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The time yet to come 
Starts from now and thereon
A time far fetched to be born 
I shall reap all I have sowed. 

I pray to God 
That my days ahead be bright 
More life and experiences of delight 
As I keep thy faith to be upright 
I shall stand and procure what's right. 

Beautifully, I paint the picture on my mind 
As my efforts and commitments are bound 
Utilizing possibilities in every opportunity 
I foresee my future in reality.

My future shall be an epitome of God's wonders 
In as much as I keep up and not slumber 
Though, tomorrow may never be promised 
I shall continue to live in the moments of my 

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Life is a journey
A journey through the unseen 
A journey different from other journeys 
We all shall go through 
Face trails, get tempted 
No one is exempted. 

Why is there a negative story 
Behind everyone's moments 
Yet people rejoice 
Some, they perish
I've trailed through this journey, looking for a 
Yet, no preferable conclusion. 

Some so smooth 
Some so rough 
Mine is so tough 
Learned so many ideas 
And lost much zeal 
Is it ideal to be idle?  
Whereas the idle mind conceives terror 
And a busy hand goes mislead.

What is sure to a perfect life? 
Is it a life full of lies?
Or a life with the light 
Life of delight with a plight is half a life.

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You be the reason of my outcome
Be the bearer of the pain 
Be the endurance through my period 
For days to months I framed inside of you 

Smiled to the sound of my cry 
Held me close to your heart 
Whispered a name to my ear 
Called for a celebration to my birth 
In my sleep i felt so save from the world 

In your motherly nurture.                                   
I advanced to be mature 
Tutored me the necessity to a brighter future.    
The memories of childhood Be my mind's vivid 
My childhood tears, You made me shed 
Has been the rod you never spared 
Mother and son: Bow and arrow 
You shot me into my tomorrow.

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It is the beginning of the day 
The cock crows 
The cool breeze blows 
Toads and crickets retire to their homes 
As birds start to sing sweet melodies above. 

The earth is wet from the midnight dew 
The cloud all white reforming its blue 
All plants arise for the sun to shine 
Breakfast is ready for us to dine. 

Bright and brighter the day gets better 
What tells the atmosphere? 
It signals that the sun is near.

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