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Details | Emily Schaffer Poem


A warm day, a cool breeze,
An autumn forest, a perfect freeze.

A flying choir, a band of nature,
No one present, a pretty picture.

A graceful doe, a curious fawn,
A shallow mirror, a magestic swan.

A quiet peace, a golden sun,
In hopeful silence, I wait for you to come.

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2012

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

Love Letter

When the night falls, slowly eating away at the blue day,
I lay, eyes awake, mind searching for a perfect image of you.
I search my ears for a remnant of things that you say,
But nothing I find comes close to the real, physical you.

These thoughts of mine do race without stopping to take a breath.
Until sleep comes from exhaustion alone,
And I dream of being by your side until my death.
Your absence is as the agony of a broken bone.

Those few nights we shared a bed,
I felt things I did not know existed in this life,
And though, "I love you," you have repeatedly said,
I will not be at peace until we are wed and I am your wife.

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2014

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

Loves Lives On

We stand here; hand in hand, face to 
Preparing to embark into a dark and 
dangerous place
To the land without rain; through the 
fire and the flames
Into a darkness with many, many 
Fueled only by our blind bliss
Energy of a lifetime from just one 
single, passionate kiss
The pure rejuvination of hearts 
turned lethargic
A love as easily kindled as a candle's 
It burns with an ember that's vividly 
And silence much louder than the 
words unsaid
All those before us have lived and 
are now gone
And yet, and still, love lives on

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2014

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

Angel Wings

                   Angel                        wings
                 carry me                   far away.
              I just want to            be free every
          single day. A void,      an empty space, a
     grave. From this I need  to be saved. Lost is this  
   world all alone. Nothing to call my own. In the arms   
   of my angel, I'll fly away from here. And I'll escape
   this endlessness that I         fear. Deep in my heart
    is only suffering and             pain. And the cause
     I couldn't ever                          explain. Maybe, 
      I'll wake up                                and it will all
       be just a                                    bad dream.
         To the                                       Angels
          I will                                          cling.
           <3                                             <3

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

It is You

There is something I cannot help but see,
Every time you look into my eyes.
There's always a smile when you look at me.
There is only truth; there is no disguise.

But in all of these unexpected days,
It has been you I have loved all along.
It's all come in this unexpected way.
Could it really mean it's where I belong?

There's no longer any more mystery.
You are the home my heart searched for so long;
This is finally very clear to me.
And it is you I have loved all along.

And I'm filled with the sweetest devotion,
Your love poisons my veins with emotion.

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

Image of Love

I see your face, I look into your eyes,
And I fall apart, can no longer even try.
Though I know beauty can be full of lies,

Nothing could alter your image for me.
If they could part the sands from the sea,
They never could part my love from me.

Here, there is nothing but rocks and stones,
No friendly souls or angels to guide you home.
Here, you are so, so very alone,

But I have seen your heart, know your words.
They tell me that my vision is blurred,
That my thoughts are slow, my words slurred.

Even love cannot look beyond an evil face;
It can't be missed, not a trace.
No, you're an image of pure grace.

True, beautiful perfection is what you are,
I look in your eyes and I can see the stars.
I'll always come to you, no matter how far.

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

Tir Na Nog

Little people on the hill,
Dancing 'neath the moonlight.

Bid me come with them, I will,
Run and run 'til out of sight.

Tir Na Nog, Tir Na Nog,
Under every moore and bog.

Land of the young,
Of whom we've often sung.

To a land of fairies old,
To a land of dance and song.

Where I will never 'er feel cold,
Nor the night will 'er feel long. 

This is a lullaby my sister, Rebekah, and I wrote together.

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2012

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

I Miss You So

                   I miss                        you so.
            I love you,baby        with the entirety
         of my soul. So long ago my heart you stole.
       I need you now, forever and always. I'll miss
     my love the rest of my days. I need so much to
     look in to your beautiful eyes. My heart is yours,
      I'll never again cry. This poem is for you like all 
       the rest. I just want you to know that, Baby, 
          you're the best. In my eyes, you'll never
            alter. My love for you will never falter.
                This is an ache that will never go 
                   away. I'm haunted by these
                        words I just can't say.
                         I love you only, Baby
                            Could you love
                                me too? I
                                 miss you


Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem


They call my name but I do not hear.
Their words and voices are anything but clear.
I don't even try to listen; I'm filled with fear.

You do not notice my absence, I know.
I know that you forgot me long ago.
I reap, not my work, but what you sew.

What you've done cannot be forgiven;
What you have taken cannot be re-given.
The more pain, the more my heart hardens.

The more they seek me, the more I hide.
All but you have at least tried,
To reach me when I am far off, when I've died.

You go to a place far away from home,
When you feel so completely alone.
Going through your life with a fine-toothed comb,

And they expect appreciation, to be let in?
No can know, no one can know my sins.
My spirit is weak, my soul feeble, my trust shaken.

You haunt me where ever I go.
I still taste the venom, it was so long ago,
But I, I remember what you did, and so,

I try to forget, try to erase an abundance of pain,
But my memories will always be of storms and rain.
I needed you so much but never will again. 

I picked a poisonous flower, 
Sometimes even the beautiful will devour.
You took something sweet and made it sour.

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013

Details | Emily Schaffer Poem

Forever, A Child

A young girl, all believe she's insane,
She feels the cool rain of spring,
Which drums the endless rhythm of her pain.

She tries, but just can't understand.
Why they stare, why they pity her.
They say you always need a helping hand.

Forever a child, that's what they'd said.
They didn't believe when she saw,
The fairies dancing on the road ahead.

They don't see the flowers come alive,
And whisper and giggle in the fields.
They don't see the lily pads when they dive,

And they call her names that hurt inside.
They say, "stupid, crazy, and retard."
Why did they laugh when she had cried?

which drums the endless rhythm of her pain- line
Revelation in the Rain by Andrea Dietrich- poem and author

Copyright © Emily Schaffer | Year Posted 2013