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Riding for Independence

We have been riding for ever so long;
Now our search for our freedom seems to be gone.
We only took; of that which we need;
And we had no tricks; hidden there up our sleeve.

For me it began when the banker came round;
And my daddy's ranch; was burned to the ground.
We were all wanted, with a price on our heads;
And we hoped if they found us, we’d fight till we're dead.

We lived life as outlaws, with weapons at hand;
And if time comes for hanging, we'll die like a man.
But we’re not alone, there are others around;
They're not hard to notice, they’re wearing a frown.

So they're building our gallows, nail by nail;
And we think hard about it, here in this jail.
But we made our choices; and then we got caught;
Yet we lived life as free men, never owned never bought.

From the view out the window, it's people I see;
They're tipping their hats; and smiling at me.
We may be convicted, but we're not disgraced;
And you won't see a tear, running down from our face.
So they plan to kill us, but our kind will not end;
There's cowboy’s now out there; who'll ride once again.
Me and the boys, we ran out of time;
But there will be others that come down the line.

So To all of you worms; who crawl in the dung;
You'll never stop hearing, the songs that we've sung.
You're hoping to change us, or get rid of us all;
But if we all ride as free men, perhaps you will fall.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2007

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Swimming in blood

Did I know this dissention might come to be?
Yes I was aware of its probability.
Did that make me any more prepared for the situation?
No I was not nor am I now.
I guess some things are best walked away from;
And you old love must be one of them.
In the hospital cafeteria an old man asked me to sit;
So I did and he talked about his wife dying.
Did somebody send me a vision of coming tomorrows?
Who knows but I can’t go on like this anymore.
       I’ve injected, dissected and intertwined many angles;
       But inevitably it seems to always come back to here.
       As I slowly sink deeper into theses quagmire of depravation;
       I seem to have worked my way down from hero to zero.
       And my life is hell reflected in slow motion;
       As I live out these many fractions of time.
       And was it wrong to love you;
       The answer escapes me.
       And am I sorry now that I did?
       I think sometimes I am.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2011

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Muddy Water Dancing

She pulls the puppets strings; and as he’s jerking all about;
She throws her voice to make him talk, with his face held in a pout.
He forgets that he’s a puppet; while out there on the stage;
The audience is pleased with him; he’s the up and coming rage.

The puppet sings a love song; with the strings he’s made to dance;
He’s made to speak the saddest words; about his lost romance.
Everybody sighs and giggles; but quietly under breath
They know this is a tragedy; they’re waiting for what’s left.

The puppet thinks he’s living; but the puppeteer don’t care;
She controls what’s going on and in this play there is no fair.
Dancing for the devil; he calls this little act;
Existing in a make believe; there’s nothing more than that.

Every night at bed time; the woman gives a smile;
She pokes him with a fingernail recently just filed.
And with a monotone that’s frigid; she says it’s time to hit the sack;
So she opens up her luggage bag; and then she puts him back.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2008

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The holy ghost of Invisibility


Wrapped up in a blanket; by a fireplace in her mind
Remembering cozy evenings; 0f banquets once so fine.
      Where she held her lover tightly; trying to make it never end;
      But time has left her feeling; that it won’t come back again.
While the sparrows cling to bushes; and the doves hide in the eves;
The flocks go to the sanctuary; to pray there on their knees
       She remembers being a flyer; soaring through the skies;
       But she claims it was so long ago; behind a muffled sigh.
Waken from the day dream; confused she looks around.
A voice floats through the airways; void of any sound;
       But there’s no one there beside her; behind or in the front;
       So she climbs inside her special room; and there begins to hunt.
She’ll probably never find it; and if she did what could it mean;
It simply could be desperate wishes; that come from hopeless dreams

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2011

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I called up the thunder; I called up the rain;
I left a message; and gave them your name.
  I left a deposit; at Your Rent to Own;
  As soon as they get some; they'll deliver it home.
I  e mailed the Governor; with request for some snow;
But nobody answered; they're busy you know.
  Frosty the Snowman; says he'll try his best;
  To grant you your wishes; for this special request.
I got in my car; and drove in the dark;
To that special place; where angels do hark.
  I entered the union; of Unity Hall;
  They said they can do it; they'll give you a call.
At Natural Disasters; they all agreed;
They guaranteed me; you'd get what you need.
  I yelled up to Heaven; I asked for the boss;
  St.Peter then told me; for you there's no cost.
Early this morning; was a knock on my door;
Good God it was Elvis; singing let the snow pour.
  Cathy my dearest; worry do not;
  Sweet heart I'm on it, with all that I got.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2007

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Early New Years

Dark hair blowing
In the winds of hot desire
And dark eyes glowing
Like two diamonds filled with fire.
         Dancing to the rhythms;
         Well into the night;
         Nothing taken most was given
         Rocking on till all’s right
Was it accordance?
Or maybe a prelude who’s to know;
But it was certainly fully loaded;
Dangerously speedy but comfortably slow.
           Cocktails at the penthouse;
           Lights down low
           Cat tails swishing
           Nothing left to show

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2012

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Good-Bad or Indifferent


Expressions of an emptiness clinging to a limb;
Lovers going places few have ever been.
Relationships reflected on, severed or now gone;
But the drummer never stops his beat and life it must go on.
    Listening to the quite sounds of a secret lesson sent;
    Insisting to remember times that some say came and went.
    Floating in the air one breaths lie words that marked the day;
    And I will always keep them fresh till I’m gone away.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2011

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He's Looking

At first he is struck by her beauty and grace;
But then he is puzzled by the look on her face.
The look that she has says just go away;
Don't bother me now it's not a good day.
  As the look that he sees slowly slips by;
  He thinks he can see her in his minds eye.
  She seems held down by rules that boggle her brain;
  Trapped in a web known as anger and pain.
A beautiful creature locked in a cage;
She stands alone up on a stage.
She touches his heart he wants to reach out;
But too many improprieties hang all about.
  For him to befriend her is a hopeless desire;
  So he stands to watch as she sinks in the mire.
  He knows he can see her but he acts like he don't;
  He wishes he knew her but he knows that he wont.
He's helpless to help her no way to reach out;
Save one simple offer he wished he could shout.
Who ever you are what ever is true;
There is one who noticed, he's looking at you.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2005

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Moonlight Love

In that hidden mystery I call my mind;
There are places I seldom go;
It’s in these places that my soul often cries out;
Perhaps in likening to the wolf that howls to the moon
     While my heart beats it’s irregular rhythm;
     The thought of you consumes me;
     And my waking moments;
     They are of you and the times we spent together.
And I miss you so much;
And I want so much;
To see that me;
That once reflected in your eyes. 
      While draped in my shielded cape of invisibility;
      I imagine standing before a gap;
      I want to jump; but I won’t.
      For on the other side is the unknown.
And I remember so clearly;
Your answer when I asked if you liked me was;
“Do I like you; I like you like crazy”
And I loved the sound of that so much.
     It turns out it was me;
     It’s me that’s crazy.
     I was crazy to leave when I did;
     I was crazy to have never come back.
We loved spending time together;
And we were together but;
No one owned anyone;
And our obligation was simply to enjoy.
     How we ravished each other;
     We were as two lone timber wolves;
     Filled with desire;
     That we burned by the light of the moon.
And I understand now;
The desire to cry out;
For as I look into nights illuminations;
It seems that here, lost dreams must live.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2009

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Must you bare us ill

The blossoms in a meadow; being chocked out by the weeds;
Reflect the concepts of society; that do tangle and deceive. 
In a conquest for dominion; they can not stand alone;
And the beauty of the flowers; are seldom fully grown.

The mirror casts reflections; on a rosewood vanity;
And the drawers are filled with prizes; that adorns the sight they see.
Those oratory speeches; that they rehearse into the glass;
Are deceptions to a personal gain; and their smiles are but a mask.

When asked to quench his thirst; the woman said like hell;
You shouldn’t even be here; and this is not your well.
It’s very old and common; but bares so many names;
That man must battle other men; is a humanistic shame.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2009