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Notice you

Our dark side 

No guarantees  

Handle with care 

What you see is real 

I fall into invisibility so often 

Irked by everyone -  no one noticed I'm invisible 

Wasted by my own mind games 

Self-fulfilling monologue 


Repeat degrade 

Repeat downgrade 

Life without meaning 

Meaning Ah fall in to that old illusion 

Build your sand castle of self-importance 

Man the ramparts to repel perceived attacks 

Audio distortion, plague me 

Vision distortion, plague me 

Physical distortion, plague me 

Nothing is the only real 

That’s it! Nothing, Oh My 

No thing is all OM 


Breath in the air 

Let it out, watch it go OM

Copyright © john moir | Year Posted 2019

Details | John Moir Poem

la lun

La lun   

(from now here  
To now there  
A journey 
In one breath 
Breath in  
Breath out 
the journey) 

Your inner light illuminates this sky  
All of this time (our time) 
I am bedazzled by your warm bright smile 
A vision Unfolds  
of an immense tempestuous rising sea 
Then crashing on to rocks  
That I stand upon 
I dip my toes into this sea,  
Dipped my toes in;   
now wiggling them 
Shocked by the coolness;  
my feet tingle 
Heart racing 
Time stands still;  
this sea freezes 
These Still waters beguile 
I cannot fathom  
this deepest of pulls 
Don’t want to know  
that this is a wonder  
of distractions 
I run on water  
towards you,  
Now in time  
this time  
moves me  
moves you 
Swallowed by love time 
commotion; drowning in sensations 
Pulled sporadically;  
surface bound,  
wave by wave;  
we motion swaying; this is swell 
We hand in hand  
voyaged to strange  
beautiful worlds;  
words evolve  
in me in you 
Sometimes entertaining;  
adding to our vocabulary 
Sometimes horror shows; 
adding to our aversions 
Sometimes nothing at all;  
adding to our quiet time,  
These the best of times 
Always a joy  
being ;  
Side by side,  
craving for nothing at all,  
just is

Copyright © john moir | Year Posted 2018