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Best Poems Written by Amreen Fatima

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A Feeling so Fresh

A Feeling So Fresh...

Ahh...! The streak of pain,
The rough floor
And the red stain.

How can I forget that agony?
They were five
And I was only.

They dragged me like a rucksack,
A feeling so fresh...
Not at all a Flashback...

The strong smell of alcohol,
The half burnt cigarettes
And their faces like a black coal.

I’s like a fish out of water
Repeatedly pleading
Like a stubborn beggar.

How could they listen?
Unlike humans
They were all demons.

Tightly, they tied me with a rope,
Not a movement possible
Breathing was only a left scope.

Unsuccessful to unwrap me,
They took a knife
And put cuts, one...two and three.

Echo of their laugh still agitates me,
The smell of their sweat
Is still chasing me...

One by one, they quench their thirst,
Good thing is that
They were fighting to be first.

They murdered my innocence,
Unbearable and brutally
Killing all my sense...

Leaving me, not less than a dead
Chained, in time coffin
 Still trying to move ahead...

Copyright © Amreen Fatima | Year Posted 2018

Details | Amreen Fatima Poem

A visit to Graveyard

A Visit to the Graveyard
My heroic entry in the gateway
Of a graveyard
And drop by drop dissolving of boastfulness, in a boneyard
Admiring an army of, once a tyrant
Now being labeled as late
Between them lies my big brother, the buoyant
Now being fetched by his fate
Though I was prestigious enough to purchase a plot
In an aristocratic area of my city
Now being doomed to a dilemma, to search a slot
To where on I’ll be clenching in this cemetery
Being a tireless traveler, round the globe I visit
But a visit to the graveyard, unleashed, every life has a limit.

Copyright © Amreen Fatima | Year Posted 2018