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State Of The Union

I've been watching these two groups lately,
Left and right & all those between.
Where resolutions appear adrift or absent,
And legislation became downright mean.

The battling and the bickering, seems to be
Creating fear all along to blame.
While moderation and discourse through debate,
Has fallen painfully, only to face shame.

As this nationalism is bantered about,
Extolling the revered, capitalistic way
Only to 'trash talk' anything socialistic,
As if the demonic would come out to play.

And forget anything of a brave new world,
As globalization is fought and ignored.
Because that one world government might
Loom closer to some, & we know how that's deplored.

Yet we have also witnessed a dismal harvest,
When seeds of distrust finally bore their fruit.
While some felt it added to our greatness,
More saw only failure that was absolute. 

Since our greatness isn't defined by the irrational,
Its definition lies with opportunity & equal chance.
So as we feed on our roots of diversity & fairness,
Our growth will be the fuel to romance.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2021

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Legends of Tomorrow

I can still remember the day,
     And it wasn't that long ago.
Where we sought some inspiration,
     From those we might call, our hero.

Their stories were often fed to us, 
     Like mothers feed newborn.
Nurturing body, mind, and soul,
     Allowing dreams flight,
          With an elusive unicorn.

As the pages of time have turned,
     New characters are now in view.
Where former masks have lost favor,
     And novel contemporaries are the few.

Since my illusions of Mickey Mantle & 007,
     Are now the dust of faded memory,
Our progeny will have new hero's,
     Web-surfing champions . . .
          Without artillery.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2019

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Job Description

I'm often asked by inquisitive minds;
As a poet, what do you do?
My answer feigns the illusive,
With hope to the rare and few.

I seek to express the human condition;
With words that color & texture, the tapestry that I weave . . .
Though at times the product seems unfinished,
And an area rug, is the remnant I leave.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2021

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Pre-Season Jitters

A seed has been planted in the minds of man,
Where comfort's blanket is taken, & no longer the plan.

Confidence, now shaken, seems fragile to the core.
Lengthy marathons are but a memory, not like before.

Schedules & venues, blown to bubbles now, how can it be?
While performing in solitude, less the crowd & family.

While short-lived, there's a residue, leftover & unseen.
As players test those filters, wondering how they're clean.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2020

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The Magician and the Mermaid

We approach boundaries of reality,
Where illusion and fantasy often reside.
When the mind seeks to vacation,
Testing the waters, and sometimes hide.

These borders can be open, or seldom
Seen, by those needing to emigrate.
While crossing may encounter new citizens,
Some to love, yet some to hate.

These lands may appear wasted,
Like vast deserts, without water or mirage.
Only to bring along new visions . . .
Those dreams of magic to massage.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2021

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Facing It

As I reflect upon this day, 
Where a viral presence has 
Effected millions, give or take.
My mind shifts to racial inequities,
And how that's been a 
Huge cultural mistake.

Positioning face-to-face, and
Seeing eye-to-eye, doesn't require
Complicity, before going nose-to-nose.
Just some basic respect and
Understanding, where another's
Heritage and hope only grows.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2021

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Just Me

I'm left to an island
With no other inhabitant.
While solitude is complete
And the only combatant.

The cost paid is quiet,
Though its volume is loud.
Where freedom is infinite,
Well away from the crowd.

With no dispute to remedy,
Only calm remains.
As it caresses and fondles,
Any sensation to sustain.

Being left to imaginings,
The selection is vast.
Though no place is safe,
From that diverse past.

If choice has no boundary
Among all the fantasy . . .
Then preference finds a companion,
In the ultimate hypocrisy.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2021

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Our vision may allow us to see,
But it is only part of what we may know.
As we're guided along a certain spectrum,
Giving us a few seeds to grow.

This growth has given some direction.
To quantum scales unknown before.
While accelerating to epic collisions,
That become new scriptures and folklore.

This search for the elusive bonds,
Gives both discovery & confusion some gain.
As our learning seems to grow & negate,
What was once held, firmly in vain.

The gravity of this issue remains unanswered,
Darkened & veiled by the chaos found here.
While our love for this wisdom will remain,
Faithfully driven by an ignorant fear.

Copyright © Timothy Mattson | Year Posted 2021