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Best Poems Written by Kelechi Francis

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Journey man
Chef of Choral cuisine
Sunset at Dusk
Drained of Melanin
A voice heard across generations
Stilled in immirimious waters
Strange silence 
As hearts fearfully flutter
What deafening silence is this?
An iroko has communed with the grass
Chills crawl up macho spines
This Hero here has joined eternal climes
Adieu, brother
Adieu, Bara.

Copyright © Kelechi Francis | Year Posted 2021

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Kwarapshen - Corruption

A Poem in Pidgin English

Me, ma na SARS
I sabi drop bars
My gun ready to blast
Any youth wey dey drive cars
If tattoos na your singlet
We go treat you like piglet
If you no gree cooperate
Omo, you go catch bullet.

Me ma na politician
If you check, I be magician
I dey "pight" my brand of "kwarapshen"
Play ball, I go give you admission.
My certificate na banza
My account balance na fire
If I like I go make yanga
Even next time I go still dey power.

Me ma na Naija
Our mumu don end here
Una plans go backfire
Na my generation go matter
Una vision dey our museum
And we ready to change our condition
Even if una kill small portion
We go still carry out our mission.

Lekki na the catalyst
We go use am minimize fatalities
We don learn all una tactics
And we have all the relevant statistics
Baba God na our confidence
Next election una go see our relevance
We dey ready- no more reluctance
2023 una go see proper sense.

Copyright © Kelechi Francis | Year Posted 2021

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The day is quite new
A worship day, I presume
Many still wallow in sin's perfume
I wonder how they do it
Even in His presence, they don't quit
Hypocritical hands raised in worship
Giving lip-service, oh! so cheap!

I don't mean to insult you
What I see is what I say
Our neighbours don't worship, they go to slay
My oga's wife wanted me for Easter
If not for the intervention of her daughter
So I am reporting her, dear brethren
She gives more attention to her yeye oven.

What is that smelly brew?
Oga takes one shot every morning
When he thinks everyone is sleeping
I stand on one leg and observe
Waiting to crow with the strength I reserve
Hypocrites make me want to puke
After they will quote the book of Luke.

There is life to receive anew
As I see these things daily
My heart worships God early
He created me to crow
And in obedience, I do so
So, why can't His best creation
Hold on to this eternal salvation?


Copyright © Kelechi Francis | Year Posted 2021

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There was a semblance of heavenly laughter
His ears, tuned to that frequency
Picked up the glasses tinkling
The heavens echoed with ripples of excitement
All, witnessing the home-strait
As The Son left the devil in His wake!
His human body, still in top shape
Gathered its strength for a last bellow
The air suddenly stilled
Creation paused to listen - 

He saw the tape across the finish line
Took deep breaths in a certain rhythm
Like the athletes before the sound of the gun
That signalled the start of the race in earnest.
His was done and humanity had won
The baton, firmly in His hands
He slowly lifted up His head
Arms hanging horizontally, possessing East and West
Torso vertically stationed, owning North and South
Head, raised and face towards heaven
He saw His Father’s precious smile
“Let it out, Son, it is done!”
And evil had a denouement
“IT IS FINISHED!!!!!!!!!”, came the victory cry!

Copyright © Kelechi Francis | Year Posted 2021