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At the Golden Dawn of Understanding POTD

It was late in gorgeous springtime, and I was teaching my class,
A lesson in African history, and the events of time's hourglass.

My fourth graders were very attentive, as I recounted the glory,
Of tales such as Mansa Musa's, maybe the richest man in history!

Sultan of Mali was Mansa Musa, during the far off Middle Ages,
The world's largest gold producers maybe, say the history sages.

When Mali consisted of 400 cities, he was a patron of the arts.
Mansa Musa, in advancing science and literature, also took part.

A patron of architecture too, Mali flourished under his reign,
He made a legendary pilgrimage to Mecca, and gained more fame!

The children sat dreamy eyed, their captivation being steadfast,
Like the statues of ancient heroes, which look toward the past!

Then I began the tale of Ezana Axum, an ancient Ethiopian ruler,
Who in the fourth century AD, as a child, succeeded his father.

And he conquered the Kingdom of Kush, in approximately 350AD,
And was first monarch of the Kingdom, to embrace Christianity!

His childhood tutor, a Christian and missionary named Frumentius,
Later became head of the Ethiopian Church, for God is gracious.

'May this please the people,' was the motto of Aksumite coinage,
Showing concern for the citizenry, by appearances a royal sage.

From a design with a pagan motif, the coins later bore a cross,
For an absence of of God in kingdoms, creates the greatest loss!

We remember him as being a great builder, of obelisks and stelae,
Ethiopia's Orthodox Tewahedo Church, regards him as a saint today.

Since my class had grown awful quiet, I looked up from the book,
Where my class once was, now sat two pupils, with heedful looks!

We were in a very different room, smaller with just two windows,
I was teaching two African children, in fine traditional clothes.

The volume that I was holding, was now an entirely different one,
It was a book of children's stories, and apparently I wasn't done.

The children asked me eagerly, what happened to the rabbit next,
And since I understood their language, I began to read the text.

Soon I was enjoying myself, and we all discovered many things,
And I got a pristine look at ancient Africa, upon magical wings!

Later the classroom door opened, and in came a most noble figure,
Who was dressed very resplendently, and I welcomed our visitor.

Ezana Axum gives you thanks, he said as I began to understand,
As king of this great nation, its education makes my joy expand!

"I've come to see how you're progressing, my children," he said.
And he smilingly asked me, what it was that we had this day read.

I told him we had studied Egyptian history, and used the abacus,
Read fairytales, learned geography, and drawn pictures to discuss.

The school day had almost ended, except for a walk on the grounds,
For the pupils' daily exercise, and to enjoy nature sights and sounds.

I'd found a teacher's schedule on a table with supplies and books,
And I must have looked exactly like her, not to have gotten odd looks!

The king himself chose to join us, as he was so enjoying the day,
And we had a lively conversation, as his children began to play.

We talked of history, and of its great significance to the present,
And God's blessings, Jesus Christ's teachings, and what they meant!

Then discussed the value, of applying them to our every day lives,
Like a lifetime spent in planning, for the glad moment He arrives!

"Come children," said the father, "it is time for us to go home,"
And taking my hand he thanked me, for the lively chat we'd known.

I bowed my head in respect, in the afternoon lengthening shadows,
And said I'd enjoyed this day as no other, like when the sunset glows.

I stood in the parklike setting, then reluctantly turned to leave,
But in front of me sat my 4th grade class, like butterflies on breeze!

My long school day ended, and I fondly wished the class good evening,
Like beautiful blooming summer, bids a fond farewell to budding spring!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2020

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The Lives I Have Known POTD

It has been ages since the laughter died, which was many suns ago,
Soon swept away by fleeting time, like the brief giggle of a rainbow.

My vacant halls now are silent, and the flower garden is overgrown,
Effusing rich and cloying fragrance, lovely nature reclaiming its own.

The tree boughs are overhanging, the bushes begging to be pruned,
Like a piano that once made beautiful music, is begging to be tuned.

The fruit trees so long neglected, has left fruit rotting on the ground,
Like the moonlit nights of June, when distant glittering stars abound.

A house gains the glittering personalities, of the people it has known,
Like pearl moon at the witching hour, emits a glow that's not its own!

Memory echoes within these walls, of young and old, of joy and tears,
As a tangerine mist arrives at dawn, then in gold sunshine disappears.

Through the residents I led a rich life, I held their hopes and dreams,
And saw sickness and health and triumph, and invading moonbeams.

Over the span of two hundred years, myriad people came in and out,
Like sequin stars dazzle jet black space, all along the heavenly route.

Of the residents, I have had favorites, who valued and cared for me,
And who were also loving and kind, like soft moonbeams, very pretty.

However, I'll allow that some of the others, didn't happen to be nice,
And were selfish to a fault, while the golden hours moved clockwise.

Through the countless fruitful seasons, I saw a million casual visitors, 
In an apparently endless plumb line, with mail carriers and solicitors.

I saw real talent and creativity, departing to realize cherished dreams,
And entire lifetimes passed beneath my gaze, like animated figurines!

Now I'm merely home to small animals, birds and occasional vagrants,
Floating in and out like the summer's breeze, with old roses' fragrance.

These days I feel empty and lonesome, like wind moaning in the trees,
Or the amaranth solitary bloom, lifelong passion of buzzing honeybees.

At times curiosity peeks in the window, and what narratives I could tell, 
But just as quickly it then disappears, hello swiftly followed by farewell.

The boisterous brook still rushes past, and the grass has grown so tall,
Rampant ivy covers my windows, as green creeps along the outer walls.

Countless birds are in the rafters, and the rain is persistently coming in,
Doors are coming off of their hinges, and the past will never come again!

The people still have a place in my heart, as I loved each and every one,
As flowers love the warm saffron days, in the golden ages of fervent sun.

There is fine dust in every room, and some people say that I'm haunted,
Like a flaming sunset that colors the sky, where gold was once flaunted.

Once I was beautiful, and elegant, until the day the laughter died down,
Now I live through extraordinary memory, as the fall in beauty abounds!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2022

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A Walk Through the Trees

Birdwatching had become for me, such pleasurable summertime hobby,
So I was often among the trees, young ones or those old and knobby. 

I chased rose finches at dawn, and the yellow warblers come noon,
Scarlet flycatchers of a fine evening, and ravens under the moon!

By the fond nickname of 'Bird Lady', I had lately become renowned,
And aptly it did cling to me, like the title monarch once crowned.

Outfitted with my binoculars, I sought the rarest or common birds,
Later painting them from snapshots taken, much lovelier than words!

Many a summer day would find me, under the green canopy of trees,
Searching for the elusive joys, upon mysterious and spicy breeze!

On one such day I sought Kirtland's warbler, rumored to be nearby,
And I longed for a phototograph, before he took the azure skies.

I had caught a brief glimpse of him, but just as soon I lost sight,
As colorful blooms never show full glory, in darkness of the night!

Among the pines I was by now, in throes of a heartfelt obsession,
Hoping the beauty might come forth, in golden noontide confession.

"He has flown," a soft voice said, which I imagined was in my head,
Until the soft voice came again, saying the lovely bird had fled!

Still I turned looking eagerly, for the mysterious one who'd spoken;
But I saw absolutely no one, and the tranquil silence gave no token.

The voice said it wasn't a person, but it belonged to the big tree,
For the method trees use to communicate, is by means of telepathy.

I just stood staring in shock, the while my heart was in my mouth,
Like the sunset discovery, that you're residing in the wrong house!

And the reality that you thought you knew, does not actually exist,
Like the way the whole world changes, after receiving a first kiss!

Being a remarkably practical person, I intentionally calmed myself.
In a world of wasted opprtunity, why leave golden ones on a shelf?

So with a hundreds year old tree, I engaged in mental conversation,
Filled with zest and curiosity, like a colorful new dawn sensation.

I learned so much of various birds, those ancient friends of trees,
And how they enjoyed classical music, in the company of the bees!

We also spoke of ancient time, sunlit moments and life's passersby,
And of clouds and daydreaming, and the endless colors of the skies!

In the raptures of our conversing, it no longer seemed a bit strange,
Like meeting an old friend you once knew, and not seeing any change.

We talked of interesting visitors, who will come and soon they go,
Like the seasons bringing wonder, in colorful radiance of tomorrow.

My beautiful bird was quite forgotten, for my pretty bird had flown,
As I sat in the dreamy summertime, in the shade, on nature's throne.

We talked of twinkling starlight, in the blackened velvet of June;
And of night blooms and whispering breezes, and a pale limpid moon.

As true friends at last we parted, for the hour had grown quite late,
Recalling redbird met the dawn in song, as some meetings cannot wait.

Retracing the butterfly path I had come, I was often looking back,
At the jade friend I had come to love, sitting near the pink lilacs!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2021

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It Appears I've Disappeared

A lot of acquaintances deemed me lucky, and I knew I was,
For I had a successful life, when all could have been chaos.

I had a wonderful job that I loved, making plenty of money,
And a loving family and friends, and my future seemed sunny!

I then worked at an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense,
Researching the new military weapons, which was very intense.

We were at the time working on a strong, invisible shield,
For our soldiers to use in foxholes, upon the battlefield.

Like the early fog cloaks the views, of everything nature,
Causing mysterious obstruction, for each probable spectator!

I often found myself at the facility after hours, all alone,
Trying to figure out a certain problem, before I went home.

The project was very interesting, and it quite captivated me,
Like the moon captivates a wolf when he's howling lustily.

I was very close to a breakthrough. I could actually feel it,
And I couldn't bear to break my concentration, even a bit. 

The shield had already been completed, except for one part,
Which was an invisibility solution-already off to a good start.

I worked for two hours, until the solution was finished,
And trying it out, was a temptation that I could not resist.

So, into the large vat, I dipped the very end of a pencil,
And as it partially disappeared, I knew I'd been successful!

Then I dropped the pencil, and saw bits of floor disappear,
Oh, no! I was unused to making such mistakes in my career!

But as I bent to recover the pencil, my high heel slipped,
And trying to break my fall, the edge of the table I gripped.

The table was far too small, and the vat was much too tall,
And as unconsciousness descended, I actually saw the vat fall!	

When I regained consciousness, there was a lump on my head,
While I also knew vague and disquieting feelings of dread.

The empty vat lay on the floor, which had partially vanished,
Like the sun disappears, after the blooms have been kissed.

I could actually see into the room on the level below mine,
And I also noticed that of my two feet, there wasn't a sign!

Shocked and alarmed, I found a room with a full length mirror,
And saw my entire body was gone. Nothing had ever been dearer.

I couldn't afford to panic. I knew that I must stay serene,
So, I went back and cleaned up the mess, at the accident scene.

I felt better after I'd done it, knowing it couldn't get worse,
All I had left to do, was put my strange dilemma in reverse.

But for now I was tired and hungry, and just had to go home,
Like a queen returning to reside, upon her invisible throne.

On the way out of the building, I accidentally bumped someone,
And after looking around wildly, she yelped and was soon gone.

I realized I had to walk home, and luckily the distance wasn't far,
For I didn't want to cause consternation, with a driverless car!

Once home, I had a fine dinner, watched a movie and went to bed,
And then I slept very peacefully, until the moonlit darkness fled. 

The next morning I went to work, long before I was due to arrive.
I could finish work on an antidote, before my mishap was realized.

My work went well and rapidly, and I restored the invisible floor,
Then I restored visibility to myself, and I was happy once more!

As for the invisibility solution, I carefully made another batch,
Like the rains replenish the earth, in a way no other can match.

When my coworkers began to arrive, it was just another busy day,
And none had the slightest inkling, of my transformative Thursday!

As a fern knows naught of a universe, overflowing with pale stars,
For awareness is barred by a green canopy, as is the moon and Mars.

Another few weeks went by quickly, and our project was complete,
But I was filled with discontent, and job success was bittersweet!

Years ago I'd had a passion for painting. I was lauded for my talent,
But I'd put those dreams aside, to make money that I hadn't spent.

I finally came to a decision, to return to my true heart's desire,
And buy a cottage in the country, then create paintings to inspire.

Much to everyone's surprise, that's exactly what I did soon after,
And my lovely cottage, is at times, filled with fondest laughter.

My art became a sensation, so I guess I would've made money anyway,
If I had only believed in myself, as tomorrow believes in yesterday!

I am so much happier now, because I am living the life that I love,
And that is the only way of being happy, that I'm absolutely sure of.

I don't regret the accident, that made me look at life more closely,
Because it was in my very disappearance, that I found the real me!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2020

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The Terrace

Huge red-orange sun slowly recede,
Upon the sky seem to bleed;
Whispers of night, calling home,
Such sunset days rarely spent alone.

Look ahead to starry skies;
Not time for early goodbyes.
Without love cannot the heart grow-
A new day comes beyond the rainbow!

Warm Paris breeeze gently blow-
Roses atop the bureau;
Music with a certain ease;
Smooth jazz, if you please.

In darkness of shadows, waits he!
The night is young-for me!
Stars appear, quiet avenue.
Farewell dawn skies of baby blue.

When from misty dreams awakes,
When tomorrow sunrise overtakes,
Come listen music play,
On gold terrace of the sunny day!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2020

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Cherry Beach House POTD

Out where the blooming path comes to an end,
Along with wildflowers and Queen Anne's Lace,
A white sandy beach is waiting in the sunshine,
With a house so inviting at the day's primetime.
Seagulls are swooping and diving so endlessly,
Like the turquoise waves that come crashing in,
Before rushing back out to wild fathomless sea!
At the end of the beginning of gold midmorning,
It is noontime in the silent house of the sun.
Red butterflies are flittering on a soft breeze,
And the bees have begun their quest for honey.
Blooms yellow orange and red sit upon the porch,
As if somehow lit up, by the sun's flaming torch!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2021

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The Star Witness POTD

While we walked home from the movies, one moonlit starry night,
My friends and I talked and laughed, enjoying summer's delights.

The streets were quite silent, as trees swayed in warm breezes,
And night blooms graced the walks, like evening's masterpieces!

The birds were still singing, and jeweled fireflies were out,
Winking off and on magically, in the temporary world blackout!

We had stopped for ice cream, and ate our cones as we walked,
In the middle of the evening, as drowsy summertime sleepwalked.

As we were passing a park, we sat upon a stone bench as we ate;
And reveled in the subtle magic, that warm nights often create.

As I gazed at the starry sky, it suddenly went totally black;
And the moon had also disappeared, as if it wasn't coming back!

I called my friends' attention, to this most fantastic sight;
But they asked what I meant, for to them all seemed to be right.

So I could only conclude, we were experiencing different truths,
As life looks different in old age, than it did in our youths!

So I went back to conversing, for there was nothing else to do,
As a redbird must go on flying, in sunny skies sapphire blue!

But the skies suddenly reddened, as if they had caught on fire,
With none to extinguish the blaze, although the need was dire!

My gay friends kept on talking, for they hadn't noticed a thing,
Like skies after a thunderstorm, when gold sunshine is smiling.

Later the skies darkened again, until they were a satiny black.
It seemed I'd witnessed the big bang, which should never be back!

Then I looked up and saw a single star, but I kept it to myself,
Like fervent secret wishes, that are kept hidden upon a shelf.

And as I still gazed upwards, another star appeared and another,
Like bright twinkling children, following the twinkling mother.

I was not the least bit frightened, but rather quite thrilled,
At the concise history lesson, of how a great void was filled!

So as not to alarm my friends, I spoke a comment now and then.
They hadn't noted my agitation, at a past that had come again.

The stars just kept appearing, until a black night was studded,
As sparkling jewels amid rainbows, which prior to storm was hid.

Then came another gorgeous sight, on this dark night of wonders-
Hued nebulae began coming in view, singly like a game of numbers!

My friends still sat and talked, they were having so much fun,
Unaware that their pal had received, a gift of solitary vision.

But I laughed when they laughed, with at times a casual comment,
As though I was conversing, in a sweet dream that I had dreamt!

The new-old stars kept shining, and the nebulae charmed the night;
And before much time had elapsed, the first galaxy came in sight!

Soon more galaxies followed, as though to the beat of the drum,
As to steadfast beat of summer, peachy rosebuds soon will come.

Later came red planet Mars and others, so lovely and mysterious,
As the night birds sang hauntingly, in green woodlands so plush. 

Then last but surely not least, appeared our pale friend moon,
Like the notes to a beautiful song, that will not end too soon.

A star studded show was over, and we walked home in starlight,
I with the undying memory, of all that had happened that night.

And if I were only braver, I'd tell the whole world what I saw,
Upon the official witness stand, in a most venerable court of law!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2020

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Fancy Dancer

As she leaps on pink and satin cloud,
Beauty is with her, like a shroud.
In sunny mist, a twilight stream,
She laughs and frolics as in a dream.

Through slumbrous days and steamy nights,
She oft takes off on strange flights.
The dance is one of mystery,
Performed without a symphony.

In the marsh and in the glen,
She'll pause to rest now and then.
In shady forest and green meadow,
She flits through trees and grass below.

Wearing jewelry of amethyst,
She resides in sunset's rainbow mist.
The trees bow low where she prances;
The world stops to listen when she dances!

She makes the young gentlemen blush;
And the landscape still and hush.
She wakes the robins in the morn;
Caresses waiting stalks of corn.

She hails the sunrise with a whirl;
She's a very special girl.
At times surly, at times sweet,
The wind goes by on satin feet.

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2019

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Lost and Found

I loved my job as a botanist, which took me to many foreign lands,
Like the golden sun rises smiling, to meet all our natural demands.

I was always marked for this work, ever since I was a small child;
And was often seen wandering the woods, as I loved all things wild!

I'd always liked camping out, and had come to know various plants,
Like crimson flamingos getting to know, a complex courtship dance.

I was often discovering plants to name, and to find out more about,
Like the sun we've long been missing, doing its timely turnabout.

I never outgrew this passion, which followed me into my adulthood,
As that which was called puppy love, becomes lasting and matured.

Without interactions in the wild, life held no purpose or meaning,
As bluebirds lives aren't as vivid, without the treetop convening.

My days were now exciting, with work, loving family, and friends,
Like classic ruby evening sun, with its kaleidoscopic color trends!

One day I learned I'd be going to Greece, to seek the goat orchid,
And to get specimens of this rare flower, would make me euphoric.

So with two colleagues I boarded a plane, in the heart of a summer,
Resolved to find this elusive, quaint bloom-a shy natural stunner!

After a restful night at our hotel, we set out avidly in the sun,
Like the one so long ignored, reigning as the heart's number one.

With our guide we entered a forest, in agreement not to stray far,
As the planets revolve in natural bliss, around the fervent star!

We fanned out combing the area, where the orchids had been sighted;
And I will admit to you now, I'd become more than a little excited.

So much so that in my exuberance, it seemed I'd wandered too far,
Like after having forgotten yourself, recalling who you truly are.

I searched and yelled for my friends, but there was nary a reply,
And as it seemed, I was alone in the world, under a cerulean sky!

Later as skies turned magenta, I saw a lady of indeterminate age,
Who was surpassing in beauty, like beauty itself in its early stage.

And I fell into her tender arms, as I sobbed out my fear and pain,
Like losing the one you love, and knowing they won't return again!

She asked me if I had become lost, to which I replied that I had,
And she took me to her nearby cottage-and for supper I was glad.

The cottage had a fragrant garden, and was encircled in greenery;
And as we talked after supper, I inquired about the exotic scenery.

She said she was Mother Nature, so fine gardens were her specialty,
And in my shock I nearly fainted, at the unveiling of true identity!

Like the shock of a thunderbolt, to sleepless summer night skies;
Or the beautiful shocking pink, of awakening dawn's golden sunrise.

As deep down I'd always known her, I soon saw things differently;
And we had an in depth dialogue, full of vividly beautiful imagery.

Her ruby lips spoke of crimson sunsets, and of gold day vivid flocks;
And the openness and geniality of nature, and of doors without locks.

Stars twinkled in her mystery eyes, at the mention of black nights,
And soon danced with mirth, at talk of a golden quest for daylight!
We talked of rampant greenness all over, a sign and symbol of life;
And of how she nurtures and cares for, the various forms of wildlife.

And of mountains and valleys and forests, deserts swamps and blooms;
Of blue skies and clouds, and red butterflies emerging from cocoons.

Then with a toss of her head, she gave a knowing and dimpled smile,
While we spoke of the paths of beauty, along many long, lonely miles.

And when we talked of tragedy, her eyes glistened wetly as moonbeams,
Like large raindrops falling from the skies, when a hurricane screams!

We talked of winter anguish, and the return of happiness with spring-
For with the revival of meadow flowers, there's no memory of anything.

I began to grow tired and I slept, in Mother's cottage in the woods,
So pretty and so very peaceful, amidst sweet birdsong of the backwoods.

And when golden morning had come, Mother guided me out of the forest,
And we kissed and soon we parted, but I would visit often, as promised!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2021

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A Sunshine Revolution

I was attending a birthday party, once when summer was young.
We played games on the back lawn, beneath the huge orange sun.

Colorful birds were tweeting, almost the way that people do,
To say good morning sunshine, what is new, and I do love you!

The guest of honor was a friend, at an all day crowded affair,
Like southern bound hummingbirds, which linger long in midair.

She'd thought she was coming to lunch, but she stayed for hours,
Like yesterday's rosebuds, have transformed to scarlet flowers.

In the green grass we frolicked, laughing all through the day,
Wondering if there had ever been, a morning lovely as that day!

It had rained all the week, so the sunshine was long overdue,
And we laughed and celebrated life, under the skies newly blue.

As blooms blushed ecstatic colors, in all scents of the season,
Along the avenue of trees, emerald green for no special reason.

Pink birthday cake and ice cream, were served there in the yard.
I asked what my friend's wish was, for she seemed to think hard!

She said she wished every day, could be as joyful as that day;
And we praised her special wish, before all sang Happy Birthday.

As afternoon turned deep golden, we all laughed talked and ate,
Like a pause in the beat of summer, when joy waits at the gate.

Afterwards we indulged in more games, and lastly in Simon Says.
On command I twirled round and round, as by me scenery whizzed!

Everything within my whole world, soon became one golden blur!
When Simon said stop it kept on spinning, like butterflies astir.

My friends laughed at my confusion, as I took it all in stride,
As stars veil in orange dawn shadows, so from daylight to hide!

After a terrifically fun day, the kind that you remember forever,
I headed home in late shadows, happy with the surprise endeavor.

But glancing at the still blue skies, something caught my eyes,
Redbirds were flying in a circle, when usually it is lengthwise!

And in the sun's red light, blooms described circles in a breeze,
As lit fireflies formed the letter O, just as casual as you please.

I told myself it was the aftereffects, of all the spinning round,
But I didn't believe myself, as the effects are never so profound.

When I later lay in moonlight, I dreamed of a sunshine carousel;
And its vivid blur of motion, like the pinwheels we know so well!

The next day I was out walking, when I noticed the clock tower,
Its hands spinning wildly, like the green butterflies' chaos hour.

What kind of spin had the world gone in, in a moment of suddenly?
Had a birthday wish caused it to be, the results from sea to sea?

Like the notes of a beautiful song, can chase all the blues away,
For somewhere lost in melody, sorrow forgets what it had to say!

I saw children playing tag, while they ran gaily in a neat circle,
And a shooting star go round the mountain, as skies turned purple.

The next day it rained again, as the sun kept on fiercely shining;
And the sky kept its vivid blue, in lemony sunshine perfect timing!

I am so glad my friend got her wish, and had a memorable birthday,
Like a flower strewn wedding, occurring some memorable Thursday.

The revolution seems everlasting, for the world never changed back;
And there is prevailing gaiety, ever since the saffron days attack!

Copyright © Evelyn Judy Buehler | Year Posted 2021