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Political War Poems

These Political War poems are examples of War poems about Political. These are the best examples of War Political poems written by international poets.

Right Hand
I carry a machine gun draped over one shoulder, other hand shoved into my pocket
Nonchalant grim reaper with a list of names, fist balled up...

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Categories: war, america, dark, death, military,

Premium Member Nine Nine-A Peaceful Poetic Starting Point
Nine nine  

A story I needed to find  

My credentials were declined  

But it was Sunday, I did not mind  


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Categories: war, allah, anger, anniversary, history,

Premium Member World War Three
Written: September 05, 2023 
World War 3 Poetry Contest               Sponsored by: Robert...

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© Sotto Poet  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: analogy, bereavement, earth, war,

Premium Member If Jesus were running in 2024
If Jesus were running in 2024 he'd
require no pac monies, just strengthen his core..
He's seen the devastation of the Ukranian war
and would end peoples suffering...

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Categories: war, political, religious,

Premium Member war whores
The bedrock of war is the ego of greed
a flock of takers swooping down on the meek.

Savage hearted beings are born every second
leading their flock...

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Categories: animal, war,

Premium Member Death N Taxes II

I have heard all your excuses 
I have listened to all your pleas
It is time to pay the pipers 
With the sweet tears of your...

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Categories: war, allegory, allusion, america, angel,

Premium Member American Civil War Reassessed
The seeds of self-destructive strife
Were sown soon after drums and fifes
Extolled success from breaking free
From Britain's aristocracy.

The Constitution's writ accedes
Peculiar Institution's needs:
Proportional House seats would...

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Categories: war, conflict, destiny, military, patriotic,

Premium Member DEFIANT
My flag is not black n white with a blue streak 
My flag is not a field of white stars n scars of machine guns

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Categories: war, allegory, allusion, america, anger,

Premium Member Nostrovias Nyet
Nesting Political Matryoshkas
Lawless full scale war crimes of Russias 
Nastrovias there is no call           ...

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© I Am Anaya  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: humor, political, sympathy, war,

The Square Root of Beirut
The Square Root of Beiruit 
Ten men bending while theyre pretending to be near the ending
A capitalist nightmare glares like rotten fruit
The squate root of Beiruit

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Categories: war, introspection, life,

Premium Member Empirical Waste
This land of entitlement 
entertainment and enterprise 
lost burnt broken...despised 
skeletal structures reaching 
scraping this infernal sky!

Arcane factories sit on horizons 
haunted like...

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Categories: war, allegory, allusion, america, analogy,

uncle sammy
uncle sammy loaned 
himself some money 
to give to auntie nati's 
newest honey 
so uncle jerry  
would do the very same 
with mister rus...

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Categories: america, peace, political, war,

Premium Member Contested Crossroads
Contested Crossroads

By Mark D. Stucky
On a battleground bloodied across millennia,
on a compact land bridge spanning continents and gods…


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Categories: war, conflict, hate, political, spiritual,

How Many Putins Are There Anyway
It is. It isn't. Is it him today?
It might be Putin, or it might be not
How many Putins are there anyway?

That's not his chin. It...

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Categories: war, identity, image, political, psychological,

Away With Money
Money Comes! All is Mad!
People Derranged! World is Sad!
Jumps a' hole! Deep and Sore,
Rid all Money! No pain No more!

Rise up O' People! See behind,

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Categories: anger, money, political, war,