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    BOOM!! Explosion,
   fire, smoke, serene...
As I realize what has happened;
  Just what i've done to me...
Focusing, I regain clear vision;
  As i'm gazing straight towards me,
  I see myself, Bloodied;
       Crumpled in a seat...
I look upon all the chaos,
   that now lyes before me;
Almost as if, as if in total disbelief,
   of the horror that's been created...
              created within me,
           by me,  for me,
                  too me...
Lifeless, no movement from my chest;
      Lifeless, without momement;
             No breath...
  My eyes opened wide
      potruding, it seem's;
As if frightened, or caught by surprise;
     I lie there, looking directly back at me,
As I watch  myself, lying there,
  My eyes, looking into my eyes;
      I drift some, just a little;
I'm farther away now,
       still aware of my feelings;
somehow still apart of me...
    Overwhelmed with regret,
        of what I now see;
  Alone, no movement;
   Me, Looking back at Me...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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A lifeless cloud, aloft invisible air;
     Blows Eastward,
a destination fate had prepared.
is a bludgeouned heart,
no longer fueld by loneliness and despair...

The demise of a mountainous boulder,
crashing downward with it's mighty weight;
             Crushing ageless fossils,
broken from a lifetime of decay.
       Renewed, is a love,
Worthy of replacing, all the years of self hate.

The hardened soil lying beneath,
    has now become darkened clouds,
      of a roaring, crushing debris;
A lifelike sustanance, as it's path now creates;
   A Renewed desire to live,
            as it buries a lifetime,
       of turmoil and grief...

replacing so much agony ,
    with a Renewed,
    sense of relief...

        A lifeless cloud,
now filled with the goodness of rain;
While the burden of weight from life's Boulders,
    are replaced with fields of golden grain...

Rising from the ruins, of the hardened soil of a soul;
There lies a clearer path to travel,
    covered in a beautiful crystal sand.
          Renewed, is a life;
Now replacing the death,
    I had once planned...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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Stretching outwards,
stretched tight;
  The wind beneath you,
  as you journey through this flight...

Soaring downward,
   releasing the free;
Moment suspended,
for you to see...

Shaking off the water,
   in the cold winter night;
  Floating, unnoticed;
As you focus upon the light...

    The treasure of not knowing,
the anticipation, of no belief;
   Slowly, through the darkness,
     you creep...

Note: This piece has had 310 reads, yet only 2 comments. can anyone tell me why?

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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So many days,
  I was shown the same picture;
       Law abiding, Handsome,
          My reaper...

So many night's,
  Wondering, in the dark
  about what difference am I?
   Brought into this world,
     no perserverience in your love,
  passionate moment;
    In the blink of an eye...

One potatoe, two potatoe, three potatoe,
Left behind, Abandoned, Unwanted;
     As you made your way to the door...

Your only Son,
   Given your name, Shared nothing,
         left; with only shame..
                   Is to Blame;
Denied the right, yet shared your name;
        Denied the chance,
  To ever be the same...

            Your only son,
  you gave me your name;
  As if, someday:
   You might return,
        to simply reclaim...

    Your only son;
Is it me you blame?
   I gave in, to no right's;
I gave up, 
  most of your name;
your only son;
  Your Shame...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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I can still hear the sounds of her tiny little feet,
   going Pitter,Pitter, Pat;
As my skips a beat...
The smile upon her face,
   with that puppy she embraced;
  A struggling little angel,
   as she walks along in place...

Pitter, Pitter, Pat;
  Come her tiny little feet,
as she runs into the bedroom,
   just to check on me...
with her little hand in mine, and a big smile on her face;
    "This won't very hurt" she say's,
While she's tapping on my knee...

The Beauty in her heart, an innocence so redeemed;
  Replaces all the darkness and ugly I have seen...

Pitter, Pitter, pat:
  A distant sound you see;
Although she's gotten older,
  Just the way she look's at me;
As if I, were worth her Beauty, smiles, and all her precious dreams...

Pitter, Pitter, pat:
  My heart still skips a beat;
I've found an innocence so long ago lost;
  In this little child smiling up at me...

Pitter, Pitter, Pat,  as she jumps into my lap;
   She'll soon be grown and on her own,
    Just a memory this will be;
As I happily reminisce of the sound so sweet to me,
  the Pitter, Pitter, Pat;
  Of her tiny little feet...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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Momentary Reflection

I was paralyzed in thought,
and standing all alone;
Surrounded by darkness,
everything was gone...

With barely a glimpse, from the corner of my eye;
I was travelling so fast as I passed myself by.
I was moving at high speed, as if,
somehow out of time.

Thinking to myself, looking back into the distance;
Could I have been resting, 
or was there something on my mind;
Maybe, I was just Reflecting,
on some Moments from past times...

A Momentary Reflection,
I thought as I laughed;
Reflections of mistakes, so many in my past;
Or maybe the future, and thoughts of my death.

There's no point in thinking that anything can change;
I passed myself there and found myself here;
Crossroads unmarked, destination unphased,
like a lost dog, covered in mange...

A strength unfound, a desire to disappear;
A Momentary Reflection,
of how I found my way here.

As I watch myself in quiet,
with no desire to stop;
In slow motion I fall,
from a single gunshot...

A Momentary Reflection,
of where I stood at the start;
Maybe if I had slowed, or come to a stop,
this Moment I have witnessed,
the confusion and doubt;
Just maybe, somehow;
I could have found a way out...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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As the casket begins to lower,
  Slowly, into the earth;
     Prepared for decay...

  Buried, in great depth,
     a young childs only chance to dream;
  The one salvation, he'd believe;
  The only love, with no conditions;
  that his little blue eyes,
          had ever seen...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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The Numb

Please accept my apology,
 my life, 
has been more like,
Accept that, I do not understand;
 Accept, that I can no longer,
 play this hand...
Punish me, 
do not condemn me..
Allow me the light,
 Another chance;
 Different sight...
This myth that is I;
 This vision,
 I cannot hide..
Accept me as I come,
 Recycle me,;
 Take away,
 The Numb...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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I search through this darkness,
     for just a flicker of light;
 Something to help guide me,
   through this unknown, without fright...

For just one millionth of a second,
  of her arms around me;
A sacrifice well worth all this pain that I leave...

A comfort so familiar, as I revel in this peace;
  A feeling of pure happy,
       As she is here with me...

She may be disappointed, 
in the action's that I have taken;
   However unforseen;
Yet she show's only a smile, 
     as she reaches towards me...

Although darkness surrounds me,
     Above and Below;
   I can feel her arm's embrace me,
with a strong grandmother hello..

I can feel her beating heart,
 as it presses into mine;
         This is where I belong, 
I've known it all the time.

I feel that if my face is smiling,
   as if it were to never leave;
  As the love coming from her eyes,
leaves me content and at peace;
   As so gently, without fear;
      I Fade into sleep...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012

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Away from the sun,  
    Ice cold has settled in;
No warmth,  no ray's;          
    is the brightness;
That once filled the moments,
     of all your days...

A cold wind,  blows strong;
  Allowing no entrance,
   Dusk till Dawn...

  A soft sleep,
     Though rare;
Releases your mind,
   from the frigid chilled air,
  allowing you too dream;
  Though skepticle, you dare...

 Quickly you embrace,
As you dream of the warmth,
     That once filled you with happiness;
  As you dream of the smile,
    that glowed from her face...

Copyright © Terry Cunningham | Year Posted 2012