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U R A Queen

u r a queen

your walk

so elegant

so poised

your legs

like marble pillars

u r a queen

your smile

crafted beautifully

u r a queen

your hips

shaped like

the finest apple

in the orchard

u r a queen

your bosom

bloom like the lillies

on the sharon plain

u r a queen

your skin

your melanin

encases your inner beauty

so lovely

so powerful

u r a queen

your name

like a spreading parfum

how lovely is the fragrance

u r a queen

your beauty

far beyond words

u r a queen

your lips

so inviting

scarlet ribbon color

sweet like nectar

u r a queen

your soul

filled with honey and milk

far more fragrant

than a mountain of frankincense

so sweet

so citrusy

u r a queen

u r a queen

u r a queen

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2015

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You Are Africa

You are Africa 

Every 30 Million km^2 

This is you

You are Africa 

Every 54 countries and even the 2 disputed

This is you

You are Africa 

The birthplace of mankind

Sahelanthropus tchadensis 

Australopithecus africanus

Australopithecus afarensis

Homo habilis

Homo erectus

This is you 

You are Africa 

Your skin composed of Platinum and Pallidium

Is found embedded in the Rocks of Zimbabwe 

From Kilimanjaro came your structure

Both Tall and Mighty you are

From the Sahara came your thick hair

Bushy and Exuberant 

As far as Algeria spreads

Is as far as your eyes can see

Your nose smells the Ambergris

As you stroll the coast of Madagascar 

Your lips

Your beautiful lips

Resemble those of the Queens that once graced the land of Ethiopia

Your core stands erect

Taller than Mount Mikeno in Congo

The thunderous beat of your heart come from the drums of Ghana

You Hands brushed over Egypt

Thus erecting the Pyramids

Your arms wrap around me

Just like the Nile to East Africa

Your legs originate from Tanzania 

Always Migrating when need be 

Your feet carried the weight of mankind 

You are stronger than the Elephants of Nigeria

So when anyone equivalates your black beauty to sin

Remind them of the richness from Africa you have within

This is you

You are Africa 

Africa are you

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2015

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Lonely Is Okay Too

Maybe You'll Come Back
Maybe You Won't
That's Cool
Lonely Is Okay Too 

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2014

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Depression Expression

I vomit out my heart
the emptiness
oh the void
you do not sting
it hurts
it burns
burns my soul to bitterness
outside i'm fine
inside I cry
I hate me
I Blame Me

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2012

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The Tide

The tide is high and I'm holding on
But the waters are to my neck
I can't feel the bottom
And I can't swim but somehow I'm not drowning
I'm holding onto something but I'm not sure what
I know it isn't my hope because
My hope has swam away
Not even looking back once
My self inflicted wounds burn because of the salt 
The current is getting stronger
And the steadily rising rip tide isn't doing me justice
My advisories are just below me
Ready to devour me
I don't want to fall prey
Was this it? 
Am I as good as dead? 
Is this how my life ends?
At the hands of my advisories?
The storm intensified
The waters began to roar
The surrounding mountains began to shake
The earth began to rumble 
My advisories began to chant
The wind whistled and blew away my faith 
I let go
I am no more
"Well done my child, Lisa right?"
I awoke 

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2012

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Eric -RIP-

Why did you leave?
Oh companion of mine
Why did you leave?
Twas it really your time? 
Did you see no point in staying 
another measly day? 
By my side if you were oh the 
things I would say! 
Judge you, I would not
Tis not in my nature
The emptiness I feel from your 
passing measures to that of a 
A bullet took your life
One blast and it's through
What pains me to know is the 
gun was held by you
All you left behind was a note 
for family and friends
Inscribed were many ' I love 
you's ' 
And your deep heartfelt 
No need to say sorry
For you lived a full life
I shall always remember this 
through the pain, struggles, 
and strife
'You don't know what you got 
until what you got is no more'
Oh how this saying is true!
As the tears stream my face 
and I reminisce of you
With anger in our eyes and 
pain in our hearts
We lay you to rest
Hoping that solace will 
overflow in our lives
We miss you Eric 
This is in plain black and white
Had we the power we'd wish 
you back to life
I take comfort in knowing one 
day we'll meet again
Beyond the pearly gates 
reunited  as friends
This is NOT goodbye
Only a brief farewell
When shall we meet again?
Only time will tell

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2013

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A new life
the offspring of the Rosonow's
a new form
a new shape
a new girl
a new world
the beauty of a new baby is embraced a new mother's arms
how beautiful she is like a green pasture
she is a pure soul and a clean heart
she is like a star that glistens brightly during the night hours
waiting in the sky to be look upon and loved
times together
all in the form of a precious little girl
a new life
a new form
a new shape
a new girl
a new world
open eyes and open hearts

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2012

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Abundant Touch

blood, sweat, and tears
nailed to a cross
crown full of thorns
your life was lost
for me, a worthless sinner
for me
a new beginning
I leave the past where it remains
I've been transformed
I've been restored
condemned no more
I wear the chains no more
I am free

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2012

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She'll Rise

Prayed to God and yes she was wishing
Wishing that this nightmare would end
And that she'd somehow wake up in her bed.
But that wasn't the case this nightmare was real
Because every raping blow she would feel
Her muffled screams from his hand on her face
She wished she had packed up some mace
By the time she wanted to break free it was over
He slapped her in the face and told her don't tell a soul
But who would she tell her heart just grew cold
Alone on the floor she cried like she had no soul
And she wondered why in the world nobody had cared
They just passed by her laughed or stared
Now she doesn't trust a  soul with her situations
She just keeps them to herself no negotiation
She tries to talk about it but no one'll really listen
She tries to show it in her face but all the signs they're missing
she just keeps  to herself she finds it easier
If she told a soul it's not like they'd believe her
Wrapped up in a blanket of hurt is how she lives her life
Lays her head to bed and cries every night
She tries to find some inner strength or inner might
She can't do it Alone she needs someone to fight
Fight the battles and the demons that posses her daily
Or give her some encouragement to help her go on
But for now she'll just wear a big smile
Thats just how she lives her life this is her life story
One day she'll rise from this and have her glory

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2012

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You is good too

 UNSUPPORTED CODE  Do not conform to society standard of beauty  UNSUPPORTED CODE 



 UNSUPPORTED CODE The way you dress is fine  UNSUPPORTED CODE 


Your dark skin is fine

Your naps and curls are astounding

 UNSUPPORTED CODE There is no fault if acnes scars Grace your face UNSUPPORTED CODE 

 UNSUPPORTED CODE There is no wrong if strech marks hug your body all around UNSUPPORTED CODE 

 UNSUPPORTED CODE Who is to blame for hyperpigmentation?  UNSUPPORTED CODE 


A crooked tooth doesn’t make you any less

A limp in your walk is not a limp in your personality 

You are beautiful 

Far beyond the measure of man

Crafted by God

In excellence 

So do not conform

You are you

And that's beautiful too 

Copyright © Delli Thami | Year Posted 2015