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Studying Love

I am so inclined to read for I wish to know. 
Although first it seems I have to understand the question which I seek to answer. 
Unfortunately I do not yet have this question. 
I would ask as many before me of love, 
But as they have asked before and given the way the world still is, 
To no success, 
I fear that the question of love is not to be answered by humanity. 
So then I just read. 
I am torn from left to right, up and down, 
About the existence of God from Voltaire 
And the definition of the beautiful and sublime by Kant and Nietsche. 
Contradictive the former is to the later. 
So where then will I find some sort of universal truth, if such a thing exists? 

I read more and I feel sick with a sense of digression from my first position. 
I read of war 
By writers who have experienced and had the knowledge to express it 
With structure and form, 
Writers that have passed times test and are regarded as the greatest, 
Only to be contradicted by another who is held to an even higher standard. 
I feel that I am watching this world pass by in third person, 
But I believe myself to be waiting for truth that I can utilize 
As a tool to make the best of my world. 
Although I do not look to define love nor even read specifically about it, 
I know it to be fact that answers lie somewhere in that single syllable, 
Four letter word. 
I believe this to be similar with my studies of literature 
And all that the study entails, 
To the way a scientist knows answers lie in the relation of gravity to magnetism. 
But like them, I know not of a question, 
I merely know that there is an answer. 

In all of this said, I believe I have said nothing. 
My previous sentence should define my life if I continue to look. 
And so I turn to love once again, 
Not to be defined but simply to act. 
J’aime, and that should conclude my thoughts on the subject.

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010

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Leaving Oklahoma

In a pile of leaves 
Made into a bed
Under a tree 
You lay down your head

To stare at the sky 
And dream of a day 
The river will flow
And take you away 

So gentle the stream 
So calm the air 
And muddy the water 
That takes you there

Stained are your clothes 
From the places you’ve been 
A constant reminder 
Of morals within 

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010

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With Me

To be with me?
Well take my hand and let us see.
What dreams may come,
What things could be,
If you my love,
Would be with me.

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2009

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no reward for honesty

I told the truth and lied to myself 
Both at the same time 
I'd love you forever
Through sickness and health 
And still you won't be mine

What am I to do
I expose my bloody past 
Attempting to be trusted
Pulled from the salvage 
Placed at your feet 
Broken down and rusted 

I lied cause I showed you 
And broke a promise to myself 
Hoping for acceptance 
But now I sit alone 
In the dark with all my past
Begging for forgiveness

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010

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The Spaceship

So I’m building a spaceship, 
But where should I start?
When the spaceship I’m building 
Is made out of art

Books for the seats
And paintings for the walls
Cause this type of spaceship 
Goes nowhere at all

I do not want it to
Why should it go?
To travel to space,
Where I do not know?

When in my own room
There’s mystery and tale 
In pages of books 
In pictures on nails 

I will set up two chairs
Connect them by sheets 
Webster can help me
With good wordy seats 

I will need a good staff 
I will need a good crew
To narrate our path
To guide us all through 

Virgil can help 
He’s a good guide
He knows the maps 
Of the spiritual side 

And there’s only one doctor
I could put to good use
The greatest of time 
The old Dr. Seuss 

A friend of Ernest 
Our pilot to be
An old timey sailor
A man from the sea

A hatch I will make
Of a copied Van Gogh
The stars through the door
Oh how they will glow 

Our ship will be waterproof
So that’s no concern 
But in case there’s a problem
I will bring Jules Verne 

A clock I have seen 
That hung in the hall
Created by Dali
Will make up a wall 

I believe that is it
That’s all I will need
I’ve got my good paintings
I’m ready to read

Oh no but wait
I almost forgot
Shakespeare, get in 
We’re about to take off!  

And away we go
On a journey tonight 
To return tomorrow
At mornings light

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2009

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My Personal Hell

Are there still pictures hanging up on a hook
In a room with a candle and a bed that once shook

Are there wrappers of beauty preventing a birth 
Covering the floor with the sin of the earth

I'm sorry I'm the man that broke my heart
By taking the beauty away from the art

I am my own sin, I dwell in it well
Welcome to the world, my personal hell

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010

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What Choice

Adventures and Allegories 
Angst and Animals
Anniversary Art 
And African Brothers 

Businesses and Caregiving
Childhood and Internet
Confused Cowboys 
And Daughters Death 

Dedication and Depression 
Devotion and Education 
Epic Faith 
And Family Fantasy 

Fathers and Food
For Children and Forgiveness 
Friendship's Funny 
And Girlfriend's Happiness

Health and History 
Holiday and Hope
Husbands Imagination 
And Inspirational Introspection 

Life and Loss 
Lost Love and Love
Mothers Music 
And Mysterious Native Americans

Natural Disasters and Nature
Nostalgia and On Work and Working 
On Writing with Words  
And Parody Passions 

Peace and People 
Pets and Philosophy 
Places Political 
And Recovery From... Sadness

Satire and School 
Science and Science Fiction 
Seas and Seasons 
And Sister Socialism 

Son and Song 
Sorry and Space
Sporting Sympathy 
And Teenage Thank Yous

Time and Uplifting 
Urban and Visionary 
Wars and Weddings 
And Wives who Work 

All these choices  
And I had a block?
Thank you dear soup 
For the key to the lock

There's something to be seen
We are jailed by the list 
Fifteen more 
Or so that you've missed

Writing is freedom
Make Other a choice
Stop choosing for us
And give me a voice 

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010

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A Love So Rare

Tears formed in my Grandmas eyes
In her chair, in her room, when Grandpa died

I knelt down beside her, Pa in the bed
Without one word she bowed her grey head

I took her soft hands and began to pray
Hallelujah to the Father Pa’s home to stay

Fly with the angels my Grandpa my friend
My partner my buddy who loved to no end

Comfort my Grandma while she’s all alone
Be with her Lord until she comes home

With tears in my eyes at this prayers end
I kissed her sweet head and prayed amen 

Her hands were cold her face was pale
Her shirt was soaked and the air was stale

I laid her by Pa and sat in the chair 
Together forever is a love so rare

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010

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I dream of a time 
When I speak my mind
For mothers
For women

But all of this dreaming
Has got me rethinking
Oh what
Sort of

What people would think
The size of the stink
I'd cause 
With the 
Right I 

So who has the right then
To stand up and fight then
For honor
For pride
and for

Well bring out your colors 
We'll stand by eachother 
We all
Will be 

So First to the items
Whose creators defined them
As beauty
As sexy

Here's to the UGGZ
That whored us like thugs
You keep 
Your leathers

Here's to Ed Hardy
The life of the party
With vodka 
and coozies

Here's to your Secret 
Victoria you keep it
We don't
Need your
lines or

Here's to our Coach
Who took the approach
That women
Are defined
By a 

Here's to the poor
Design of Couture
Your Juicy
Fit tight 
And looked 

But the strongest conformity 
I've seen is sorority
Your t-shirts
The billions 

Now onto the role models
You know one that you've modeled
The great
We see

So thank you Mrs. Cyrus
For helping inspire us
To look
At parties

Thank you Mrs. Gaga
Your language of blahblah
And sorry
You dropped 
All your 

Thank you Mrs. Hilton
No really you're great when
Your sex
Is firmly

And thank you Mrs. Simpson
An honorable mention
Just dumb
With the
Hair that

(In a different form now in order to provide emphasis ; )

And last but not least 
It's Palin the beast
And here
My heart 

To a gender in pain
From a woman insane
The world
Would be 

Now is it easy this far
To see how we are
by material 

And if you can be the leader 
And give influence the finger
Then stand
And spread


Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2009

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Dandelion Freedom

Rest in ease beside me my love
With grass pillows amongst these sprouting flowers 
Destination uncertain but they shoot for the sky
And they long for love that’s wonderfully ours

Hold my hand and pray with me
Those false lives’ they live in ovals will never define them 
Ask that truth present its beauty 
And love may blow the dandelions’ outside the atrium 

Copyright © Micah Freeman | Year Posted 2010