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I’m happy to see you 

Where have you been?
Amazing work, you’re doing brilliant 
Not so fast, could I ask a favour?
Treasure is what you are 

Oxford? You’ll have to get As
Unemployment isn’t an option
Time to get up

Copyright © Maria Mcgoldrick | Year Posted 2019

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Do you want to know what broken feels like?
It’s the feeling when your mother tells you she doesn’t care if you’re dead
It’s the dry mouth because you’ve cried double the amount of what you drank today
Its trying to keep everyone else out of the sizzling frying pan
While you fall into the volcano
It’s walking home, but you don’t have a home anymore, so you walk until your feet give up 
It’s trying to pick up the pieces of your broken heart and losing shards in your hand,
While bleeding out 
Blood diluted with salty tears
It’s the inability to do anything but think;
You can’t pick up a pen anymore, you can’t write you can hardly smile because there is a fire burning behind your eyes
A fire hotter than a million suns yet colder than a killer’s heart 
It burns people who get too close
So, you’re left, burned out with no one left around you
Holding the ash of your own heart
Feeling yourself drowning while you watch everyone around you swim
Telling you to ‘just breathe’
To hate yourself because too much of anything is bad for you
But you still know, nobody cares

Copyright © Maria Mcgoldrick | Year Posted 2019

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Why will I never be good enough for you?
I got the grades 
I didn’t go out 
I looked after the kids 
I changed myself 
But it wasn’t enough for you?

Is it because I told?
I know you didn’t want me to 
And at first neither did I 
But maybe I changed 
Maybe you changed me 
Maybe you changed me too much?

Is it because of what you made me?
You can see what you’ve created
A demon 
You started a war inside me
Who do you want to win?

Or maybe you never really loved me

Copyright © Maria Mcgoldrick | Year Posted 2019

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Is it true
To say you are alone 
In a room of your own soul

Alone defined 
No one else’s presence 
But the presence of you


Copyright © Maria Mcgoldrick | Year Posted 2019