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Reclaiming my time

Reclaiming my time

18 years spent wasting away
I’m a lost scavenger every new day
Time spent searching desperately
For new eyes to help me see
The key that will lock away the disease
I’ll probably never live a life at ease

Reclaiming my time

Time spent running around
When I should have stayed sound
To drift into space I am bound
I wasted all my chances I found

Reclaiming my time

Time spent hiding myself
In a lonely closet
upon the highest shelf
Only fear and lost memories I own
I’m left here suffocating being so alone

Reclaiming my time

Time spent hurting others
When I needed a friend
The cycle of anger and guilt
Is an awful trend
Until I come to terms
It will never end

Reclaiming my time

Time spent trying to get me fixed
In the process locking me away
Killing off what was left of me
While others got to laugh and play
They were looking for a cure
The pills have done a job on me I’m sure

Reclaiming my time

Time spent being left out
Everyone has their clique
They don’t know what I’m about
I’m just a ghost
But I still grieve the most
On the inside I died
That something my shades can’t hide

Reclaiming my time

Time spent watching my family break
My father lost inside his own dark world
He often said he lived in hell
My parents split, the household fell
I never knew my dad when he was well

Reclaiming my time

One day I’ll cross over
To the other side
My days were short
But God I tried
The angel said
“You're here too early, that such a crime.”
I said “All I’m doing his reclaiming my time 

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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Circles In My Mind

Lost in an empty field
Pacing on a gravel track
Trapped by a fallen branch I try to yield
There's no trail leading  back
No one can hear the screams I keep concealed
It’s night with no escape to find
I’ve spent all my time running circles in my mind

Days nights seasons go by
I’m stuck left on my own
To wander around lost til I die
Sometimes I wonder why I try
To find to path
 When I know I’ll still be alone
It’s quite empty here 
I think I’ve gotten blind
Cuz my whole life I’ve been
Running circles in my mind

When will the earthquake come?
To shake and break this brittle ground
Is someone out there looking?
To make sure I am found
And what if I just give it up and lay here
Will anything compensate for the wasted years?

As the circle closes in
And the air's getting  thin
It’s time to leave this field
Sorry to those i left behind
But all that I did, was run circles in my mind

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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In My Shadow

In My Shadow
Is a place that only I know
A place no one else dares to go
A movie that will never show
A river that would never flow
Relics from that time ago
Darkened by my shadow 

If you want to barrow
Findings along the road
You’d better just keep walking
They would only slow you down
And do not wander back
Or stay left behind
You should not know the facts
You won’t like what you find

My shadow is dark
It will make you blind
Ghosts on every corner
Cobwebs from the mind
Tumbleweeds on every street
No one nice, you’ll get to meet

At dusk at sunset
It’ll fade away
Absorbed into the night
No longer haunting my sight
The freedom will be peaceful
Nirvana will be nice
A voice that says “It’ll be alright” 

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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Just An Imitation

Just An imitation

The sunrise, awoke me from a crazy dream
Relieving scene’s locked up in the past it seams
I try to feel, but I just can’t take the truth
So much time wasted, The old world feels so unreal
I try to get myself up, force myself to take a walk
It’s a sunny day, but I don’t think I feel O.K
I’m stuck in my mind, just aimlessly digging around
Hoping for life, that better times will be found
No one cares that I’m here
Their in a glass shelter, They can’t feel the fear
I look at the sun, but it's moved on its way
It's just an imitation
From my imagination
It’s not here, it never was
It’s from the past
Nothing found is meant last

Try to calm myself
But it's clear that, I’m sinking down
Stuck on Earth, I carelessly roam around
I passed some old friends, walking down the hall
Do they know me? I can’t recall
I didn't know just what to say
They’ve changed so much in their own ways
It's all a blur, no night or day, all that's left is shades of gray
They’re just imitations
From my imagination

What has become, of the times I knew
I was so carefree, always had a laugh
But now all I see, is a dim, rocky path
People always here,  broke my fall
But my mind had glitched, no one cares at all
Time’s just an imitation
Can’t fix the situation
I know their gone
But I’ll keep myself
I won’t stay down
I’ll walk right on

I’ve had my share of rain and strife
I lost myself, and almost my life
A part of me, will still remain
They say I’ve still got lots to gain
But I can’t stand, I’m tired as hell
How much longer I’ve got, time will tell
This life's so dull, it's such a bore
I cannot really tell what I’m fighting for
I’m Just an imitation
It’s all an imitation

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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The Typist

A world, reading into your mind
You want answers, solstice you may find
You got the image, the entire world all laid out
And for a moment your escape is made
A broom to sweep away your doubts
You might pause and wonder
“Who created this? What are they like?”
But the typist isn’t a god
The typist is even more flawed
Then the creator, who is you
Who turned the words into the pictures
Who turned the lyrics to a song

The typist is a lonely man
There are few achievements he can
He doesn't know many friends
His work only a bitter means to his ends
He’s trapped in him cold room
With a cold hardwood floor
Although he keeps craving for more
His chances fled right out the door

But you are important
You've got the imagination
To turn the musings of my alienation
Into a beautiful, living creation
The typist will one day come and pass
But your universe will always last
You are the better person in  every way
And I know you’ll merge the worlds someday

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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Relive This Again

Downtown, the wind gusts
It's starting to rain
I’ve walked this whole city, still nothing I gained
Protected by a  small coat and the shoes on my feet
No place I ain’t seen, no street I can’t name
I’ve been straight to the ends of the earth
Almost fell off the edge, have yet to find my worth 

So I climbed up the cliff
Put myself up the ledge
Tried to restart my life 
But I’m cut by the knife
Drowning here in this rain
Every drops burning pain
Do I have to relive this again?

The day has now flown
It’s time to walk home
I’m safe in my dome
To control my own fate
But the wind picks up speed
My shelters blowing away
Try to put back the pieces
But none of them stay

Now I’ve got to rebuild 
Start my new work from scratch
I can’t make the ends match
How long must it take
till I can live in peace and I can give up the fight
When all that I’ve done won’t be gone in one night
Do I have to relive this again?

Moving forward the month is july
All I see is the sun and blue sky
The rays are burning my skin
I’ve been forced to migrate up north
To find a nice cooled down inn
So I head up, had to travel barefoot
Up and over 18 hills I went dry
Just a beverage or 2 would be nice

I followed the map, but the inn wasn't there
I found myself lost out in the land of nowhere
I had to retrace all my steps
Does anyone Care?
My life, it has flown
Had to go back to what I had already known
Do I have to relive this again? 

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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Analysis OF Life

What am I doing here?
What is this?
I see stuff around me
I have no idea what created everything
I don't know what I am doing here
What game this is?
What test this is?
What are these people really like?
Are they real?
Do they feel the same way?
Sometimes I want out of this
Sometimes the interest keeps me going

People come and go
Some show up and disappear
As quickly as they came
Some come in the spring
Some in the fall
But they disappear just the same

Broken thoughts spring up
I can't fix them
I have tried everything
I learn to live with them
They break me
But I will have to live with 
them the rest of my life

Every morning is a struggle
The same fears haunt me everyday
The evenings aren’t much better
Anger, isolation and envy my only friends
I wish I were someone else

What is consciousness?
Why do humans exist?
Why does the universe exist?
What happens when we die?
Are we immortal?
  Is consciousness and life an illusion?
Are we real?
I hope someday to find out
I won't rest until I do

I regret some things
I have hurt others
They say I may be beaten
But I know that I’m not broke
I will rise again

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2019

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A Time Ago

A time ago, there was a park
On Christmas mourning
The trees dark brown
The snow pale white
Peace in the land
Glass raised  delight
From high above 
Flakes falling down
We felt the love
Harmonic Sound 

A time ago 
I was just a boy
Nothing could end
The world my toy
Joy and warmth my fate would send

But that was then, buried in snow, the life I lived a time ago

Fast forward ten years
My head it hurts,  I’m out of tears
I’m 18, I've lived enough
I tried to swim, the waves were rough
I’ve made it through more than 60 seasons
I regret it all, I have my reasons
I grew and bloomed
Time stings a scar 
Right through the wound
I’ve got no one left I do assume
What's left for me
I’m washed and broke
The air is smoke
What's left for me
The trees are cut
Pollution and slow death

I was all new
Carefree like you
But that was of Christmas day ,my cares at bay, the life I lived a time ago

Now it’s today
It’s august nine, my fates now mine
A sunny day
The evening sets a shadow all through the land
Bottle of pills grasped in my hand
Walk right outside, it's almost night
I’m at the park, suns almost down
The world feels strange , I’m spinning round
I fall right down, on this old ground
It's not the same there is no snow
Just blades of grass, it's time to go
I’m rising high up in the sky
Where snow came from so long ago

Am I at peace?
Am I in hell?
That is something only time will tell

But what I know, is that I died, the place I loved, so long ago

Copyright © Josh Carlsen | Year Posted 2021