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Best Poems Written by Diane Brewer

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When I'm With You

 3/16/18 @11:35a

When I’m with you I loose all track of time, 
 as though you posses and capture my mind.
Your touch electrify’s and stimulates my core,
making me beg and want you more.

Your lips and sweet kisses make me loose all control…
hijacking my desires, you take over as pilot 
I surrender to your leading as though I don't know how to fly yet.

You have become entwined into the fibers of my flesh,
like an intricate pattern that somehow just seems to mesh…

We have already melted together, how am I going to disconnect?
What am I going to do with you… how am I going to make it through?
Through to the other side, 
where your magic fingers don't caress and open me wide…

How did I let you cause such an infection…
Yet, I’m still longing for your deep injection

Copyright © Diane Brewer | Year Posted 2018

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Missing You

I miss you playing in my hair, 
kissing me everywhere

I miss your touch and your caress, 
you know what I like best...

Correction!! Do not call me a freak!
I do not like my hair being pulled or being nibbled on...

I like it when YOU pull my hair, gently, but strong enough 

I like it when YOU nibble on me, just like eating soft fruit

I like the way you do what you do,
when you do what you do,
and how you do what you do,
to me.

I'm missing all of you.

Copyright © Diane Brewer | Year Posted 2018

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Being Held By You

6/6/18 @2:57a

In your arms you hold and squeeze me
In your arms you make and mold me
As i melt in between your fingers 
You are the Potter I am the clay
And i breathe to catch my breath

In your hands you hold and caress me
In your hands they grab and grip me
As our bodies blend together 
You are the Baker I am the dough
And your hands smoothly pass over every curve

On your chest you hold and adore me
On your chest I rest and reside 
As we exist in each others arms
You are the Musician I am the music 
And the sonnets of our souls produce a master piece

You are the Painter and I am the palette 
And our separate works become a mosaic

You are the Carpenter I am the wood
And beauty comes from our rough edges

How it is to be held by you

Copyright © Diane Brewer | Year Posted 2018