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Best Poems Written by Andy Hunter

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As flowers fill with summer rain
Commuters board their rush hour train 
Oblivious to all they see 
They must get home in time for tea 

Reflecting on their busy day
Decisions seldom go their way
The simple things that mean a lot
Just too busy – Now forgot

Magic times remain unseen
Now blinded by their dull routine
Tomorrows dreams stay in the past
Time flies by - the moments passed 

It’s easy to be lead astray
But every dog will have his day
The thoughts inside – Just Cant let go
So don’t let on -  no-one will know

All heading for another place 
They hide behind a dead pan face 
Afraid their plans have gone astray
They must survive another day

Don’t bother with a crystal ball
You have the power to recall
We each determine our own fate
So take control – Don’t sit and wait

Why stand in line and wait your turn
Just cut the ropes and watch them burn
Feelings that we all suppress
You never know – Perhaps they’ve guessed

The sands of time will ebb and flow
The tree that grows will always show
The promise of a future dawn
On platform nine you stand and yawn.

Copyright © Andy Hunter | Year Posted 2021

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Goblins dance across the wire 
With blood red eyes and wings of fire 
They beckon me to join their game 
Join in the buzz and kiss the flame 

My journey’s only just begun 
The purple sky ignites the sun 
We’ve chased the dragon – he’s on the run 
Now flying high and having fun

The strobe light penetrates my brain
As music pulses through my veins
Got no more cares- Got no more fear
Coz everything I needs right here 

I’ll take you where you’ve never been 
Beyond the boundaries of all dreams 
A mystery tour – enjoy the show 
We’ll cut a line and share some blow

Enjoy the buzz – the music’s loud 
Escape the madness of the crowd 
But first of all let’s score a hit 
Follow me – enjoy the trip 

I’m flying high and looking down 
In freefall now – I hit the ground 
The spider laughs and spins her web 
There’s no way out – she’s in my head 

My body heaves and starts to shake 
This nightmare dream I can’t escape 
The spider whispers “your time has come 
You’re in my web – my turn for fun” 

The goblins’ stare – they point and jeer 
Now relishing my wretched fear 
We make a deal – I pay their toll
My life now spent – They take my soul.

Copyright © Andy Hunter | Year Posted 2021

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The Blind Date

She's kissing mirrors and plucking hairs.
Wants to be with someone who cares.
She's running late - puts on a spurt.
She brushes her hair, slips on her new skirt.

She's hoping to meet a new someone.
Who won't just break her heart for fun.
She needs a friend, not just a flirt.
To end her loneliness and the hurt.

Is she too early or is he late.
With trepidation she sits and waits.
And plays it cool, it's just a game.
Thinks nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Now staring through an empty glass.
Her solitude is about to pass.
He calls her name, looks into her eyes.
They share their stories and realise.

They make the same journey everyday.
Both strangers heading a different way.
Together they sit and share their wine.
He makes her laugh - it's been a long time.

Copyright © Andy Hunter | Year Posted 2021

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You're Not Dead

Your image dances in my head 
Each night you climb into my bed 
We have no dreams – we never sleep 
Eternity is ours to keep 

Your lips are cold – your breath is still 
You understand the way I feel 
We share our thoughts – we laugh and cry 
Together we can never die 

They say you’ve gone – but can’t they see 
You’re always right here next to me 
They say I’m mad – but that’s because 
They only see what never was 

The empty spaces fill the page 
Their anti-stares fill me with rage 
What do they know – why should I care 
I feel your glow – you’re always there 

You’re with me every single day 
I need you now – you're here to stay 
We shared our lives – You own my soul 
Together we have paid the toll

We no longer sit and count the days 
Coz time is just a passing phase 
Your stone forever stays unread
You'll always live inside my head.

Copyright © Andy Hunter | Year Posted 2021