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Best Poems Written by Rafay Ahmad

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Blood Will Follow

May I know?
Why after peace
Blood will follow?

Under the moon and sun
Our sorrow,gives way
To the dawn of tomorrow

Our tears drop,
But not even the rain,
Can match the blood that follows

Kings and lords bet,
But only Death wins the wager,
And the outcome is set.

Both knights and knaves,
They fought so hard
And now they lie in unmarked graves.

Sad is it not?
That after peace
Blood will follow.

Copyright © Rafay Ahmad | Year Posted 2019

Details | Rafay Ahmad Poem


Tears seeped through his eyes,
As he stood there,
Broken by the lies

He heard within himself,
His heart shatter,
Each shard causing him such pain

His mind,
Lost its grip,
Over the edge, he slipped

He cried,
As he felt lost
And broken by the lies

As the rushing air was stopped,
By the cold, hard ground
And the end came around

He lay there,
Broken by the lies

Copyright © Rafay Ahmad | Year Posted 2018

Details | Rafay Ahmad Poem

They Stood

And they stood once more,
Blood dripping,
Swords blunt.

Both gazed, ever on,
Eyes fierce,
Burning coals in the dark.

All around them,the land red,
Blood of enemies, all dead,
Men lay, as if in rest.

The field ploughed with swords,
Sown with souls,
Death's scythe harvesting each stalk

Cold is the blood,
That once ran through the veins
Of men,ever bold.

Sad is the light,
That illuminates,
Cruel reminder of better times.

One last clash,
Sparks flew,
And they stood no more.

Copyright © Rafay Ahmad | Year Posted 2018