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my passion

I could write into the night
Into the night I find my light 
In each their hands they hold a key 
A key to be set me free
I ponder once and choose quickly
Afraid for this could desecrate me
I choose the left, no the right
And as the key fell down to me I reached out incessantly
I took the key and ran for the door
Where the truth beyond lay lure
It clicked it fit!
I had chosen well
The latter sure was hell
I pushed it through and walked into a world which I has never knew
The walls, the halls, the stairs, the skies.

The more I fought the more it filled 
Past and present future builds
Today the day to end all of sorrow 
Quickly now before the morrow
Make your choice and run for fun

I found my life while standing still
I made new life with each my thrills
I ponder more each day is new
One day someday I will return for you
Knowing now which key will be the next part of my destiny
I love the hearts of moments still
Be still and find your part

The part for me you will never see
I found it now and keep it well 
From you, for me, forever be free
To be what I may be 
And I can fly into the night I can fly with all my might to find the words for me to tell the more
To find my hand in time to find what I may find
To make the moments longer
To make the days forever plays in each my midnight somber
I cry for me and let it out to touch the soul
Am I to die in this my mind with all this wonder?
I am to make it end for I have tried each key
And how, please how?
Can each it be another key?
I am tired my mind is sore I have no might to fight this fight alone forever more
If I am done then this world has won 
For this I am impure, unsure
I am swarmed with doubt
The darkness now it takes me out
For what is light without?

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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I hate and I love
I am all and I am of
I forgive, I forsake
I give and I take

I am what I am 
I do what I do
I am I, I am you

I reap and I sow
I hold on, I let go
I see, I am blind
I lose and I find

I mend and I break
I destroy, I create
I believe and I doubt
I'm within, I'm without

I am weak, I am strong
I'm cast out, I belong
I am swift, I am slow
I am high, I am low

I'm yes and I'm no
I dim and I glow
I buy and I steal
I'm numb and I feel

I'm tomorrow, I'm today
I'm by your side, I'm in your way
I am young, I am old
I am silver, I am gold

I don't and I do 
I am many, I am few
I am here, I am there
I'm selfish, I care

I am the planets,I am the stars
I am earth, I am mars
I'm hello, I'm goodbye
I laugh, I cry

I am silence, I am sound
I am free, I am bound
I'm the sky, I'm the ground

I'm the sun, I'm the moon
I'm never, I'm soon
I am new and I am used
I win and I lose

I give and I use
I want and I need
I heal and I bleed
I'm the harvest, I'm the seed

I am the written, I am the read
I'm the unspoken, I'm the said
I am the living, I am the dead
I am blue, I am red

I pass by and I stay
I'm a choice and I'm the only way
I am always to be
I'm the lock, I'm the key

I am eternity

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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My Sparkling Sea

My Sparkling Sea

I found a sparkling sea meant just for me,

A place I was always meant to be,

Where I can soar or, I can fall,

Where I can do any THING at all,

A place where all my dreams are near at hand,

Waiting just beneath the sand,

My sparkling sea,

Where the waves wash strife away,

Where I can play all through the day,

Not seen through eyes of distorted view,

Where I am him, or her, or you

And though my sparkling sea was meant for me, 

I come to bring it now to you and, to see what with it will you do,

The sparkling sea was always there though it took me time to find it.

And how I adore the salty air and the crashing waves that bind it,

Where the sun passes soon making way out for the moon,

And sparkling still will be my sea by the day or by the night,

By brilliant sun or by pale moon light,

My sparkling sea

                                               By: David Stearns

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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A Midnight Dream

Once upon a midnight dream, forever ago so it seems. There lived a princess with spiders in her dreams. They frightened her. Their many legs and many eyes. How they moved and how they spied.
'What could they want from me?' She wondered most.

	Still the princess was taught not to judge what she did not know. So, She decided to make the most of them as their webs began to grow.

"We should be friends!" She said to them.

"Yes!" The spiders answered as they weaved and wove their webs."Friends to the very end"

"Well..." The princess said as her leg stuck to one of their growing webs. "All friends should tell each other truth. If this is what you are to me then tell me, what are you doing?"

"We are weaving webs!" The spiders said. "It is how we make our homes."

"Homes?" The princess said. "Here inside my head?"

"Yes!" All the spiders replied. " Your head is now our home."

"We are your friends!" The spiders said."So you will never be alone!"

"I do not like your webs so near to me. They catch me in my sleep and,from what I know of spiders; what they catch they keep. So, please.." The princess pleaded."do not make my head your home! It is where I go to think when I want to be alone!"

"Alone?!" The spiders said."You will never be alone. Because, we are not leaving here until your skull is bone."

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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Precious Gems

A Precious gem 
An enemy and a friend
The beginning of the end

A Moonstone
Made of flesh built of bone
To the young and being grown

A Ruby red
Alive and dead
The written and the read

An Emerald green
The hidden and the seen
What is to come and what has already been

A Pearl white
The day into the night
To the left and from the right

A Diamond shines
Yours and mine
The straight edge and a cursive line

A Jewel forever
Now to Never
Last my eternity

Where we go 
Who we know 
Never my destiny

The Stone lasts
The spell casts
Forever is gone in a day

As history fades
And future weighs
It all just burns away

All the ashes
All the caskets
Left to feed the grey

All the dreams 
The glitter gleams
Crushed and blown away

A bitter bomb
Here and gone
All the songs resounding with the BOOM

The children will cry 
To say goodbye
To the golden afternoons

It never will it never was
The only thing that ever is
Is what we are of

Be it hate
Be it great
Be it all of love

What I am is what i do
When it ends 
The do is through

Do and Do and Do
Until your doings through

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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A Raging River

A dream broken open left to decay away
Another undoing left to go through the skewing and the scathing
Called raving mad, angry, and sad

As above so below
We are what we know
I won't go away so easily repeatedly

Told eyes of golden beauty to the monstrous reapers keeper
"You will never be anything of what you seek"
 "What we have you never reach"

Sad and bitter truth in a world obsessed with outer appearances and disgusted by the thin shell of our bodies crust
What lies beneath should be sook but pray never is 
First show us aesthetically appeal, kneel and, never speak against us

Our world is filled with many beautiful things pray we are complex and contradictory to those things but,
Give us wings and we can soar higher then the heavens past the moon
Past now past soon

Pray me an ugly thing who saw beauty in everything and now my scorched heart bleeds to a broken beat and i no longer see those things as I once did
I fled or they hid

Now I run with the sun and the monster they saw I became
Driven insane by the ravenous and perpetual stream of my minds eye
I have forgotten how to cry 
Lost amongst the ashes in a time well remembered
A cold, dark, and bitter December but,
My hope though a dying ember still burns and it yearns to ignite
Here in the words I write
In the nights I lay awake and toss to turn my view of this dark abyss of broken dreams into my one wish
I used to wonder what crashing thunder could bring and i would sing so loud so proud of everything and everyone
I was shunned made a fool
I no longer hold out my hand in hopes of camaraderie 
Beauty took the best of me it cannot have the rest of me
I keep myself well hidden from the world around me
A diamond unrefined still shines in the light but dims in the dark of night
I will glow when the day finds me and be sullen and cold when the night binds me
Forever golden, Forever frozen
A contradicting scheme of unfathomable torment
A wide river flowing endlessly with harsh turns, rigid rocks, and cold that shocks
At every turn another fall into a deep well an icy hell
This river that twists and turns you that scorns and burns you lasts for eternity
It rages on endlessly
This is my reality
A raging river searching for the sea

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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Disguising things on puppet strings
Let me go please, let me go
I’m pulled straight out of my mind
My twisted affliction a sadistic addiction
An unsolvable encryption as wants become needs
It burns and it bleeds
All the thorns and the weeds begin to grow and spread seeds
Uncontrollable urges as the energy surges
And the enemy merges inside
Truth became lies and the divinity died
Forever is gone in a day
What once held so dear now crippled in fear
Is carelessly thrown far away
What kept my heart fed lays bleeding deep red
While sinister smiles ahead
The engine keeps running 
So swift and so cunning
It is done before I realize it’s dead
I thought I might cry to see this heart die
Nothing is felt here instead
For before it was done the enemy won 
And darkness had swallowed the sun
I see no more light only darkness and night
With serpents that slither and bite
When I get up to fight their coils get tight
Breathing becomes shallow and slight
And as I lay panting the demons are chanting
Chasing my sweet dreams away

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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My Hope For You

Believe in yourself
Wisdom is wealth
Take the book off the shelf and, invest in yourself
We are wonderful, beautiful, thunderful
When we believe it Is possible we become unstoppable
I know that this world can daunting and that the ghosts that chase are haunting
Pray we can rise above 
When we can trust then we can love
And I know that there is pain
That sometimes the thunder brings the rain
We will not be broken
And the clouds will open just for you
The sun WILL come shining through
And you will know just what you are meant to do
Nothing happens without reason
Every moment in every season
Just believe in the love 
And you will find what your made of
Then return to the sky that we came from

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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Dear Dog

Am I to judge? No.
I am meant to know
Whether I will live or die
Wither or to grow
I may never plant my seed 
I will let that go
If only you can bring to me hope and overflow
Show me a sign of unmistakable faith
If you will not yield to me
The Devil in it’s place
For angels may sing out for me but, Satan has a face
I’ve seen him many times
In darkness and in light
My question still remains 
Is this wrong or right?
Toil and turn
Sizzle and burn
Is it a sin to yearn?
For guidance, for truth I always seek
I have yet to find my way
For this you call me weak
So I may call out to you but, never hear you speak?
Tell me which way to go 
Tell me what I SHOULD be
For I am lost and broken
I no longer see
If you are truth then you can set me free
You can bring me solace
You can bring me home 
A place I’ve always wondered
A place I’ve never known
They tell me that to reach you all I need is prayer
Then I pray that you hear my call 
I send it from despair

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018

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The Silent Tree

Who I am
Who I was
Matters not in this enchanter
Like the moon filled too soon
 And, now I’m trapped as my supplanter
For I’ve boiled rage inside this cage
And left my heart in danger
I showed the side I meant to hide
And, now my hearts a stranger
What it loves and what it’s of
Now I find less time I spend inside happiness and grandeur
More things I see in Silent Tree 
In darkness and disaster

The silent tree
Baron and bare
Stricken of what was there
Of what it was
Of what it does
Still, It is there
Baron and bare

Copyright © David Stearns | Year Posted 2018