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Best Poems Written by Randall Yeaney

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Oh Beautiful Africa

Africa a continent of hope 
Paragons of love where overwhelming joy flows.
Your blessed resources make you a source of attraction.
Without you, the world is formless.
oh! Beautiful Africa

Africa a continent of peace
Where trees wave in love and harmony, 
Birds fly and sing in unison 
The river flows like an electric current.
The mountains are climbs and reclimb.
oh! Beautiful Africa

You bring civilization to all men.
You have the only Pyramid the world can boost off.
We see Rhinoceros, Greater kudu, Galago, Ostrich in you only.
You are rich in biodiversity, a shining desert, a huge valley, and good Savanna.
Oh! The continent of diverse culture and beauty
Oh! Beautiful Africa 

Africa a heart of many
Where stones, golds, diamonds are surplus.
A breed of dark, beautiful people 
Life in you is magical and full of excitement.
Beautiful are your traditions that attract your haters.
How beautiful are you?
Oh! Beautiful Africa. 

Copyright © Randall Yeaney | Year Posted 2021

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A Night of Tears

The night of sorrow overtook my life.
My heart was so heavy that I couldn't breathe.
So much was the pain that I couldn't bear.
Broken, broken was my impression.

The time of the unexpected came.
Grief and pain offer
Many tears I shared and wept alone.
Sorrowful, sorrowful I was.

Like rain, my tears run down my chest.
Faster was a trembling lip I couldn't bear.
oh! How I share these tears
Never, never will I forget.

A night that was ruined with tears
Never did I expect it.
oh! I thought it could be for a moment 
Yet, yet my tears never seize to overflow 

My whole being was lost.
Confuse and perplexity as I cried.
No shoulder to clench my tears on.
Bitterly, I felt.

Copyright © Randall Yeaney | Year Posted 2021

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Your Love

Your love has defined me/
I see no darkness in my life because of your love/
Your smile has brightened up my face and melted my hearts over and over again /
I am complete in a way that I cannot show/
I always thought love was a myth until you came through and correct my lies/
You give me your hands so sweetly that I can never get tired of holding them/
My life is yours, and my love for you is beyond eternity.
For being in your arms is like a paradise on earth that I always desire to stay in/
I am lost when you're away/
My heart is overwhelmed with joy/
I know that you love me very much/

My whole being surrenders/
With everything you do,
And all because of those precious words
You say I love you/

Copyright © Randall Yeaney | Year Posted 2021

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Should I continue this struggle

In the morning and night, I have never been at peace.
Lost and focused in my thoughts without ease.
I am clouded with worries and cries every minute I see.
Struggling and trying to succeed is my mission to achieve.
With sleepless night and many sacrifices, I have to proceed 
Should I continue these struggles or better hold my peace?

Being successful has always been my thoughts 
In luxurious I have fantasy enough 
Dream, dreams, I have had enough.
But when will the break of success be brought
Should I continue these struggles or better hold my peace?

My mind sees beyond what I hope to achieve 
Yet the daily pain causes me more grief.
Is it the best time or the worst time?
I am lost but want to succeed, but I can no longer bear the pain 
Should I continue these struggles or hold my peace?

Copyright © Randall Yeaney | Year Posted 2021