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Nineteen now,
You’d think I’d try take on the world. 
They say it’s at my hands,
For how long tho I question,
See I’m here writing this poem
Feeling some kind of tension.
I’m lying in the dark, 
Asking has my life fallen apart? 
Felt like it ended in the summer,
hit me like a hummer, 
Imma try start like an engine, 
Get back up and revving. 

Still here unWilling
Yet Will be my name
So at times when I’m grinning 
It just be for a frame 
A photo can last a lifetime 
But how long is that?
Juice said we won’t make it past twenty-one 
I’ll graduate 2:1, minimum at that

See nineteen was a lightyear away	
Buzzing when I saw that day
Never thought I’d see it 
Planned to never make it 
See my Grandma told me not too, 
Couldn’t put my family through the news 
We’ve never really had luck 
Not been blessed with the Irish chuck 

Now we're in 2020
So this year, I’ll turn 20. 
Making it thru first year 
Tryna keep my vision clear 
But unlike Owen
This ain’t how the plan be going 
Yet like him I got voices 
Telling me to do better 
Same as every teen 
Voices in us all, bet ya 
Pressure getting to us all 
That's all too relatable 

Looking to the Skye for help 
Cross wrapped round my neck 
So God’s placed close to my chest 
The pains all in my head 
Father’s got my back 
Not just God but my Dad 
Ain’t a poacher like Klose 
So not always in the right place 
Guidance all around me 
So I ain’t pulling a worried face 

Not great with attention 
Socialising takes its toll
Yet I still crave affection  
Nothing is an easy stroll 
Guess that’s part of getting older  
Growing up ain’t the one chief 
Have burdens on my shoulder  
Till the day someone lays my reef  

Copyright © William Grimsey | Year Posted 2020

Details | William Grimsey Poem

Full Life

Suicidal thoughts got me messed up
Stressed up, depressed bruh 
This smile that am wearing is my personality getting dressed up

Tryna be the man for the occasion 
The top of the class 
I ain’t even the best me 
Thinking hurts, sad is that 

You know the deep late thoughts? 
We all have them right?
Feels like my mind is against me 
Tryna put up a tough fight 

Looking at all those around 
Family in my head causing me to hate 
Just cos we share the same blood
It doesn’t mean that we relate 

I’m here trying to  live a full life 
Grow old, stay strong
Do it all with my loving wife 
Provide the best for my kids lives 
Look after all the family 
But how I supposed to fulfil a life,
If all I wanna do is die here tonight?

Copyright © William Grimsey | Year Posted 2020