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Climb inside and buckle in
Anxiously twisting the key
As a mechanical symphony roars to life
Setting nine hundred horses free
The machine becomes an extension 
Of my own flesh and bone
My heart beats in choppy rhythm
While eight cylinders scream in tone
Launch sequence initiated
The green bulb’s affirmative glare
Release one button as I depress another
The front tires suspend in mid air 
The mechanical cavalry stampedes 
While the pipes cry out their siren song
Defiantly embedding rubber into asphalt
Parallel stripes running dark and long
Every gear change seemingly effortless
Acceleration that flattens your chest
Control of the beast seems impossible
While every sense is put to the test
Heads swivel and jaws drop open
The earth quakes as I roll past
Vanishing into the darkness
Redefining the meaning of “fast”
For I have stared fear in the face
While others stood back and leered 
I stomped my right foot in defiance 
And clicked down to a lower gear 
This - the Divine Unity
Of Man and his Machine
In water we may be baptised
But in horsepower we are redeemed

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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The Mirror

Awoken from dream’s blackened veil
Thrust into this forsaken place
Madness and uncertainty consume
Seemingly hidden from God’s grace

The mirror reflects a stranger
Undetermined friend or foe
His gaze a vulgar display
His silent screams go unknown

Frantically tearing flesh from bone
My horrors turned to reality
This mask I can no longer shed
The man that I see … is Me ...

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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Steel Dreams

Like many before me, my Empire began
As but a passionate boy’s dream
They said risks outweigh the reward
Or, at least, so it would seem

I immersed myself in knowledge
Every action and reaction honed
From the classrooms to the boulevards 
Each day fitting the next stone 

Then the day finally came
To step up and take that great leap
And begin an incredible journey
Knowing well it would be no easy feat 

But word of my endeavor traveled
And men came from near and across the sea 
I opened the doors to my Cathedral
And invited them all in to see 

Many came to worship 
Brethren together the only rule 
At an altar born from steel and chrome 
Incense the aroma of rubber and raw fuel

We gorged our mechanical desires
Repeated stories of guts and grit
Carrying the torch of automotive redemption
Assuring every candle remained lit 

Some donated their internals
So that others could live on
Some found a new lease on life
And sadly, some were too far gone

Dreams of vehicular expression
Were baptized with blood and sweat
Blessings obtained by nods of approval
And jealous whispers under their gasping breathe

The sands of time have now swept away
Most all remnants of that mythical place
But relics take form in our memories and tall tales
And in Hot Rod History is The Junkman encased

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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Have you ever gone out to the garage, slid behind the wheel of that Bowtie, twisted the key and lit off that big Rat …
Rolled out to the middle of the culdesac, two clicks down into low, left foot over the brake while you slowly depress with the right ...
And just as the squeal of the tires begins to stir the neighbors, you hammer the accelerator until it starts to dimple the sheet metal in the floor beneath ...
You see Bill come running out his front door just as you lose sight of his house in the rearview thru the billowing clouds of white smoke now forming ...
Mothers rush to scoop up their children and pull them to safety as you slowly release your left foot and begin to have to steer now to keep her straight ...
Wheel to the left, then to the right, as you start to pick up forward momentum, while watching the tach bounce around the redline and then slowly start to fade downward ...
The smoke entering the car's interior starts to burn your eyes as you squint and struggle to keep your focus on the now hazy landscape ...
Right hand ratchets up once into second as the rear tires continue to scream in protest and things start to speed by with just a little more urgency than moments before ...
Finally she starts to hook and the G's start to press against your chest as you hesitate, take in a small breathe, and then click up one more gear ...
The steering wheel feels light in your hands as you tighten your grip and, even though the smoke has vacated the interior, you still struggle to see clearly due to your pupils being flattened by the blinding rate of acceleration ...
Finally, unwillingly, you lift, as better judgement overcomes raw desire ...
Three blocks later the tires have cooled and the smoke has dissipated, but your heart rate is still 30 beats faster than normal ...
And as you sit at the red light, you take a deep breath to try to regain some composure and glance over to the little old lady in the Caprice next to you ...
And you say to yourself ...
“You think she wants to run?"

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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A Father's Eulogy

He reached out to me
And said “Son, take my hand”
And thus began the journey
From young boy to man.
The road will not always be smooth
And at times we won’t see eye to eye,
But we will laugh and have great times
And yes, sometimes we will even cry.
I will teach you the meaning of family
And how to tell wrong from right,
I will support you in all your decisions
And in your successes we will all delight.
Your friends will always be welcome
Come ... sit ... eat ...
Our namesake will continue to flourish
And we will be remembered by all that we meet.
Live by honesty and integrity
Treat others with compassion and respect,
Your word is your bond
And a promise is always to be kept.
Your faith should live within you
And shine forth in all that you do,
Knew when to speak out, and when to listen
And never miss an opportunity to learn something new.
Yes, I was blessed with the finest example
Of a man I could call my DAD
My parents have always made me proud
And given me the best life any son has ever had.
And at the end ... in his last breathes ...
I reached out and took his hand ...
And said “Dad, it’s OK,
Rest easy now, your struggle is finally over,
And we will all be together again one day

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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All Hallows Eve

As the last light hangs its head in shame
consuming darkness slithers o’er the plain.

From within the black echoes screams of men
whose demise repeats again … and again.

Only howling winds bear witness to many men’s sins
while the blood-soaked earth conceals the horrors within.

The stench of death engorges the surrounding air
as the Reaper homes in on the soul’s last prayer.

From their chains the Hounds of Hell are released
as they hunt for the source of their next demonic feast.

For on this night they call All Hallows Eve
true evil conforms to what the mind conceives

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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I wish that I had known 
That was the last time we’d ever embrace 
I’d have held you until my arms went numb
Long enough for the memory to never erase

I wish that I had known 
That was the last time we’d ever speak
I’d have asked a thousand questions 
Talking until our voices were far too weak 

I wish that I had known 
That was the last time I’d ever see you smile
Watching your face light up once more 
Would make traveling any distance all worthwhile 

I wish that I had known 
That was the last time I’d ever hear you laugh 
We would have celebrated by raising a glass 
And toasting on your behalf 

I wish that I had known 
That we were running out of time 
Because the sentiments that remain unspoken 
Are what haunt those left behind

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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The Cross

"Draw back the curtain, peek past the smile
And from within the darkness growls the pain
Listen closely, hiding behind the laughter
As a single teardrop leaves it’s stain"

"While abundant and free for all
I struggle to grasp my share
I am screaming inside
While others go on without a care"

"My demons strangle like vines
Thorns drawing blood from their grip
I fear your glance will reveal the secret
That every shred of confidence has been stripped"

"What was once my altar
My sanctuary, my pride ...
With no warning and soulless indifference
Is now the prison I’m trapped inside"

"Life is no longer hallowed
As my reflection mockingly glares
Deeper and deeper into my soul
Sinks this cross that I must bear"

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021

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Do you see me?
When you study the lines on my face
and sense the darkness behind my stare  
Do you dare attempt to justify 
the scars that I must bear?
Do you hear me?
Although my voice bellows 
and enunciates as clear as day  
Do you truly grasp every syllable 
and comprehend the message they convey?
Do you understand me?
Do the mere words I present 
as my life’s work on a page
Give you a glimpse into my soul
exposing my passion … my rage?
Do you love me?
Whether reveling in my triumphs 
or entombed in my despair 
Did you embrace me as your Brother 
and include me in your prayers?
Do you know me?
If eyes are windows to the soul
Can you look past the hunger, the pain
And see what truly ignites my passion
And pulses through my veins?
Do you fear me?
For I escaped from the abyss 
Where men drown in their despair 
And the mind drags the soul
To where the body would never dare.

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2022

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Alone I sit
Entombed by the black
The day has again forsaken
There is no turning back
The wall clock bears witness 
Seemingly my only confidant 
The second hand’s every tick
Is but another cruel taunt 
Memories, visions 
All come to call 
Recounting the pain
Each step before the fall 
The darkness can hide
The sum of flesh and bone
But my demons see all 
And know when I’m alone
How do I fight 
What I cannot see
How do I overcome 
What is inside of me
I must endure 
For the night will pass
I pray it goes quickly 
And succumbs to daylight’s wrath 
And now every new dawn
Becomes both blessing and curse
Bringing challenges into focus
And new mountains to traverse

Copyright © Gregg Marcucci | Year Posted 2021