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Political War Poems

These Political War poems are examples of War poems about Political. These are the best examples of War Political poems written by international poets.

wandering a nuclear holocaust
I wake up
find myself

wandering in a hot dessert
baking in the malign rays 
of a dying sun

I realized 
that i am walking around 

a post nuclear...

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Categories: war, america, angst, anxiety, death,

Chaim Nachman Bialik: On The Slaughter of the Jews
Holocaust Poem: "On The Slaughter of the Jews"
by Chaim Nachman Bialik
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Merciful heavens, have pity on me!
If there is a God...

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Categories: war, bible, holocaust, horror, murder,

eternal spring

Is this
Blood smeared 

Proclaimed the 
Of peace

The crowd 
Am lost

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Categories: war, 9th grade, abuse, allegory,

Premium Member 1Y
fifty soldiers at a political war 
in the field
suffering  head trauma
Trump says 
they ‘re only headaches
if only his doctors would have said 
they ‘re...

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Categories: war, betrayal, evil, fantasy, integrity,

we did not take action to start a war
We Did Not Take Action to Start a War 

it is a sad day
in the world of ours
the the leader 
of the U.S.

is turning into...

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Categories: war, america, angst, anxiety, political,

Casulties of War
Make the bed you ly in, it's nothing but a bed of lies
The truth you're denying is the God given right to cry
You decieve yourself...

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Categories: war, abortion, christian, dark, death,

Premium Member ToughLove Experience
I don't imagine
we could ever have an environmentally healthy just war.

We need only look at torn and poisoned outcomes
from past ballistic international encounters
to see "healthy...

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Categories: war, environment, health, humanity, integrity,

Premium Member Sauce For The Goose
If we must have war,
let our leaders
put themselves on the front line -
if they did so,
we might not have so much war....

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Categories: bird, leadership, political, war,

Senryu: War Powers Resolution
Convey to Congress
Dome drips on crumpling paper
Terror has less stress...

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Categories: war, america, political, power, riddle,

War Mars the Face of Man
War mars the face of Man,
Pitied, unpitied. Though
This be known to all men,
We realists connive.
Thrice-prancing priests in March
Have made red their faces,
Have conspired to despoil

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Categories: conflict, mythology, war,

Start Up The War Machine
The towers tumbled on 9/Eternal
“Let’s get ‘em soon. Hit while the iron’s hot!
How to sell? Weapons mass and infernal!
We’ll show pics inflaming! Saddam you’re caught!”

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Categories: war, america, history, humanity, military,

Premium Member Another Notch
Assassination in the headlines' glare,
Cold-blooded murder from the air:
America does not see it that way,
"Entirely justified", so it will swear.

President Trump has tweeted a flag,

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Categories: war, america, death, friend, international,

Nato and Russia
There is NATO and there are the Russians.
Their discord is not solved by discussions.
With suspicion is eyed
the arch-opposite side,
which may lead to uncool repercussions....

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Categories: conflict, political, war,

The Elf from North Korea
A Christmas present?
Not a Christmas present!
Dude anything but a Christmas present!
I’m beggin’ ya! Not a Christmas present!

“Give me my way or I’ll show my butt!

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Categories: christmas, patriotic, political, war,

Premium Member Red Rag
a concept,
a con job,
trotted out to excuse the waste of war:
Gallipoli, of course,
was the greatest con job here,
the guilt trip
"for the fallen"
still going strong a...

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© Beth Evans  Create an image from this poem.
Categories: war, beauty, death, home, leadership,

Blue Light Bulbs and a Bottle of Bleach and The Incandescent Must Win -part 2
“Deep, deep, deep. Listen and hear our faint gait.
Sanitation, fluorescent lights, and a PC pillow for smother.
Agree! Agree! Atone! Suck it in and suff-o-cate.
White-ness. Black....

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Categories: war, america, farm, political, race,

false flag wars
once upon a human

two kids named
ahmad and stan

each in his world 
loved reading Peter Pan

didn't see it coming
their dreams broken
down by the khazarian plan

they fell...

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Categories: war, abuse, america, arabic, death,

War On The Poor
They wage war on the poor
Selling their souls what for
But for gluttony and greed
Dissension is what they breed
Harmony and discord
A duality we can't afford
People die...

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Categories: war, how i feel, political,

Ready For War
You're ready for war, I'm ready for more
You know the score that I abhor
See, I read the lore that you ignore
The loss of the poor...

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Categories: war, how i feel, political,

Premium Member Who Are You
Who Are You

What is your name?
Is it a crime to speak it out, loud?

Will someone come, 
from somewhere to here…
because we are too piercing, 

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Categories: war, abuse, america, angel, emotions,