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Ladder of hope

I'm the livest survivalest
Some say I did it to death.
I feel like I'm taking my first breaths,
on this blessed quest.

Down south it's heating up.
Fire is burning.
With this knowledge I'm striving so much hire.
Prepared to earn more than ten armies require.

I'm the flyest, wildest, livest, survivalest.
Several times the devil tried to buy this.
He might as well call it quits.
This country boy aint selling it.

The ladder of hope.
I could float to the top, 
Alone on these tears of promise.
Forget Osama and Obama,
we don't need no more drama.

Slinging these stones,
if definitely crippling, 
its got me questioning 

From all lifes lessons
Good, better, bestest
Every piece is the one
that will carry me the restest.

Far from settling.
Even when I'm at the top
I will continue my quest 
for a higher notch

Between now and then
forward progress will never stop.
not till I take that 
six foot drop

Persistently, persuing, perfection.
Never let it rest,
Till your good is better,
and your better is your bestest.

I'm the flyest, wildest, livest, survivalest
several times the devil tried to buy this
he might as well call it quits
cause I'm not selling it.

Enjoying the little things in life.
Always thankful for what I've got.
Never worried bout what's not
when he calls I'll be in the perfect spot.

Always's grateful, but my searching hasn't quite stopped.
Hurrying, but not rushing.
Rung after rung...
Mind racing,  steadily pacing, my way,
rung after rung...
Feet shuffling, honestly hustling, positively bustling,
from time to time,
Shucking and jiving, persistently striving, and climbing my way
back to the top.
Rung after rung, rung after rung...

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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too little, too late

I know it's real late.
I just wanted to conversate.
My behaviors have been so fake.
The truth seemed to devastate!
Shattered your heart like an earthquake...
Apologies,  I know you hate.
My regrets I had to demonstrate.

Losing leaves such a sour taste.
These words just couldn't wait.
I wish you wouldn't hesitate,
to let me have another date...

I know it's real late,
but loneliness is such a dark place.
You know I can't see at night...
The truth always comes to light.
With what you've heard, 
life must be so bright.

Lead with your heart,
There's no need to think twice.
To continue this relationship,
sure would be nice...
I want to see you,
I understand if it's not tonight...

I know it's been little,
I hope it's not too late...

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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My belly's full, but I'm hungry.
There's plenty of food, but I can't decide what to eat.
If I move my feet will I lose my seat.
Figuratively I speak,
Would I rather be sitting on Flat Rock or climbing Squaw Peak.

Any where but here.
Inside my head's the one place I fear.
It's a place I will never forget.
The evil streets are well kept.
The worst part is the unforgettable kiss of death.
How could I ever forget.
Not once, but definitely at least twice,
the evils almost stole my life.
I would never end my own life.
For those who wonder,
I'll say it twice...
I would never end my own life.

As I stack up my days of sobriety...
Lifes' challenges have been trying me.

"Booze can fill that hole?"

"Booze created that hole?"

As I battle myself,
I diminish my health, wealth,
and anything good about myself...
Through all this distraction I must take action.

I'm built Ford tough,
with this rental I'm totally Focused.
Without income,
my summer plans are hopeless...
Does anyone know where that rope is???
Ha ha ha ha hah...
I'm so focused.

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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Sobriety is my number one priority.
Once i put that in jeopardy,
the afterlife will be calling me.
If I go now I better have a good short set,
because the devils work will be my next step.
I pray there will be enough time left,
to repay all my debts.
There's no need to stress 
when you're blessed by the best!

I've become a member of the rare breed...
And i am as proud as I can be...
Being a member of the dream team,
I can succeed in stopping the bleed...
Or are all these thoughts just another pipe dream???

If heaven needed an angel...
I wasn't selected,
definitely rejected.
Once I was blood tested,
they said forget it.
I'm so depressed,
but I'm so blessed.
I need to stop second guessing...
He makes no mistakes.
Thank you lord, for granting me this grace.
Nothing will ever take your place!

One minute flying sky high
feeling like a super-hero!
Next, reality sets in,
and I'm back to ground zero...

Up's the only way I'm going.
For those who don't know,
I'm not scared of heights!
Allowing my faith to take flight,
I'm back to elevating my life!!!

Beleiving is one thing,
but now I have faith.
I'm not my best,
but I'm better than I was yesterday.
Continuing this upward.
Taking all that I can from lifes' lessons,
I will have moments of perfection,
and that is truly a blessing!!!

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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We've been "slammed"


Im heart broke.
I didn't get to vote.
Is this a joke.  
Now I've been provoked.

It's like Cambells in Camden,NJ
leaving the people with no hope.
It's been banned...
all the other 
four letter words,
that, I understand.

I'll be slammed...

I'm contemplating,
thinking,and wondering
were you plotting and planning,
to not let us be slamming....
Our hearts are bleeding. 
This is devastating, 
and frustrating
Most of all
if your not liking
you should stop reading.
Now we must
stop slamming...

No worrying,

We wont be: 

"diss" missing or 
"diss" respecting 
the "can," 
but this is so 
"diss" appointing...

I was ready to be the K.I.N.G
I understand...
We've been slammed
by the "souper" slam.

I'll...   be...   man....-

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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Markings of an underdog

Isolating myself.
I open up.
Start climbing off the bottom.
Without a dollar in my pocket.

Losing track of myself.
Down on my luck.
All my thoughts are racing away.
How could I be stuck?

I felt like I was making progress,
Till I looked up.
I was right back where it all started from.
Some one dial 911...

There's holes in my back, a gash that stretches down my neck into my chest.
I ain't Dr. Dre, but my head keeps ringing.
There's a split down my hip and rip down my knee.
My brain is swollen, three spots on my brain; steady leaking.
There's pins and needles dancing from the tops of my shoulders
down my arms to the tips of my fingers.
The screws, pins and plates
keep everything in place.
Prescribed dope...
for this pain, 
it's the only way to cope. 
When it subsides, 
I can only hope 
to keep a smile on my face...

Through all the rain, I'm basking in the sun.
I'm so sky-high, yet so grounded
I can see, yet I'm color blinded.
My brain's in pieces,  why don't have peace of mind?

Feet planted in the soil, standing firm,
flexing, barking, drooling and growling.
Spitting, scratching, clawing, gnawing...
Coming on,
stronger and stronger.

The under dog is ready to give chase.
Prepared to run a wiser race.
Desperate for what I yearn.
The underdog will always get what he deserves.

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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Luv it or leav it

From the top of my class,
to the bottom of every glass...
Alcohol helped me fall.  
From padded floors to rubber walls.
I've seen it all.  
Alcohol caused it all.  
Now the weak must get strong!!!

It's a blessing to shake this depression. 
Even if it's only for a second...
I can finally catch my breath.  
Living like I was guaranteed to be the last one left.
Twice I did it to death. 
On my conquest I checked.
For this second it's not my time to rest...
So what if I did it to death.  
I'm still the cleanest, coolest, and occasionally the most foolish one left.
Still the creme de la creme.  
The best of the best. 
That only part of why I feel so blessed.  
And for this second...  
I can catch my breath...

God's grace brought me to a better place.
Where I don't chase.
It feels good to be sober.
All this growth has made me feel so much closer.
It feels good to be sober.
it's official the chase is over!!!
Now feeling so much higher...
With this fire I earn more than I require.
So, it's logical...
I can overcome any obstacle.
With this knowledge
life has become much more profitable..
That's why I don't have any concern,
when I say let it burn!

Having All these reflections,
there is no question,
life must be destined...
Being the best I can be...
Whatever is meant to be will be...

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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lead by faith

I know where my heart is.
Why do I feel so torn apart?

Maybe I should get back to the start.
At a young age this girl had me sparked.
Me, having girlfriend after girlfriend.
Her, having boyfriend after boyfriend.

Our connection never dripped a drop.
Maybe once or twice,
before the ball dropped.
The feeling never stopped.
Soon we grew apart.
Out of sight,
but never out of mind.
Rarely did we check in.
We both new this feeling wouldn't end.

Five years pass, or was it six?
Either way,
at the end of '06
we were both in for some surprising...
Our paths crossed.
I don't think our feelings changed a bit.

Stories we exchanged.
How strange it became.
She resided in the south.
I stayed in the north.
I had plenty of time.
So I went back and forth.
Ringing in the New Year once in Vegas.
The next in New York.
Once again the situation came up short...

At last,
she's a member of the '09 graduating class.
I was in, and she was on some other 
June we finally met.

From Greenville to Greenwood,
Ashville to Arden county.
Up the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Pisgah mountains.
Next was Grave yard falls.  
On to the Paddle Inn,
Down the Nanthala river. (land of the afternoon sun)
Up the Gorge of the Appalachian Trail.
Independence day was spent on Love Isle., at Calhoun Falls.
If we only new how much pain this would cause.

Once again our relationship is taking off.
Enjoying ever piece
of this life changing experience.
Knowing it will all end soon.
We may have blew
it all on the full moon.
If so, It was a great ride.
I had a blast the whole time.
Whatever happens back home,
We'd be fools to be surprised.

Together or apart,
she will always have a piece of my heart.
Once I got a taste
never did I hesitate
to give chase.
Or was I just lead by fate.

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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Everyone wants a wish right now...
All lil' Ms.  wants is a diss.
Ya'll know I'm new at this,
Im here, it's now, 
I'm leaving without your crown!

Ms. Destroyer,
I wish you the best.
This knight never naps.
As a matter of fact,
you wont get a wink,
not from me.
Not till' you take your cheese from the trap,
your straps snapped,
and there's no more hearing bout your snacks,
I'll don't want to read about
you getting strung up with your own "String of Nots"

Lil'  Destroyer,
I'm coming for ya.
This is the beginning,
Far from the ending.
It's gonna be lots of laps,
without a trap.
Don't worry bout a snack. 
It will be my treat.
I'll feed you the words you speak.

It's bout time you play along.
It's not Danny boy in this song.
No ma'am!
It's not a he-man slam.

Silly lady,
Use boy not toys.
No decoys to fill voids.
Your poetry,
I will glady destroy.
Host another contest,
I'll give you more.
I wont leave
I whip and lash,
and you and your hot meals are both out of gas. 
saying," Oh man!"
We just got slammed by Mr.  Loverman.

(: Lots of Luv.  :)

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010

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Happy Valley

Exuberating, elevating, rehabilitating. 
Aah!   Exhilerating in this "Happy Valley."
Far from the top,
but I feel sky high.
Life's B-B-B Boom's been enhanced 
since I've arrived.
Thank the lord i didn't pass my chance
to visit this "Dynamite Ranch".

Copyright © matt T. love | Year Posted 2010