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What We Had Was Real

Tonight, it happened all over    again
I was just lying here, when–
it hit me just like before.  Only
this time it was more 
As thoughts of you filled my head
suddenly I sat up in bed, and–
it made me so mad
to know
you had me this bad
But, what else could I do?
I'd already tried, everything I knew
and still, I couldn't stop 
thinking about you
God, what kind of fool am I?
You've already moved on
You're with another guy
Yet I'm still beating myself up
wondering what, wondering why
Though it only lasted a fortnight
you were the one
who did everything right
Said you knew in your heart,
you'd found love
and wanted to give it a start
But, I held steady 
to I wasn't ready. I mean
how could it be? 
It was all just happening
way too fast for me
Then you said, I hadn't 
done anything wrong
That it was just time
to move along, and I
too stupid to know 
merely stood there
and watched you go
Now I understand
the pain in your eyes
and why you wept 
when we said our good-byes
It's the same pain
my heart has felt
ever since you left 
and I haven't dealt
with the fact I love you
and want you back
I know it was my fault,
I realized too late. Now I'm alone
and filled with self-hate. So, I sit here
counting stars in the sky, wondering why
I ever let you leave. When I know how I feel
and I truly believe, what we had was real

Copyright © David Alexander | Year Posted 2018

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Real Magic

Unlike a magician
          real magic I weave
It's not a trick	
     nothing up my sleeve

No abracadabra
           no sleight of hand
No vaudeville act
       or stunt preplanned

No mumbo jumbo
                  no hocus pocus
No smoke and mirrors
            to make eyes lose focus	

No prestidigitation
            no attempt to deceive
No optical illusion
           or make believe

Real magic exists
            it's not hard to find
Just close your eyes
          and open your mind

Copyright © David Alexander | Year Posted 2018

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Save What We Can

It's snowing
the wind's blowing
and I drive home knowing
I have no place to go

keep racing
through my mind
Wife lost her job
we fell behind
another one 
she couldn't find
How could I
have been 
so blind

I knew 
this day would come
but the mortgage folks said
they would give me some
more time ....

I turn the corner
and from my seat
see all our belongings
there on the street
I love that woman
she's so sweet
even now, through tears
with a hug she greets

The kids are at school
we are in luck
Save what we can
on the back of the truck

Copyright © David Alexander | Year Posted 2018

Details | David Alexander Poem

Gilded Cage

Have you heard
the pretty bird
in the gilded cage
Its melody
is like a rhapsody
oh what joy
it can bring
But, if you knew
like I do
of a once broken
You'd understand
that its lyrics
say a quite
different thing
Its song, is full 
of rage and sorrow
About forgotten yesterdays
and lost tomorrows
About the freedom
it will never have again
So, take another listen
my friend
Give notice, take heed
lend an ear
Is it really just
a melody you hear

Copyright © David Alexander | Year Posted 2018