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Just Another Saturday Night

Author’s Note:
Close friends often speak to each other in a language of their own making that outsiders 
can’t understand.. This is a look at a situation that created one such language between 
me and my best friend in high school. Nothing more, nothing less.

That Damn dinosaur-
Burning the bacon, again!
Smoking up the bathroom...

Combustible toilet spread,
Hot Damn! regurgitation,
Lettuce boat, left behind...

Jelly oozing from the ceiling,
with Banana-berry holding it up
Stupid football hole...

Ta-ta-vision, laughing station,
Spewing crescent dough from nostrils,
Favored flavored burger darts?

Did I mention the Damn dinosaur?

Burning chicken wings!
Porn on the sinking hangers,
Decimated delivery guy...

Spirits, in the room (and on the table)
a shower curtain ring on plywood-
Dance to random Ouija phrases...

Ramen numerals besieging Boo-
Cat’s claws in the wall,
Curling kitty hair-do, crazy!

Smokin’ smoggies under-table,
Birdies fly out over glass?
Tapping on their tail feathers...

Where the hell is that Damn dinosaur?

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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Louisiana Sky

The theory is
drops of water
collected on dust

What I see is
a brilliant mix
of sky and earth

The bluest blue water
the greenest green grass
the blackest black dirt

Earth rising up
ties the heavens
to the ground

Waves of energy
tumble down
purging tainted lands

The healing power
of Louisiana sky
washes the past away

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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The Dealer

Sell my soul by the gram
empty on the inside
surrounded by ghosts
careful of my step
I walk on eggshells
around puddles of pain
suffocated by clouds of angst
in fear of tomorrow
and the consequence
today may bring

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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Tropical Depresion 12

I can recall that night,
so vividly, still...

The salty ocean air on the 
tip of my tongue
as Atlantic winds blew her
ever closer to me;

and her scent-
a blend of seaweed and sand,
it whispered secrets to me 
(so vile)
I dare not speak them aloud,

as I stood there,
perched on weathered wood,
gazing out to where sands
meet swamp and
give birth to my city;

Oh, the wretched beauty!
The glory of a home
only seen under
pressure of pending doom...

I knew, then,
that I would never stand again,
on those hallowed, hoodoo
shores of silt to see:

the forests that sprang forth from brackage,
the rainbow rays as the sun slipped away,
or the fishes that flowered
in the cypress...

Authors Note:

In the cypress forests in the swamps, fish feed on the tiny bugs that float on top 
of the water. In the spring, there is an abundance of these bugs and as a result 
you can see hundreds of fish jumping up out of the water in a feeding frenzy at 
dusk. The way they jump up and splash back into the water reminded me of 
flowers blooming.

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2006

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Farewell Sunset

There was something in the way
That the sun left the sky that day;

And when the Sun began to sink
The way the orange and red and pink

Dissolved and blended through
The green and brown and blue

On my beloved, sweet bayou
Somehow, I think I knew...

This storm was coming with my name
And we would never be the same

You and me, our chosen city
Would soon be named a nation’s pity;

This farewell sunset calls to me,
Beckons us to come live free

And forever let the fires burn
Until one day we can return

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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Deep, now;
Decide for yourself
Do you know
Desperation as I do?

Drive these
Drugs though my veins

Daily into Hell;
Damaged intentions to
Dry out,
Defeated by addiction

Damned in every
Dimension of life;
Dealers lurk,
Dope and
Dare me...

Do it,
Do it!

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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Writer's Block

Discounted sentiments
half truths and partial dreams
a broken life
and broken meter
no room left for rhyme

Cryptic messages
dire warnings and vain pleas
an empty soul
and listless pen
nothing written on the page

Diverted muses
forgotten thoughts and hopes
a deviated body
and empty head
no more divine connection

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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Sister, Seashore

...and Her white, peaked
breath beckons
'til we heed Her call
and She flirts with us,
Her emerald eyes
entrancing us all

and She waves -
the wind whipping wildly
through Her cotton coiffure
and She sings to us
- oh so sweetly -
a lullaby, so pure

and this is how we melt,
Her and I,
into the dream of us,
into the sky...

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2006

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Confessions of a Teenage Catholic

You hate my purple hair
You hate the way I dress
You hate the ones I call upon
When I am in distress

They hate my righteous attitude
They hate the way I drive
They hate the lies I tell them
In order to survive

You hate my independence
You hate the way I sing
You hate my strange addictions
And the consequence they bring

He hates my hidden heartstrings
He hates our time apart
He hates the distance in my eyes
When it’s not what’s in my heart

I hate myself with you
I hate myself with him
I hate myself for being here
Confused in wretched sin

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005

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Unrestrained, non-contained callous attitude
unexplained, over pained, indentured servitude . . .

Overstated, unrelated, tantrum over-grown
medicated, anticipated, origin unknown . . . 

Self defeating, overheating, systems overload
Unrelenting, soul dissenting, virtual implode . . .

Eradicated, decimated, instantly destroyed
terminated, eliminated, negative employed . . .

Annihilation, devastation, shattered symmetry
retribution, absolution, selective memory . . .

Over-bearing, never sparing, unending obligation
vacant staring, lack of caring, growing consternation . . .

Ruminating, agitating, lacking recognition
complicating, reiterating, periodic repetition . . .

Copyright © April Dobson | Year Posted 2005