past.

All these things I desire,
have to start somewhere you see,
So I'll step forward and go first,
and start things with me.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012

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A Keeper of Tears

When I got to heavens gates and God 
 wiped away the damaged years
He gave me a holy assignment
As keeper of all tears

I ran an enormous warehouse
Where bottles of tears were stored
God had labelled each and every one
for whatever made our hearts bleed sore.

So a lifetime of tears were remembered
for every living soul
For the day they came to heaven
So God could completely make them whole.

When a soul arrived in heaven
Their saved tears were glowing bright
God took each bottle and poured it over them
Until their robes were shining white.

Their hearts were mended that very day
And pure joy replaced all former pain
For pain in heaven is not allowed
Nor ever will be again.

So always remember each tear you shed
 is never cried in vain
For God catches and saves every one of them 
To use as heavenly rain

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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The Real Me

Why won't they stop and talk me
I used to be of their kind  and style
Why won't they reach out and touch me
If only to share a smile.

I used to be in their circus
I cruised the morning madness each day
Trying desperately  to keep up with the Joneses
 Until the bank  swept it all away .

Am I a different man inside now  
That I'm no longer in their game
And those I thought my closest friends
They no longer treat me the same.

I've never begged for food before
It brings such a sense of shame
But now it's a matter of survival
Not how it affects my name.

I see myself now in the passers-by 
I see how I used to be
 Perhaps God lead me to this point   
To find the real me.

For the Homeless

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2015

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The Underhanded

In the shadows moving with stealth
Preying on the weak his adrenalin to his health.
A vile slithering serpent, an agenda to bring harm
Beware the snare of his extended arm

The doer of evil, the maker of hate
The spreader of vicious  rumors.always on his plate
A spinning Web of lies,,to reel in the naive
A creator of falsehoods,,to twist what you 

So keep your guard up high, protect your fragile heart
From this monsters clutches before he tears you apart.
And to you the pretender you know who you are
Karma will find you it knows who you are.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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Snakes and Adders

T' was a shallow creeping envy,
Of a deviant design;
It slithered In quietly undetected,
To prey upon unsuspecting minds.

It built up false images and verses,
A phoney talent in every way;
Taking slander to its highest levels,
And breeding hate his favorite play.

He blinded his band of followers,
To carry out his dirty deeds;
They became his demonic harem,
Planting his evil silent seeds.

But he couldnt break the true believers,
Those called to be sages of pen and page;
They stood together to expose his lies,
Using truth in this war they waged.

There is a higher calling of this gift,
Only those who are called know to play;
The haters and phoney's may do their worst,
But in time will truly pass away.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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Phone Rant

The message relayed by the computer generated
  voice said my que  in line  would be
 approximately 20 minutes.
 So I had twenty minutes to think about 
what I needed to say.
I ran it over and over again in my head
All my rational arguments and opinions
Then twenty minutes later the voice returns
 to say that due to the high volume of calls
 we ask you to leave a detailed message
 and an agent will return your call in the next 48 hrs.
 So in my best computer generated voice
 I give my name and say, 
Due to lack of dealing with an actual human
 please be advised
 that I will be cancelling my insurance
 with your lame ass company.
 This phone call may be recorded 
for training purposes 
for the next time I want to dump 
a crap company such as yours.
 Do not call in the next 48 hrs 
as I will be out shopping for a company
 with actual humans on staff.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2016

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When My Nightmare Comes To Play

Stuck again in this recurring dream,
where I can't open my eyes;
I scream and there's no sound at all,
but inside I hear the cries.

I'm pushed off of a precipice,
and I watch myself fade away;
I slip further into blackness,
all I can do is pray.

I never hit the bottom,
knowing if I do I'll surely die;
I hear the laughter but no ones there,
my mind can't reason why.

I'm barely holding on to sanity,
and can't tell what's lies or real;
I'm locked so deep within this hell,
where I'm just to numb to feel.

So now I start to wonder,
if perhaps I'm really dead;
And just as that fear grips my soul,
I bolt upright in my bed.

A puddle of sweat surrounds me,
I get up and go about my day;
But dread the next time I lay me down,
and my nightmare comes to play.

Copyright © Carl Fraser | Year Posted 2012