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Lost myself in Mexico

Well, I jumped across the earth to the other side
and found myself in a place called Mexico
I wanted to home so I told them lies
about what I thought how much I hated it here

I left my green card in my passport
and I left my passport alone at home
So I walked to a bar in a place called Mort
and I had whatever they gave to me

I woke up later with some energy
So I walked down to the beach to swim it off
it was getting dark and I lost all since of me
at last request I stayed the night with ?Maria?

I spent day two ATVing down the drive
and spent my money on a donkey
I got bit by a rattlesnake on the ride
no one helped me but I stayed alive

I limped to the nearest shelter
and I drank some more anyway
until someone screamed to go help her
as I turned around to see a dying girl

I gave her a hand and we fell in love
I still can't explain how it pulled it off
or what she was dying from- some-thing?
we slept on the couch of the bartenders club

In the morning we ran away 
to find another job to pay
for my trip home in May
and all my boss had to say... was:

How was your stay in Mexico?
and I spoke very softly
in spanish I never knew
"Nunca encontré un Taco Bell"

And that's the story of what I went through

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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PDA: the next slam

Never again will you send my friend a frown
you will be shot down and you won't wear the crown
I as a doctor myself am ashamed to be in your presence
as far a the destroyer she is the pure slam essence 
I am just a boy with the power of millions
you can't break anyone down with your billions 
you don't see that your slams are not well written 
and the only thing we get is nothing far from bitten
so Doc are you ready to pay all the fines?
because in the end I write the last slam line

back up the boat
you'll never cross my moat
my archers are in place
all aimed at your face
if you need me I'll be here
sharpening my sword's steel
waiting for an actual challenge
worth the fight and the balance 
get back up or walk away
but in the end, I must say:

my personal display of affliction 
isn't countered by your decision

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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Take down #0459587

Funny it may seem, stanza or not it's still a dream
I may think orange, rhymes with door-hinge 
but I know this, you have no focus 

I don't need to be a good poet to see
that your in cell for lack of glee
I can tell happiness does not apply
so incorporate this into your time:

I don't need any template, to create my masterpiece
I tend to make my own rules, and always win complete
you don't realize how much time I waste away with this
I may not be a good poet, and I thank you and your wits

but I am not P.D.'s lap dog, or even her project
I am my own person, and I take what I can get
My name is spelt with a R-E-D, and I care less what you think
And this last line I will describe how much I think you "stink"

what is that-at-at-at-at
I think he's mad-ad-ad-ad-ad
his poems stink-nk-nk-nk-nk
what do you think-nk-nk-nk??

By: Mitchael Age: 6

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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can you here me
I'm calling your phone
do you ever nearly
think about me at all
I worry that your fading
and crying only helps the pain
I can take this much insanity
I'm sick and alert 
in this place alone
the tear stains on your shirt
I wish you goodnight
and you don't resond
I'll say it tonight
but it's still a lost cause
"hello there"

P.S. I'm back... muhahahaha

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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Black Angel

Deceiving and inviting 
suns glare hides it's true

All the stars in the night
or the colors of day 

Can't blend together 
to make something so beautiful

and as only human
struck down in fear

and in horror
perfection lasts only 

here in the angels eyes
black as the new moon sky

nothing can compare to
how the darkness lies 

in the angels heart
and the only flash of light

shows the true form of
reality and scorn

Red devils and white saints
witches and warlocks

cowboys and Englishmen 
Martians and elves 

none of which can bare to see
the beautify of the Black Angel

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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Never...O.k. maybe one more time...and then never

No it's not anything you may be thinking of
it's in fact a very unknown thing because
you see I have a friend Nick 
and he felt a little sick
and he grew tired of organized crime
so I tried to break him out of his mind
to set him on a lighter course
although it took alot of force  
he got out of his old ways
he still went back to those days
Nick Never Craze (yes, that is his real name)
Held his old ways (everything stayed the same)

so I wrote this for him

Never back down he said
I can't be normal again
Can you see me, Red?
Killing me inside again

Crazy how it feels
Right and wrong it steels
Always searching for something more
Zippo lighters and kicking down doors
Easy times they where indeed
    but this is how it feels to me

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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...I just want your kiss

--I had a dream and it came true, this is about it--

Deepen your thoughts my love
I give this gift up from above

I think I want you, you know
be mine under mistletoe

I think that I love you.
I hope you love me too-

So meet me in this bliss!

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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War-Locked with a Poet Destory

Warlock of Poetry!
your move will turn you into shamrock!
That girl will beat you down 
and when you beg for her to stop 
the only thing she'll do 
is kick dirt in your face
She will kill all your hope
for ever claiming the title of slam champ
and she WILL have you bow to her
as she has done to many
just do what the rest of them do
Run the hell away!
Failure is the only option 
of which you survive...

Man, your poetry is "odd"
It's plot is non-exsistant 
and your game is un-played
your lust is the only fire you command
and everything else is just wrong
dude, she's going to win...
and if you even think of slamming me
you will be thrown aside
like love letter drafts
in the trash basket
so chill out
and don't get killed
you my warlock friend
are going down!

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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Chemical reaction 
another death For the Fraction

It's all for one thing
and something something something

The space they need to be
is given through energy

It's natural and complex
learning only simplifies next

You can't make infinity shorter
and you can't do anything forever

The space you need to be
is given through energy

Final destiny calls for
science and power knows

Speed and distance
are only measurements

The space we need to be
is given only through energy

The space everyone needs to be
only through newtons: energy

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010

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Agent Arkansas 90766 BETA (Part 3)

[90766 Log 003]

7/18     20:12

Nate-- Touchdown! The crowd goes wild!
Agent-- So your going back to the outpost now?
Nate-- Yeah, Forest is my home. The outpost there is too.
Agent-- O.K. I'll stop by and see you soon.
Nate-- I'll be there. I'll play your song on the way home.
It's still "Say Anything" by Cartel right?
Agent-- You got it. I love that song.
Nate-- Memory like an elephant...
Agent-- Body of a Tiger?
Nate-- yup.
Agent-- Stay safe out there.
Nate-- you too...

Copyright © Ryan Emerald | Year Posted 2010