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Life is frozen, an endless winter night
My heart, deep inside, pumps slower now
My bones are brittle, as the cold encroaches
Locked in a sheath of frigid ice

Frost runs down the window panes
Of my soul, scarring me with a terrible beauty
Snow falls into the empty catacombs
Of my mind, covering up my path

The north wind takes the breath from me
And the chill runs all down my spine
A dark grey sky, no warmth to be found
The whiteness crunches sadly beneath my feet

Embrace the freeze, for there is no escape
From this sharp pain, this clear, bright pain
Feel the bleak and wintry gloom envelop all
Numbing limbs, I am quiet now, glacial and still

A ghost wind blows across the windswept tundra
Of my thoughts, until thinking slows then stops
Now waiting in pale hope for the Sun’s rays to melt
Away this cold, till life is frozen no more

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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The Little Blue Box

In a little blue box
At the back of a drawer
In my bedroom for none to see
There is a small secret;
A piece of broken heart
In the shape of a tiny key

The box is locked tight
At the back of the drawer
Where I hide my treasury
Any who find it
They will never know
Just how much it means to me

Years will now pass
But it will always be there
Reminding of what could never be
For there was never a lock
It was ever meant to unlock
Sometimes a key is just a key

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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The Grey Skies

Staring into the bleak grey sky
Words cannot adequately supply
The reason... the meaning... why..?
I can only turn away and sigh

Much more out there to see
But how on Earth can this ever be?
Is there anything out there for me
To quench a soul that's so empty?

Just when the turmoil calms down inside
When my eyes seem more open wide
When I feel I no more the need to hide
Is when I discover part of me lied...

So turning again to the grey open sky
No more happiness can I buy
With coinage minted of hopes and sighs
I am still lost, is all I can surmise

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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Empty Windowsill

Empty Windowsill 

The sun shines through, feel the warmth
But you are gone now
You leave an empty space in our hearts
Never will be filled again

Your company and all your little ways
So dearly missed
Such sorrow we feel, such sadness and dismay
Almost 12 years, we were blessed

The empty spaces where you once were
I see them everywhere
I can call your name but you will not come
Only pictures now remain

So as the sun shines on, we miss your warmth
Things are not the same
And as the years go by, we’ll always remember
Our dear, sweet Tammy the cat

RIP late Spring 2007 - 11th Feb 2019

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2020

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Happy New Year

As the light fades fast on the final day
You’re in my thoughts, like on many a day
I wanted to end this year on a high
I wanted it so much, but I can now only sigh
To repair some bridges, and make this right
But alas not to be, not before tonight
So the year will tick over, a new one will start
And our friendship remains only in my heart

But a new day will dawn, I’ll keep wishing it so
Maybe some way, we can have another go
At a friendship so fine, so rare and so true
No wonder your loss keeps me feeling so blue
I know not what time I have left on the Earth
I don’t believe in heaven or in re-birth
I just want to undo the hurt that I caused
I just need our friendship put back on course

So Happy New Year, I can’t say it aloud
I can’t write it to you, (I don’t think it’s allowed)
I hope you are well, and your family is good
I hope your life is heading the way that it should
I wonder, how much you stop and think about me
I hope you remember when we were all so happy
The laughter and fun, the times that we shared
All the time spent showing each other we cared

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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Reaching out...
Must find some connection
Find my people, find my tribe
Find where I belong
But I keep pushing you away
Pushing you away

Forgive myself...
Be gentle and kind
That’s what it will have to take
For the cycle to break
To stop me pushing you away
(Come back to me someday..?)

The demon in me...
Misplaced anger turned inward
Is never sated, will see me ruined
Spoiler of friendships
Just keeps pushing you away
(I don’t feel I have a say)

I cannot have that
I am not worthy
Time and time again
I am so weary now
Why am I still pushing you away?
When all I want is for you to stay?

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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Morning Time

I stare at you - you don't see me
There is silence everywhere
I want to reach out and embrace
You are all about me, yet keep your distance

Through the haze I can see movement
Something stirs within your mantle
Now silence turns to soft whispering
I begin to sense you gaining strength

Once again I awaken to the world
Eyes open but I still feel asleep
One more time the Sun shines on me
And nature tries to lift me up

Suddenly your eye is upon me
I shudder in anticipation of your touch
Warm and soft you caress my face
I smile and enjoy the breaking day

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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In a broken land, sits a broken man
Trying to let go of a dream he had
His eyes forlorn, his thoughts are sad
Hoping some day, they will understand

It all went wrong, and didn’t last long
The fragility took him by surprise
Those times now past, but the memories last
To have loved then lost, passed before his eyes

They’re all gone now, still can’t see how
No voice, chance to reason, just shut down
But think what you’ve got, not what you have not
Learn this life lesson, for the next time round

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2019

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Don't Be Gone Forever

My friend…
It wasn't meant to end that way
Well it wasn't meant to end
My friend…
You saw a side of me I never thought you'd see
I saw a side of me I never knew was there

Well now I'm left with such pain in my heart
Knowing full well how I played a big part
In the biggest mistake I'll ever make in life
And we never even got to say goodbye

All I can do is pray
You'll be in my life again someday
I hope that you're doing okay
But there's no way I can say…
All the things that I need to say
I just write them down for myself
And try to get on with my life
Inside I'm crying out…
Please, don't be gone forever
Don't be gone forever

My friend...
I will never forget our time together
Never forget all the fun we had
My friend…
We would just talk for hours and hours
All the things from our lives we shared

And now I'm left with this pain in my soul
What a fool I was, playing my role
Turned into everything that I feared
Sorry is not enough, but I'm so truly sincere…

And now all I can do is pray
That someday I will not feel this way
I wish I was doing okay
But I think that it's here to stay…
I think that the feelings will remain
I write you things you'll never read
And lock them away for eternity
But I hope that it won't be so long
Please, don't be gone forever
No, don't be gone forever...

Rod Maughan
October 2019

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2020

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Times like this when the darkness grows
When my heart just sinks and my depression shows
I can’t seem to control the ebbs and flows
And I teeter on the edge of the Abyss

Wisps of indifference reach out for me
A shapeless mass of pure insanity
Welcome back to nothing, welcome back to purity
And I wonder why I don’t just fall

Dreams have been unravelled and hopes forlorn
Into a world of such indifference I have been borne
And now at the mercy of time’s Hellish scorn
Yet as I gaze into nothing, I see everything

Within me the spark; I can’t put it out
That gives the most heartless the benefit of doubt
Yes, life can be cruel but there’s beauty all about
Yet as I gaze at everything I still sometimes see nothing

So at times like this when joy and light fade...
And all of life’s wonders turn to me to jade
I can feel nothing especially not afraid -
I’m just thankful not everything rhymes!

(originally written January 2015)

Copyright © Rod Maughan | Year Posted 2020